But keeping a cleaner wrasse alive and thriving in your tank is a very difficult task indeed, so should only be attempted by highly experienced aquarists.

Clownfish are incredibly fun little fish to keep, easy to care for, and have great personalities that mean they get along well with many other saltwater fish for aquariums and creatures from the bottom of the deep. Live Aquaria has Bi-color Blenny to purchase. They do best with sandy substrate – that burrowing characteristic – and they definitely should only be kept in aquariums with tightly fitting hoods, as they are jumpers.

Hello, I have a fully cycled 150 litre saltwater aquarium with a single maroon clownfish. It grows to a relatively small size and likes to have plenty of rock work and caves to hide in. These fish are great for nano reef tanks with somewhat subdued lighting – which means they’re also great for beginners who are learning the ropes of marine tanks and nano tanks. The best reef aquarium fishes and best saltwater fish for beginners may well be one in the same, but they definitely might not. They do great in larger spaces – not so much the smaller ones – including reef tanks. Take a look above at the Cleaner Wrasse in action, doing what they do best. So should you avoid this fish because of it’s aggression or does their appearance make [Continue reading …], Does anyone else think of Dr Suess “one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish” when they look at their Betta? These beautiful, vivid blue fish are an interesting addition to your reef tank. They need a fair amount of space for swimming – especially compared to their relative size – and can be somewhat aggressive as they defend their territory. If that’s your preferred clownfish, go for it, just read up about the specifics of that species. These beauties are herbivores, so they like meaty live foods, algae and similar plants. They have great personality and one of them gets all excited when one of my nieces come over. Klein’s Butterflyfish. It is a well-rounded aquarium that is durable and offers great value. Also known as the Twospined or the Dusky Angelfish, the Coral Beauty is one of the most easy to care for Angelfish. There are plenty of variations within the Butterfly species, with some of them easier to take care of than others. One of the smaller and more peaceful bass from the Serranidae family is the Chalk Bass, a hardy fish which is relatively peaceful. if you could keep discus you will have no problem with a couple of puffers, i commend you for keeping discus. Phew! A starter fish is going to be one of the first fish you add to your aquarium, and as a result, it might be the fish you have for the longest period of time. You can go with any of the triggers. And though you’ll see them in large schools at pet shops, they actually do best in pairs instead.

There are a variety of different Dottybacks available, the most vibrant of which are the Purple and Bicolor Dottybacks. No matter what your skill level, to keep saltwater fish successfully requires providing and maintaining a properly set up aquarium. I am adding fish gradually so what would be compatible with him. They ignore invertebrates – which is huge for nano tanks in particular – and generally get along with most fish small enough not to eat them. The bright colors pop against any background and their spunky little personalities and habits just make them fun to watch. This fish will require plenty of open swimming space, and rockwork to hide in. I saw a puffer for sale at Walmart but I do not remember what it was called. They come in a wide number of varieties: The varying shades and types of mollies make them a unique choice with tons of different colors and looks that can really pop in your aquarium setting. It is a jumper, so make sure you have a secure lid, and it can be aggressive among others of its kind so best to keep it as a single. And now we come to what everyone wants in their saltwater aquarium — a seahorse! They are known for escaping, however, so make sure that you keep that lid on tight. These unique fish are attractive and fun, but add just something a little bit different than the most common options out there. Consider buying two Ocellaris Clownfish, and watch them pair up in your tank. They also prey on pests in the water – like small mantis shrimp or bristleworms – and absolutely make a great addition to any aquarium for this reason alone. What Kind of Fish Tank is Easiest to Maintain Written by Randy Martin. They can be aggressive, though, so they must be house properly with fish and other critters they won’t go after. Give them time to take it in.

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