The Eastern Woodrat primarily occurs in forested areas, but also uses caves and rocky outcrops. [1][14], Eastern woodrats are typically solitary creatures, so they usually have a buffer between territories. w�e��.����� Only anecdotal evidence exists concerning woodrat carnivory. [5], The nest can be constructed from a variety of different materials, such as sticks and branches, rocks, dry dung, tin cans, and glass shards, and lined dry grass, crushed barked, or bird feathers, and even rotting wood, acorn fragments, and loose soil. [25], Eastern woodrat nests provide homes for a number of other species including, but not limited to, other rodents, insects, reptiles, and frogs. [5] They can also be found along the Appalachian Mountains that range all the way to New York.

Adult botflies lay their eggs outside the entrance of the woodrat’s den. [2] Eastern Woodrats eat about 5% of their body weight in dry mass each day. In 1948 and 1949, long winters with accumulation of snow and ice might have caused high mortality of litters in Kansas and starvation of adults. The eastern woodrat likes the ability to cover and get away from predators quickly. Hutchins, M. 2002. They are located as far south as the Tennessee River and Central Florida. Knowles, T.W. Females are solely responsible for the young. [16] In Texas, pecan nuts are a major food source; in Tennessee, mint and beechnuts were found to be the most cached item; in Pennsylvania, mushrooms were one of the top food items. One field study in Kansas tracked 27 individuals, of which 6 survived to adulthood and only 3 lived long enough to reproduce. Unweaned pups in dens in particular are commonly taken by snakes. Basic facts about Desert Woodrat: lifespan, distribution and habitat map, lifestyle and social behavior, mating habits, diet and nutrition, population size and status. and J.R. Burger. Eight subspecies of the eastern woodrat are currently recognized: N. f. illinoensis, N. f. floridana (the nominate), N. f. smalli, N. f. baileyi, N. f. pennsylvanica, N. f. attwateri, N. f. osagensis, and N. f. rubida. <> Nat. %���� [25], The continued spread of raccoons may increase the likelihood of lethal infection of woodrats with the raccoon roundworm. Mammalian Species Archive 139 (1980): 1-7. A medium-sized rodent with long, thick fur, prominent ears, large eyes, very long, distinct whiskers, and a furry, bicolored tail that is less than half the total length of the body. Habitat: [2][4], The distribution for the eastern woodrat stretches across the southern, eastern United States.

Woodrats tend to eat perishable food and cache less perishable foods, thus reducing the risk of loss to spoilage. Wiley, Robert W. "Neotoma floridana." �hbp��i��Mt�G��^�-��v6�|R������^��=����K�5iMnl���|C�5��8E�;�פ�H2�>#Y{�=�RxL}���}(/uێ��� �x��C����lA�W�W ���NPQ ��Ӭ�7���b�>5���k�q���"_����Z�sw:� r4��vI.�d�f��ՄAq;a&��?�0��@��?H*.n��=L4�tW��$h� Older individuals will chase and fight younger woodrats. The value of food when consumed should equal or exceed the cost of gathering and storage. Suitable habitats in the Coastal Plains of South Carolina are not protected at all. The eastern woodrat (Neotoma floridana), also known as the Florida woodrat or bush rat is a pack rat native to the central and Eastern United States. Snakes, salamanders, mice, and quail have all been found in stomachs of Woodrats.
Predominant use of windthrows by nesting eastern woodrats (Neotoma floridana) in the South Carolina coastal plain. Am. [1] However, at smaller scales, the species has been listed as endangered, threatened, or of special concern in 5 of the 17 states in which they are found. The resulting cyst can be 15 mm in diameter but does not seem to cause any obvious discomfort. Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia. Additionally, 2 documented Eastern Woodrat introductions (Brown andWilliams 1971, McCleery et al.

[29], Eastern woodrats are popularly known for being pests. Each 'house' contains up to 2 nests, but usually only one woodrat will be found in each home. Kansas and Nebraska) breed from early spring to mid fall.

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