Please check your email filters and spam if you have not received the license key. 800-171 is derived, but they have identified specific requirements, such as 2FA for network access for normal users (I do not believe 800-53 goes to that level of prescription)Our advice to the supplier is they should complete the NIST 800-1717 Compliance Questionnaire.

/* sprites */ background: transparent url(/download/resources/com.adaptavist.confluence.rate:rate/resources/themes/v2/gfx/loading_mini.gif) no-repeat scroll center left; If you purchased a Hardware Token, you have the bonus option to also register a phone number with your Hardware Token OTP subscription.

Otherwise you can use an existing token. Step 3.

.rater a.on img, .rater img.on { background-position: 0 -177px; } .rater .wait img { Scroll to the Proofing Upgrade, check the box that you understand the requirements, and click Upgrade. Enter the License Key you received via email in the field provided. Enter the License Key, and proceed with one of these scenarios: To register your Hardware Token purchase, complete the steps below: Step 1.

.rater .links { How can I purchase an OTP renewal for other users?

We have elected to require the authentication credential because it mitigates security risks by providing a stronger assurance level and better identity protections than conventional username/password technologies vulnerable to theft. The deadline to complete the ESA Contact Form to identify the person that will complete the Cybersecurity (NIST SP 800-171) questionnaire was July 13, 2018. width: 15px; Enter this number into the Token Code 2 field. Verify Shipping and Billing Address. Please expect an invitation to complete the questionnaire and other related communications from our company and Exostar over the next few months.

In order to finalize your upgrade, complete the identity proofing process. padding-top: 3px; You only need to purchase a token if your company has not already (i.e. } width: 20px;

Authentication must include a second factor credential presented by the provider (beyond username and password) – such as a one-time password generated by a hardware token or mobile app – to better guard against unauthorized access. If a replacement token is needed, the cost will be the same as the annual fee.

On the Setup & Activation screen, enter the token serial number located on the back of your OTP Hardware Token into the Token Serial Number field. 5.

padding-top: 3px;

.rater .links {

I purchased a renewal for my OTP, but it still shows as expired, and I am unable to login. 2.

vertical-align: middle;


This issue is particularly acute for the aerospace and defense industry where cyber breaches can have enormous consequences for our businesses and our national security. How much does an OTP credential cost, and where can I purchase it?

} It can take up to 24 hours for this email to arrive if you paid by credit card.

Contact Exostar Customer Support in order to resume activation of your token. }

Completing this assessment is a mandatory requirement for suppliers receiving Covered Defense Information.

If you lose your Hardware Token, you still will be able to use your Phone OTP for authentication while you are awaiting your token replacement.

If you lose a Hardware Token that required identity proofing, you won't need to repeat the identity proofing process if you can authenticate with a Phone OTP.

Complete your first time login for help go to: 2.

Step 2.. Go to the My Account tab and select the Manage OTP sub-tab. Setting up an OTP Hardware Token will take 5 steps: Follow the workflow below to purchase and set up your OTP Hardware Token. To submit a signed Purchase Order (PO) against an invoice please open a case at Step 5.

Proceed the the Proofing process if you purchased proofing.

.rater a.over img, .rater img.over { background-position: 0 -226px; } We have engaged Exostar – a widely used provider of secure information sharing solutions in our industry – to host this questionnaire. Click Submit Order. Please make sure you purchased the renewal, and not a brand-new OTP credential. This cost includes the cost of the token, access for 1 or 3 year usage option selected, and an Exostar trained notary to visit your location to certify your identification. Please note if you purchased a Hardware Token, it can take up to five days for the token to be delivered. } border-style: none; if you have not already done this for another customer). Our OTP credentials are sold as subscriptions.

Step 3. Step 6. Step 11.

width: 20px; Many applications within MAG accept Phone OTP (unless you are working with Boeing applications, which require a Hardware Token for access).

Step 7. .rater img, .rater { background-position: 0 -128px; } NIST SP 800-171 has additional technical security controls not required by ISO 27001. After receiving the token, locate the email from Exostar with the License Key for your product. .results.caption { .rater .images { This regulation subjects covered contractor information systems to security requirements in National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-171.

The deadline to have your company share and complete the NIST SP 800-171 questionnaire in Exostar is October 1, 2018.

Wait 30 seconds and press the button again. height: 18px; After entering the License Key, you will be prompted to select your identity proofing option. cursor: default; Step 10. Please contact EXOSTAR’s Support Team at 703-793-7800 (US) or 0203 3007093 (UK). if ($(this).parents(".new-window").length)"/display/TE/OTP+Identity+Proofing", "_blank"); ThemePress.toFinalize(function ($) {

Step 4.

.rater a.on img, .rater img.on { background-position: 0 -177px; }

If you don't need identity proofing, enter the License Key and proceed directly to activation. height: 18px; I am an administrator for my company. The token cannot be activated on your account at this time.

Follow the prompts to complete your purchase. Exostar offers 3 tiers of Certification Assistant and 30 day free trial for Certification Assistant Lite and Standard. Go to and log into your Exostar MAG account. Log into your Exostar account via Log into MAG via The OTP Hardware Token generates single-use digital passwords on a physical token.

Step 3. MDA Pilot participants, please see the MDA Pilot Registration page for the information regarding your sponsored credential. Check out alternatives and read real reviews from real users. Please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support if you need additional assistance.

Select Billing and Support in the top right hand corner of the screen. Supply Chain Collaboration and Management. Tokens cannot be transferred to another individual, should the user leave their company. Issues related to setting up your Exostar account, please contact EXOSTAR’s Support Team at 703-793-7800 (US) or 0203 3007093 (UK). Step 5. }); If you underwent live video proofing, use the activation code that you received from the agent to activate your Hardware Token.

} border-style: none; No. height: 18px; In order to access the Exostar application, Partner Information Manager (PIM), where the NIST SP 800-171 questionnaire is hosted, you will be required to access it with at least a phone-based “OTP token” for security purposes. If you paid by invoice, you must submit payment to Exostar before you receive your License Key. Enter the activation code the Proofing Agent provided at the end of your proofing. Select one of the following: Step 8.

Click Activate to complete the process.

padding-left: 8px; Step 2. It is imperative that suppliers for Elbit Systems of America understand the significance of this issue and our shared role in complying with DFARS 252.204-7012, Safeguarding Covered Defense Information and Cyber Incident Reporting.

If you are a contractor who receives Covered Defense Information from Elbit Systems of America in support of DoD project, NIST SP 800-171 does impact you. .rater a img {

.results.caption { 3.

EXOSTAR’s support is limited to the use of the form not the content of the questions. } Corbett WaltherVice President of Supply ChainElbit Systems of America, LLC, Wayne BellucheChief Security OfficerElbit Systems of America, LLC, Robert BiggersChief Information Security OfficerElbit Systems of America, LLC. After the purchase, you will receive an email from Exostar with the License Key for your product. The payment must go through before your credential is renewed. });

Step 8. Tokens cannot be shared, each user needs their own token.


Go to the My Account tab. The license key is sent in an email directly to the purchaser.

Still not sure about Exostar? .rater img { background: url(/download/resources/com.adaptavist.confluence.rate:rate/resources/themes/v2/gfx/rater.gif) no-repeat top left; }

If you pay via credit card, the Renewal Date in MAG for the selected subscriptions will be updated within 24 hours. If you purchased the renewal, please note there is a delay in activation if you paid using the invoice option.

Go to the My Account tab, and click the Manage OTP sub-tab. SO-12345).

It is hosted by Exostar and can be accessed by the link in your email from EXOSTAR or you can access here: Customer. padding-top: 6px; I purchased my OTP, and have a purchase confirmation email.

.rater .right-space {

.rater img { background: url(/download/resources/com.adaptavist.confluence.rate:rate/resources/themes/v2/gfx/rater.gif) no-repeat top left; }

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