It’s no easy task for a Z-name to sound elegant, but lovely Zara nails it! Thomas is a commonly used classic name, meaning ‘twin’. If you want a name that’s both elegant, yet contemporary, go for Laurent, a variant of Lawrence, meaning ‘from Laurentum’.

A classic Biblical and Anglo-Saxon name, James means ‘supplanter’.

Meaning ‘white’, Gwendolyn is popular in both palace and rolling fields. Genevieve - Meaning “woman of the race,” this name has Celtic origins. It means ‘safe’.

Nicolette, a French name meaning “victory”, sounds feminine and fancy the way so many French names do. With links to a precious metal and Scottish city, Sterling, meaning ‘excellent’, would cover all basics.

Kelly - Prior to the 1960s, this was typically a male-only name, but now is an option for both. The character Anastasia Steele of 50 Shades of Gray has made the name more culturally accessible. Jacqueline Weiss is a blogger, freelance writer and social media consultant based in Los Angeles. Fever During Pregnancy: Can It Harm Your Baby?

Alexandra - The feminine form of Alexander. Juliet means ‘youthful’. Meaning ‘beloved of God’, this moniker will pay homage to the composer Amadeus Mozart.

A name rooted in American history (Eleanor Roosevelt for example), Eleanor has that high class vintage feel. “Lord of the Ring” heartthrob Orlando Bloom always comes to mind when we hear this name. Natalia, Penelope and Miranda come to mind!! The extra ‘a’ in the end, makes this moniker more feminine than Danielle. Marguerite just sounds fancy! Broderick is a formal name, meaning ‘brother’. Cassidy means “curly-headed.”. I do not have a daughter but would have called her Sophelia, combination of Ophelia and Sophia. It is a combination of the Latin Christine with the French Belle, resulting in a unique name meaning “beautiful follower of Christ”.
Sebastian is a classic name with substantial history. Evianna is either a compound name made by combining Eva and Anna or a variant of the name Aviana. An Italian girl name meaning “purple”, Violetta is an ultra feminine, posh and refined name to suit a classy little lady. In this fleeting world, where everything is temporary, a name such as Constantine will provide some solace. This classy name meaning “noble strength” is sweet and beautiful. Bradford is an English name, meaning ‘wide river crossing’.

This classic name, meaning ‘beloved’, has a lot going for it. Eleanor - Meaning “shining light,” this old French name can be easily abbreviated to Elle or Ellie. It is popular but not overdone and strikes a balance between strong and elegant. This virtue name, meaning ‘blessing or favor’, refers to none other than the Almighty’s grace.

George means ‘farmer’.

It means ‘mild or gentle’. Information on our advertising guidelines can be found. It has the old English charm in addition to modern day sweetness.

I’m currently 2 days overdue having my first baby girl (I have a 2 year old boy already) and we are going to call her Adeline. Camilla has a timeless elegance that parents have taken notice of.

Cassandra, meaning ‘to shine upon man’, comes with a simple and sweet nickname, Cassie or Cass. Camilla is a rarely used name, but the royal history sets it apart. Elizabeth If you want to pay homage to a Karen or Carrie in your family, name your daughter Carina, which means ‘dear’. Odette, meaning ‘wealth’, is a French name with a delicate sound. Theodore is a neat English name, meaning ‘gift from God’.

It means ‘heart or mind’. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, but certain name characteristics tend to give people an image of high class.

Hebrew for “strong”, Adira is both simple and exotic. If you want a lyrical moniker for your little one, name her Lydia, which means ‘woman from Lydia’. You can find them by flipping through the pages of your favorite classic novel or by looking at your own family tree. So many French names have that sophisticated vibe, and Marguerite is one of the most elegant of all. Nothing can take the place of elegant and sophisticated baby names.

This delightful name, with a swanky nickname, means ‘estate ruler’. Rebecca - A variant of the Biblical name Rebekah, this name means “to mind.”. It doesn’t get much more elegant than this German name meaning “pledge”. Xavier is a name with Spanish and Basque roots, meaning ‘the new house’.

Natalia - A sneaky way to honor your love of Christmas. Edward means ‘wealthy guard’. Sophisticated and sexy, Scarlett is associated with Scarlett O’Hara and more recently, Scarlett Johansson.

When it comes to elegant girl names, longer monikers like Anastasia and Valentina are right at home, but so are shorter names. Sanders may be unusual, but it’s definitely posh sounding. Lilliana means lily. Sophia means ‘wisdom’.

Dylan is a popular Welsh name, meaning ‘son of the seas’. Cecelia, meaning ‘blind’, maybe falling out in popularity, but it is classy nonetheless. Is It Safe To Use Insect Repellent When Pregnant?

A royal name of Old German origin, Charles means ‘free man’. Ignatius, meaning ‘fire’, is both elegant and classic in style.

Barden is a surname, meaning ‘living near a boar’s den’. An English surname with a long history, Bradley means ‘wide meadow’. My twin girls are called : Cora Maeve Klatten & Camila Merit Klatten. It has Latin origins meaning “life” and is a great choice if you’re going for something vintage but still fashionable. Odessa is an elegant-sounding girl name with intrigue. Short and sweet Ian is the Scottish version of John and means ‘God is gracious’. Giovanna is the classical variant of the name Joanna and means ‘God is gracious’. Clara - A perfect choice for lovers of The Nutcracker. But if you want to do neither, you can take a look at our list below.

This gorgeous baby name, meaning ‘good news’, is perfect for the apple of your eye. Maria, meaning ‘star of the sea’, is one of the most popular variants of Marie. Here’s another royal name option for you. This moniker is derived from the Greek word anastasis, meaning ‘resurrection’. Gwyneth, meaning ‘happiness’, is sure to fill the little one’s life with joy and happiness. If you want a nature-inspired name for your girl, pick Olivia, which refers to ‘olive tree’. Eliana. Diana: Diana isn’t just a name with royal credentials, but also has godly origins. Kennedy - While the meaning behind this name is actually “misshapen head,” it carries a lot of weight because of the Kennedy family.

Just as Jacqueline, Josephine, meaning ‘Jehovah increases’, was also made popular by a queen, Napoleon’s famous Empress Josephine.

You might not find it fascinating enough to look through the pages of your favorite childhood novel or family tree, so, instead you have a look at our list below. Your partner in parenting from baby name inspiration to college planning. We love this lilting for its nicknames Lucy or Lucia.

Rebecca is a variant of Biblical name Rebekah, which belonged to a maiden of modesty, beauty, and kindness. Blair - Like Blair Waldorf or Blair Underwood, this definitely evokes a sense of royalty. If you love the name Anna, but hate the fact that it’s too familiar, pick its variation, Anais, meaning ‘grace’. This French surname meaning “pipe, channel” was launched into the elegant category thanks to Coco Chanel and her famous luxurious fragrance, Chanel No.
This name with Hebrew roots mean ‘son of my right hand’. If you want a name with French flair, you can pick Isabella, a variant of Elizabeth, meaning ‘devoted to God’.

We have a Lila Rose and due to have another girl in a few weeks. It’s time for Cyril to make a classy resurgence. The best part of Nathaniel is that it can be shortened to quirky nicknames such as Nate or Nathan. This stylish version of Natalie has a swanky new feel to it.

Classic yet fashionable, Caroline is the name of sophisticated women like Caroline Kennedy and Princess Caroline of Monaco. Eloise - This name may sound delicate, but it actually means “famous warrior.”. Famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren lent a fashionable touch to this elegant name. A name with genteel reputation, Emmanuella means ‘faith’. Both Vivian and the French Angelia Jolie spelling Vivienne immediately make you think “high class”. Imogen, meaning ‘maiden’, has connotations of a perfect woman, as exemplified by the great playwright, Shakespeare himself.

Luciana means ‘light’.

Olivia is the feminine version of Olive, a tree which traditionally symbolizes peace.

Asher is an evergreen Hebrew name, meaning ‘happy and blessed’. Giselle - Though this is derived from the Germanic word “gisil,” this moniker has origins in France. The number one baby boy name in America for over half a century, Michael means ‘who is like God’. Bianca means ‘white’. Claire - The feminine version of the Latin name Clarus. If it’s good enough to be a favorite of Shakespeare, it will be good enough for your little girl too.

A title with a long history, Maximillian means ‘greatest’. Charlotte is one of the rare name that has managed to avoid becoming mundane despite its extreme popularity. Full of romantic, old-world elegance, the name Melisande has French and German origins and means “strength”.

Hebrew name Delilah, meaning ‘delicate’ is a name for the ages. Use this name if you want your daughter to be confused with someone famous. Don’t miss this list of 200 unique baby names for boys, girls, and unisex! Genevieve ~ Tribe women. If you’re looking for an uncommon floral moniker, go for Fiorella, which means ‘lovely flower’.

Hit singer Adele helps give it a modern, glossy boost. Augustus means ‘great’. Lauren means ‘laurel plant’. This enchanting and rarely used name means ‘gazelle’. It means ‘help’.

The name Albert, meaning ‘bright and noble’, has been held by upper crust people for generations. It has a subtle, simple beauty that has not been overlooked by today’s parents.

A name with a superior reputation, Tennyson means ‘son of Dennis’. See a medical professional for personalized consultation.

Bethany is a classic take on the Australian favorite name Beth.

It is very rarely used in the U.S., but that could soon change given how many “A” names are found at the top of the charts. Miles apart from it’s derivative Frances, Francesca has a distinctive upscale feel. Philip, the name of one of the five kings of Macedonia, means ‘lover of horse’. It means ‘white wave’. Parents seeking for an unusual yet solid name can pick Orson, meaning ‘bear cub’. All rights reserved. Larger-than-life Christabel commands attention and exudes dignity.

Would a baby by any other name be as sweet? A German name meaning “hard working”, Amalia has a touch of antique charm and the three “a”s make it sound super feminine. Harris is a twist of Harry, meaning ‘home ruler’. Griffin is an appealing two syllable name, meaning ‘strong lord’.

Gwyneth - She’ll be in good company with Gwyneth Paltrow. Stuart, made famous by the movie “Stuart Little”, is an occupational name, meaning ‘steward’. Belle ~ Beautiful. Charlotte is a gorgeous name with regal aura. Verity is a refined name, meaning ‘truth’. Meaning, ‘devoted to God’, Elizabeth is not just the most classic, but also one of the most sophisticated names of all time. CHECK OUT OUR MOST POPULAR LABOR GOWN: MARJORIE.

Vivienne, meaning ‘lively’, is one of those ancient personal names, which is popular even today. It originates from a Ukrainian port city and is inspired by Homer’s The Odyssey. Charlotte - A perfectly regal choice for your little girl. Naia, was my choice for my baby girl and we think is pretty , strong and unique. Jacqueline - Is there someone who evoked elegance like Jacqueline Kennedy?

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