r/OnePiece: Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. Edward Weevil vs. 15 Whitebeard-allied crews, Weevil's hair and mustache can be seen in. He is willing to listen to her. Although, I could imagine - if your theory is true - that Weevil turns up on Wano, because that's where Marco will be (Weevils main target) and that's where Kaido will be (Moria's nemesis). Officer Agents: Mr. 0 | -Vegapunk has already created a dead man walking in the form of Kuma; regardless if the World Government has any methods to ensure any form of eternal life, Vegapunk has been shown to experiment with mortality before the time skip. - …

My THEORY: Edward weevil and the SSG theory. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

Sweet 3 Generals: "Thousand Arms" Charlotte Cracker | -The reason for his odd behavior and his sudden appearance in the world is because he is in fact very young, having been created only after Marineford. Origin Hamburg | Edward Weevil Don Accino | Charlotte Compote | Now I wanna see weevil call everyone brother like hulk hogen. He is a powerful pirate who is responsible for many deaths in an attempt to avenge Whitebeard, the man who he perceives to be his father. Kuroobi | Also, white beard might just have a really dumb personality, but since shadows don't take the memories, they can act differently. If someone dies his shadow dissapiers according to Moria. For one thing, the corpse was heavily damaged to say the least and required some patching up.

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Who's Who | Buggy Pirates Alvida | Others: Daikoku | Type of Villain After convincing him otherwise, she then read from a newspaper about how the Straw Hat Pirates defeated Doflamingo and he questioned his mother whether or not to chase after Luffy to get information on Marco. Perona, New Fishman Pirates One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Others: Jango | Edward Weevil The 7th Shichibukai Hi all, This is my own version of what Edward Weeble's background. He and his mother are hunting the 1st division Commander Marco "The Phoenix" to claim Whitebeard's "fortune". My theory on Weevil being a surprise ally against Kaido and Linlin - Marco said Miss Bakkin was in the same crew as Whitebeard 40 years ago. At some point after the Marineford War and the removal of Gekko Moriah, Marshall D. Teach, and Jinbe from the Seven Warlords of the sea positions, Edward Weevil got a position within the Seven Warlords system along with Buggy the Clown and Trafalgar Water D. Law.

Seven Warlords of the Sea Others: Kaido of the Beasts | Tbh we don't know too much about white beard to actually tell his true personality. He was the only Warlord who has not currently been shown as a child. [3], Unlike his alleged father, Weevil does not hold concepts of family in the same regard, believing that his alleged blood heritage is what makes him true family, not bonds built on friendship and camaraderie. What is Edward weevil's role in the story going to be. Waiters, Big Mom Pirates Because Marco and the rest of the Whitebeard Pirates protected Luffy during the war at Marineford, Weevil and his mother decided to go after Luffy for Marco's whereabouts.

During the timeskip, he had a bounty of 480,000,000 until he was invited by the World Government to become one of the Seven Warlords. 35[5]

Scotch | "Demon Lady" Charlotte Amande | Shiki the Golden Lion |

He accepted the offer, but he caused too much catastrophe and over 600 civilian casualties, causing great concern for the Marines. Fukuro | Weevil may resist, but Squard likely won’t back down until Weevil is willing to listen.

Baby 5 | Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. Captain: Rocks D. Xebec With Edward Weevil in custody, Marco would not have to worry about Weevil coming to attack Whitebeard’s home village, allowing him to go and assist the Straw Hats. Noko | Edward Weevil Why not fix him up and use him as is? [3], He is not very bright as he had a hard time telling the difference between a mirror and a photograph.

Im | Saint Shalulia | -The fate of Oars Jr has not been revealed, but it’s clear that Moriah did not manage to claim the corpse. However, his mother is not interested in his talk of vengeance and is more interested in getting Whitebeard's inheritance money for herself. We see defeated enemies all the time.

Captain: Shiki the Golden Lion "Whitebeard Jr." (白ひげJr., Shirohige Junia?)

It’s not like he has a brain anymore cause that’s where he stores the tone dial with the Rumbar Pirates final performance recorded.

Gekko Moriah | Jack is too strong to fight a lot of the ninja-pirate-mink alliance, but he's presumably the weakest calamity. Edward Weevil is a Zombie. Wadatsumi, New World Pirate Crews He prepares to finish off Marco (It could easily be someone else, but Marco just seems most appropriate somehow - he’s probably been handcuffed by someone again, otherwise he wouldn’t take any damage). Alvida | If that were true, he probably won't be such an idiot. [OP QUIZ] How well do you know Whitebeard Pirates? ... *Theory by Pokonic. [OP QUIZ] Do you know everything about Skypiea Arc? Mr. 11 | Definitely possible, but I find it strange that Oda "reanimates" an already beaten enemy (Moria) and a dead yonkou, who had the most epic death imaginable. Hope you enjoy this video. PirateMember of the Seven Warlords of the sea (formerly)

Priests: Ohm | Vinsmoke Niji | Kasagoba | Goals

Officers: Charlotte Perospero | It makes more sense to me to have the more relevant characters deal with the stronger calamities, Shogun, and Kaido. Personally, I see the following situation playing out: The Whitebeard Pirates (including Marco, and the Straw Hats will probably also be there, if not involved in the fight themselves) will be fighting against Weevil, and maybe even losing. Senor Pink |

It would be one more variable in the already impossible-to-predict Wano equasion. He was able to single-handedly defeat 16 pirate crews affiliated with Whitebeard, including the A O Pirates.

-Weevil has a drive to find Whitebeard’s ‘treasure’, which is in fact his home island, and desires to eliminate the rest of Whitebeard Pirates and their subordinates out of a misplaced desire to be one of Whitebeard’s ‘sons’.

Mr. 5 | Incidentally, from behind, his appearance is similar to that of Oars or Little Oars Jr., with his large build, thick mane of hair, and his exaggeratedly long mustache which (from behind) resembles horns. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! Galdino, Black Cat Pirates Vinsmoke Yonji, Kurozumi Family "Heavy Drinker" Vasco Shot | -In Thriller Bark, we learn from one of the most skilled medical professionals on the planet that even the most skilled doctor cannot raise the dead through any means; if this will ever be contradicted in the story, it would be by Vegapunk surpassing Hogback’s medical skills.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. December 10th[4] I like the whole Squard redeems Weevil thing. Gifters: The art is like he was in stitches. Shiliew "of the Rain" | He says that blood or not, they are all Whitebeard’s children and that he accepts Weevil as a brother. [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize the laughter of these characters? Kaneshiro | His ultimate goal is to get revenge on Kaido so what could be better for the job than a Yonko Zombie! Franky | Captain: Eustass Kid | Vinsmoke Ichiji |

Charlotte Pudding | Buggy "the Clown" | Edward Weevil claimed to be Whitebeard's biological son, but the Whitebeard Pirates refused to believe him and said the only sons that Whitebeard had are the Whitebeard Pirates. Kalifa | Occupations: [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize all these ships? Why do I think Hogback modified the corpse? 0. Such a thing would be appropriate, however, to reveal at a meeting of the leaders of many countries as a show of force and power in uncertain times. Alias

A sad past about this wondering soul. Weevil is violent and destructive by how he tracked and murdered many people connected to Whitebeard. Black Maria |

Posted by 1 year ago. He was the last of the Warlords appointed mid-timeskip to be revealed, and the last Warlord to be revealed before the system's abolishment. Miss Monday | Why use a shadow that would be obedient to Bakkin? Absalom | Weevil's powers have been praised by Borsalino who compared his abilities to that of a younger Whitebeard, his alleged father. Minozebra | Giolla | EDIT: sengoku let Marco have the bodies for a proper burial, ignore the idea of him taking the body straight from marineford.

Killer, Rocks Pirates Frontier Agents: Mr. 7 |

Kop, Sea Kings Officers: Sugar |

Alias: God: Enel Especially when zombies ultimately end up loyal to Moria. Though his claims are widely doubted, at the very least, he seems to genuinely believe them to be true. Needless | I said this right after seeing him so I dunno if somone took my theory and ran with it or not but I have not seen it so I will post it and if it exists just merge the threads.

Spandam | "Blackbeard" Marshall D. Teach, East Blue Pirate Crews

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Shioyaki, Paradise Pirate Crews And my last piece of evidence and the reason I thought this whole thing up in the first place: the stitches. [7] His mother is Miss Bakkin, the self-proclaimed lover of Newgate.

Theory spoiler. Doesn't the original have to be alive for the shadow thing to work? 480,000,000[3] Affiliations: Edward Weevil emerges from another town he destroyed after finding another ally of the Whitebeard Pirates.

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