This new variety was discovered in 2014, when four bars, each encased as a paperweight, were offered for auction. There is strong evidence that supports production timeframe overlapped on both ‘P’ and ‘W’ series ingots between serial assignments P050000 and P071499. We challenge this theory, as it was the casting method by which Engelhard produced their poured ingots. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Some of these bars were engraved, though the blank reverse examples more often so. The frosted reverse demonstrates two full hallmarks in an ascending diagonal pattern, characteristic of these Australian examples. .999+]  [Hallmark in Elongated Octagon]  [Serial Number]. He jokingly asked, ‘where’s the other half?’ and the salesperson replied, ‘we only use Engelhard silver to make our jewelry and rounds. Similar to our above example, this bar was produced by Engelhard for IMPEX. Ag 1oz engelhard silver bar 10 oz wide struck logo back golden engelhard mint 1 oz silver bar no serial number frosted reverse engelhard bullion engelhard silver bar serial number may 2020 engelhard silver bar serial number lookup baldcircleimpact. Similar to our example, above, except the serial number demonstrates square, rotary dial impressions. First generation extruded bar in portrait variation, approximate dimensional match to the 8th and 9th series extruded bars. A keen eye will note the letter “G” matches that of 2nd series. [.999 FINE SILVER]. Our serial number registry suggests this serial assignment was shared with ‘P’ series 10oz variety and not indicative of full range. 3rd series in 5-digit serial variation with ‘MFR’ [Metals Fabrication & Refining] designation. 007774 023437 038046 042125 077297 10oz Ingot 1000622 sold privately on December 5, 2017 for $3,750.00. Originally issued in a boxed set with proof-like 1986 American Prospector round, pictured below. [FINE SILVER]  [.999+], 2nd series 100oz commercial bar produced exclusively for the Gold Standard Corporation.

Around the 75000 serial mark, the text above serial stamp denoting weight, metal and purity changed to a smaller font with more spacing, most evident is the smaller SILVER at center. Gold price today in Engelhard Silver Bar Serial Number per ounce and gram of different karats. Ingot -017554 sold on January 20, 2017 for $4,750.00. Hence, their production consumes 150-200 Engelhard 100oz bars every year for these custom rounds. Similar to above EI-9 variety but in attractive proof-like finish with frosted detail. 10 oz engelhard poured silver bar w engelhard 1 oz 999 silver bar serial 10 oz engelhard silver bar poured bull 10 oz engelhard silver bar poured bull 10 oz engelhard silver bar 9th series 10 oz engelhard silver bar 9th series. The left and right sides of the rectangle are longer, and this appears to be the first Engelhard logo, and the ‘H’ and ‘A’ are noticably wider. [Commemorative Sports Series]  [1869-1st Intercollegiate Football Game Princeton Vs. Rutgers]  [Image of Football Players and Background]  [Octagonal ‘E’ Insert Logo], Engelhard produced the Commemorative Sports Series of bars in 1976, in mintage of 5000 sets. Others have the revised logo with the shorter left/right sides and more space between the letters. Our archives indicate that bar P042092 was purchased in 1975. Similar to our example, above, though this ingot demonstrates a unique error on the weight class stamp. Ingot C0000375 sold privately on September 21, 2018 for $4,200.00. This page contains our current information on 1oz Engelhard silver bars and Legacy Ingots. Many FN and PR serial prefix examples demonstrate reverse variations of top right and bottom left hallmark border placement. Additional information regarding the Robert G. Warner Company counterstamp may be found at this, [Serial Number]  [Baker Brothers Logo and Motto ®]  [1 Troy Ounce]  [.999+ Fine Silver], Hallmark in elongated octagon, repeated several times diagonally, Specialty Art Bar produced for Baker Brothers, Inc.  Additional information regarding the Baker Brothers, Inc. counterstamp may be found at this, [Scotiabank Company Logo]  [Scotiabank]  [FINE SILVER 999]  [1 OUNCE TROY], [Engelhard Canadian Maple Leaf Logo]  [ASSAYERS & REFINERS]  [Serial Number on Frosted Box w/ Bull Logo Corner Insert], Specialty Art Bar produced for Scotiabank, Toronto Ontario. While approximately 800,000 examples of all US and Canadian varieties were manufactured over Engelhard’s tenure, a very high percentage of these bars were melted over the years for industry and smaller increment fabrication to bars, rounds and jewelry. Note the space in ’99 9+’ purity designation. Notice the 999 fineness designation on the obverse lacks the ‘+’ symbol. We believe this serial number range spans from 024800 to 034100. Grams To Pounds And Ounces ConversionGrams To, Live crude oil price in dollars price of oil wikipedia price of oil wikipedia live crude oil price in dollars live crude oil price in dollars, Live gold forex rates tola gram zakat how many grams are in 20 tola quora price of 1 tola gold in oman tel gold price per, Gold 23 karat surface loose leaf 10k 14k and 18k yellow gold 10k 14k 18k or more what s the best gold 23 karat surface loose. Note the circular, hand-stamped serial font. Note the unique U.S. letter prefix is the only 1oz variety to demonstrate a period after each letter. troy’ was removed, and some of the fonts appear to have changed slightly.

A most unusual silver bar from Engelhard London. [.999 FINE SILVER] [Serial Number] Frosted, with a border. The reverse is blank without border and the obverse was changed slightly [1 TROY OUNCE] was centered and the Maple Leaf Logo was redesigned on some examples. ], Engelhard produced the Commemorative Sports Series of bars in 1976, in mintage of 5000 sets. Believed to have been produced in 1981. FINE SILVER .999+]  [Hallmark in Elongated Octagon]  [Serial Number]. A transitional variety between 4th and 6th series, this ingot demonstrates the pour inconsistencies of the 4th series. [9 99+]  [FINE SILVER]  [100 TR. Possible prototype 9th series in letter ‘A’ serial prefix anomaly. Produced in 1986, a proof-like variation of our example listed above. The frosted reverse demonstrates two full hallmarks in an ascending diagonal pattern, characteristic of these Australian examples. Specialty Art Bar Produced for The Club of Kings.

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