This is where things start becoming a little tricky and there are few things you want to do at once. For the copper, we use an underground belt to go underneath the area that is now taken by the far line which also allows the copper to continue on. The launch trailer attempts to capture the story of the game’s development in just 45 seconds, which is almost as impressive as Wube’s work on the game itself. Coal can be mined in a similar way to iron -- but for a larger output, there is an autonomous method to keep your coal stores up. Now that you can afford some extra drill and furnaces, you should automate the acquisition of both coal and stone. The inventory UI is split into the player's inventory, on the left, and the crafting recipes, on the right. With this, you can start to use Electric Drills and, shortly after, the Electric Furnace. Each production unit, whether it be a drill or a furnace, can hold up to 100 pieces before it will stop and wait for you to remove them. Now that we have electricity, we can use Electric Mining Drills. The first tab in the world generation screen allows the player to choose a preset for the world generation. To stay up to date with the latest strategy gaming guides, news, and reviews, follow Strategy Gamer on Twitter and Facebook. This is the time from when the rocket is finished to when production on the next rocket can start, but does not include the time to insert the payload. The electric pole is then placed next to the steam engine. Here is a small example of what you could do, but let your imagination and your calculating logic figure out other, maybe even better ways of doing it! Wube Software’s Factorio has finally released its full version today. My advice is to invest some materials into making an Electric drill to replace one of the ones you already have.Once you have it in place, make sure you have enough electric poles available to connect it to your steam engine. These are much better than those scummy Burner ones. However, if you want detailed info on your power production/consumption, you can check the Detailed Electric Network Info, opened by clicking on any powerpole. At this early stage, it isn't used in much other than in making a stone furnace. Ok, so a fair amount has happened. From there, you can either use pipes to transport the water to boilers, or you can run boilers straight from the pump. However, Wube has added a small treat in the latest update in the form of a drivable vehicle kitted-out with a built-in radar and rocket launchers. Now that power is explained, we need to increase our resource production. Hover your mouse over resources on the map to see what they are. This makes it easier to see what's happening. Before launching, a satellite can be placed into the rocket. They deal incredible damage over a wide area, capable of wiping out groups of enemies with ease. The processing area needs some machines that we currently don't have due to limitations in our research. The same goes for for Uranium ore. These are simply another crafted item, which you should craft 10 of now and place them in your labs to begin researching. Great! The logistic research gives you some important things: the splitter, the underground belt and the fast inserter. It's also advisable to have a source of Water in your starting area, as it is required for Steam Engines. Press the "alt-mode" key (default "ALT") to toggle "detailed view", which shows extra information about structures. You can see where you can connect boilers and steam engines if you turn on the detailed view (press the Alt key). Make sure you connect it in the right place or it won't work. Now you have some raw iron, you are going to need to get it to a stone furnace. On every map, there will be a water source of sorts -- and this is where you need to place your offshore pump on the shoreline. They don't cost too many resources, but take a little while to make. Also note that the game can be completed with enemies disabled completely (set size to none), however dealing with enemies is usually a major part of the game. Make sure that you have the four solid resources close to your spawn location; Coal, Copper ore, Iron ore, and Stone. Notice that the flat line is where the inserters will pick up from, and the arrow is where they will place the item. Drag the stack of wood you have in there into the square that looks like a gas pump. You can use this to gather wood, stone, coal, copper ore, iron ore, and fish only. But for that we need some extra utilities which we don't have and need to get through research. Well let's automate that too! The first type of power you will need to generate is Steam Power. This is where Inserters step in. Press the inventory key (default "E") to open and close your inventory. Once all 100 rocket parts have been completed, the rocket silo will display a rocket ready to be launched within the silo, and the player can launch the rocket from within the rocket silo interface by pressing the LAUNCH button. This page was last edited on 30 April 2020, at 20:34. To honour the occasion, the developers have released a short but sweet launch trailer for the now complete game. Next we really want to get onto automation of items, not just the smelting of ores. Now this picture uses a few neat little tricks that I will explain in detail. Keep an eye on your ammunition, which can be seen in the lower-right corner of the screen. The first type of power you will need to generate is Steam Power. If the steam engine is producing power but nothing is using it, it'll show a yellow flashing icon: right now it's showing because we don't have electric machines yet! As you can see from the image above, science comes in four colors: The first bit of research you will do is Automation. You can also transfer by simply holding the "stack transfer" button ("SHIFT" default) and clicking it. If you hover over drill in the crafting menu, you'll see two lists of materials. Despite being in the electric era, our furnaces still need coal until a little further down the line. The recipes for each are as follows: All required items are crafted for you. The announcement also explains that most of the game’s upcoming content was already included in the 0.18 update.

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