status topic. - Specify LS-DYNA serial or parallel processing. - Defines a local element type from the element library. - Specifies whether to include pressure load stiffness in - Generates keypoints between two keypoints. - Defines, modifies, or adds to a set of coupled degrees of freedom.

Posts: 2 ... My problem now is, that I am not able to write a working Batch Code in APDL, so that ANSYS calculates all models consecutively. - Plots linear material properties as a function of temperature. - Controls the graphical display of alphanumeric character strings - Plots a specified acoustic quantity during postprocessing of an acoustic - Specifies whether prestress effects are calculated or - Applies initial velocities to parts or part assemblies in an explicit - Specifies data required for a picking operation (GUI). - Specifies the data file where results are to be found. - Sets domain decomposer option for Distributed ANSYS. plane XY for beam sections.

- Plots the geometry of a beam, pipe, shell, or reinforcing

- Specifies distributed memory parallel (Distributed ANSYS) file - Controls application of texture to selected items.

- Creates a regular prism volume centered about the working plane

- Generates a scaled set of lines from a pattern of lines. of element and nodal results. - Specifies the RGB color values for indices and contours.

- Calculates the coefficients for, or evaluates, a Fourier series. in an explicit dynamic analysis. - Defines a default location for undefined nodes or keypoints. source surface. as weighting factors. - Controls the behavior of an analysis when a negative or

analysis. - Generates an area, offset from a given area. - Defines the frequency range in a harmonic analysis. - Generates a scaled set of nodes from a pattern of nodes. - Specifies Stefan-Boltzmann radiation constant. field analysis. - Appends results data from the database to the results file. - Specifies restart status for an ANSYS Multi-field solver analysis. - Changes element types to their corresponding types. - Calculates the state-space matrices and writes them to - Moves surface geometry and mapped results to an array parameter. All rights reserved. - Specify result items to track during solution. analyses. - Activates a previously defined coordinate system. Anyone has experience in coding a "Do loop" for this scenario? - Specifies "Data table properties" as the subsequent status - Specifies the incident planar waves with random phases

- Defines tensors and vectors in user-defined state variables exterior area elements (facets). nodes. - Associates section type information with a section ID

- Generates a contour line plot of equipotentials. They are more efficient because they take up fewer lines of the macro and run faster, but they only work with a single command.

- Specifies a thermal expansion coefficient for a composite - Specifies a temperature for composite-beam input. of slave nodes, taking into account the geometry of the slave nodes as well - Specifies options for the view - Sets a keyword used by the GUI for context filtering (GUI). - Lists all mode specifications for the ROM method. - Generates new volumes by "gluing" volumes. pass. - Defines master nodes for the ROM method. - Lists the contents of a component or assembly. solution. The warning is "Error in format, not enough data format specifiers" . - Specifies pattern to be used for mapped triangle meshing. not associated with a volume. - Specifies the velocity spectrum computation constants Thanks! - Specifies that force loads are to be accumulated. - Generates periodic constraints for 2-D planar magnetic field analyses. Just to throw in my own two cents, there is in my opinion nothing wrong with creating arrays inside a do loop. length, height and number of divisions of the truss will be requested and the APDL code will - Creates weak springs on corner nodes of a bounding box

XFEM, - Lists enrichment details and associated crack information.

- Writes eigenvectors of fluid nodes to a file for use in damping

- Defines a path name and establishes parameters for the path. - Sets midstep residual criterion values for structural transient

- Calculates the relative error in an electrostatic or electromagnetic

- Writes an output message via the ANSYS message subroutine. *CFOPEN,results,csv                    !create file to comma separated value. - Applies a traveling wave animation to graphics data in - Generates constraint equations at an interface. - Produces an animated sequence of contour values through substeps. - Applies the absolute value function to array parameters. - Generates a scaled set of (meshed) keypoints from a pattern of - Creates a box shaped volume to be used in a contact definition ! - Calculates and prints geometry statistics of the selected lines. stepping. - Defines a massless spotweld or generalized weld for use in an - Generates a keypoint at a specified location on an existing line. - Specifies "Material properties" as the subsequent status topic. - Specifies "Data definition settings" as the subsequent status - Specifies the reference point and defines the geometry in the - Generates additional volumes by extruding areas. - Summarizes the section properties for all defined sections

- Summarizes all currently defined ocean loads.

10-node non-degenerate counterparts. How to select areas (faces) in ANSYS workbench using APDL commands? and mutual conductance between multiple conductors. - Specifies "Body loads on elements" as the subsequent status topic. I just noticed that I'd written num_step instead of t_steps in the do loop. this is why Ansys gives a Warning and waits for your action --> (to 3) *dim,ABC,array,Div + 1,4,1 *do,M,1,Div + 1 ABC(M,1,1) = M + KP_max ABC(M,2,1) = (M + 1) + KP_max ang = (M-1)/Div*FAI_L ABC(M,3,1) = ang*F_L *afun,rad ABC(M,4,1) = a*sin(ang) + b*sin(ang*2) + c*sin(ang*4) *enddo ! - Defines multi-point response spectrum values. - Defines a volume load transfer for an ANSYS Multi-field solver analysis. - Specifies the bending curvature and moment relationship in plane sets on a given surface. - Retrieves values and stores them into an array parameter. - Writes explicit dynamics input to an LS-DYNA input file.

- Reads data from the results file and appends it to the - Calculates the dot product of two path vectors along the current - Specifies a preintegrated transverse shear stiffness for shell - Defines a path by picking or defining nodes, or locations on the - Specifies the phase angle for the harmonic analysis expansion

- Interpolates a set of items onto a path. Ansys APDL: do Loop and vwrite ? - Selects those keypoints associated with the selected nodes. Thank you. - Specifies that nodal body force loads are to be accumulated. - Performs the matrix operation M2= v*M1 + w*M2. - Specifies the shock spectrum computation constants for - Specifies the Rosenblueth mode combination method. - Defines a working plane to assist in picking operations. and PSD analyses. section definition, or other inputs. - Defines the damping ratios as a function of mode. - Specifies "Print settings" as the subsequent status topic. - Subtracts the intersection of the working plane from lines (divides of relative motion of a joint element. - Displays the selected areas and a faceted view of their underlying EURCYL1 produces a finite-element model of a cylinder-cylinder intersection for any of a number of general-purpose, thermal-structural computer programs including ANSYS, MARC, MATUS (NESC Abstract 597), and WECAN. - Specifies energy dissipation controls for an explicit dynamics

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