Although it’s little, it has a long, high quality AL-KO A-frame and its Style Pack includes heavy weight corner steadies and alloy wheels that have you feeling it’s pretty well made too. Each of the E.Home Coco's motors is capable of producing up to 347 lb-ft of torque, and the trailer is equipped with a torque vectoring system that can independently vary the torque delivery at each wheel for improved performance and stability. I'd luv one for my model IS the future and how they can make it work... Also like the idea of a pop-up style battery extender trailer... To extend range when needed for getting away from it all... And this also could bluff into the home micro grid and add to the Tesla power wall concept!

The drive system is 100% electric.

This virtual weight reduction sounds good, but what about the wind resistance and tire drag? The waist height of the bed may unnerve some, but it’s big enough to be comfortable, although the person sleeping toward the front of the van, may find the sloping front too close.

An absolute highlight is the ingenious lighting concept from our “lighting workshop”. The bed frame consists of ergonomic disc springs.

For maximum efficiency, the Ford Transit Custom and Ford Tournee Custom Plug-in Hybrid offer four electric driving modes that allow the driver to choose which power source to use, depending on the situation: Preliminary data, subject to change, as of August 2019.

The combination of electric motor and internal combustion engine produces 355 Nm of torque with a power output of 92 kW (126 hp). It’s not zero emissions, of course, but would be much less intrusive than the giant pickups and such often used to tow RV trailers these days.
The seats are a little upright and aren’t that big, but you can get comfortable, particularly if you slide the table under the fixed bed. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA. The Pulse GTL 7051 DBL has an island bed in the rear and parallel seating in front. Adria Caravans Adria Motorhomes Dethleffs Motorhomes Sunlight Motorhomes.

The Ford e.Hybrid drive in the Dethleffs Globevan combines emission-free local driving with plenty of range for longer trips. Technical Specifications: Weight.

Experience true freedom – leave the daily grind behind! This can be done at a charging station while on the road, or by means of a wall box and conventional power outlet while at home or work. Large rear storage compartment with 2 doors, Practical roof storage cabinet mounted transversely above the bench seat, Isolated sandwich floor with PVC flooring, Swivelling driver’s and front passenger seat, Infinitely adjustable bench seat for 2 persons with integrated 3-point belt, can be folded down as a recliner/sofa bed, Panorama-View pop-up roof, white, including Easy Sleep System and high-quality cold foam mattress, Gooseneck lights in the pop-up roof including USB port (optional), LED tube lights on the roof, individually controllable. Thanks to its compact dimensions and comfortable equipment, it is both a daily driver and a leisure vehicle in one. By Peter Baber Published: July 3, 2019 .

The allure of easy handling, simple towcar matching and affordability will outweigh those frills, The Campy won’t please everyone Lounge space is limited, there’s no 12V and no shower – all of which will put off some buyers. Storage-wise, there are shelves and a wardrobe (which is quite narrow), which sits above the onboard water tank.

Dethleffs imagines it being hooked up to the home grid, its battery serving as a backup power supply or an active part of a solar system. Dethleffs has smashed last year's E.Home electric motorhome and Coco caravan concepts together to create the E.Home Coco, a small concept trailer with a … To keep you mobile at all times, an energy-efficient 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine serves as a range extender by continuously charging the battery while driving.

Unladen Weight: 1145kg. To ensure maximum efficiency in every situation, there are four electric driving modes to choose from. For traditionally minded buyers, this will seem a little strange but in context it works.
Servicing & Parts.

Depending on the model, the larger capacity (13.6 kWh) of the liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery allows pure electric, zero-emission driving for up to 50 km. Wenn Sie fortfahren, diese Seite zu verwenden, nehmen wir an, dass Sie damit einverstanden sind. Alternatively, if it were equipped it with its own engine driven generator, one might be able to tow it using a purely electric car, with the trailer engine being used to charge both. KISS The centre dinette is certainly novel. It can be moved longitudinally – and even removed completely if you need to transport large pieces of cargo.

Value My … We warmly invite you to an exclusive presentation of the new Globevan during the sales launch in spring 2020 – including the opportunity to take a test drive. Dethleffs 2020 season preview. In terms of how it all works, the small kitchen has a two-burner hob and a small amount of worktop space, but the fridge is large for such a compact caravan and the kitchen storage is ample for two if they travel light.

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