For instance, you could keep common, comet and shubunkin goldfish together. Best Betta Tank – Roundup and Reviews of Top Choices for 2020, Best Plants for Betta Fish – 9 Live Varieties They Will Love, Best Betta Food – 7 Top Freeze Dried and Pellet Foods for Betta Fish, 7 Best Aquarium Glass Cleaners and Algae Scrapers – Magnet and Blade Options, How to Cycle a fish Tank: Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Guide.

Goldfish are peaceful and non-aggressive fish and they don’t establish territories or defend an area from other fish. They are similar in size to zebrafish when they grow to their max size. Origin: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan.

☑ They are fast, so can out-run fancy goldfish, which tend to be slow swimmers. It’s hard to create simple goldfish charts with compatible fish because there is such a wide range of possibilities. Goldfish (Carassius auratus) have been domesticated for over 2000 years and are probably one of the most diverse aquatic animals in the world. An aquarium full of orandas and fancy goldfish is beautiful and appealing. Tank size required: 10 gallons for five fish. However, if you keep them in large schools of nine or more (all-female or with just one male), they tend to busy themselves interacting with their own kind and leave other fish in the aquarium alone. Choose peaceful community fish and avoid any species known to be territorial or nippy.

Although you may be tempted to use flake, smaller tropical fish pellets are best. And although they stay quite small and don’t take up much room, they’re large enough to avoid ending up as dinner for a hungry goldfish. It doesn’t stop with the tank, filter, substrate, plants, and décor though, you need to find the perfect tank mates, too.

I definitely recommend the Bristlenose Pleco as an option for cleaning a tank filled with goldfish! Cory cats are not usually recommended for goldfish tanks because single-tails often grow large enough to eat them, especially the dwarf Corys. So, no matter the type of goldfish, you will need at minimum 20 gallons per fish. Most fish will usually leave them alone unless the snail happens upon a tasty tidbit a goldfish wants. If you have a hearty-type of goldfish with a slim, streamlined body and a single tail then you don’t have a lot of good choices for companions. Please do read carefully though. I'm a Veterinary Technician who works at The University of Utah. Many tropical fish require warm temperatures that are too hot for goldfish to live in comfortably, and this can lead to stress and illness. Longfin Rosy Barb.

Some more common varieties include the rosy red and white cloud.

Therefore, these types of goldfish and any others with significant handicaps should only be kept with their own kind or other similar fancy types that face the same challenges. Another possibility is the bright red scavenging Cherry Shrimp! Kkonstan [CC BY 3.0], from Wikimedia CommonsWith gorgeous orange-red metallic scales, rosy barbs make an attractive addition to a community tank. Now you know what kind of tank mates you can keep your goldfish with, you should also know which fish to avoid. They are slimmer and more streamlined than the other barbs on the list and can reach 3-inches at maturity. A good companion for a Common goldfish may be entirely inappropriate for a Celestial. Pros of keeping Bamboo Shrimp with goldfish: ☑ Bamboo Shrimp are larger than Ghost Shrimp, below, which will help them to avoid being eaten.

Goldfish can be broken into two primary types based on their body shape and tail design, and this is the most important factor to consider when choosing their tank mates. This list generally assumes that we are talking about fancy goldfish, living in an aquarium.

Fancy goldfish ⛔ Streamline-bodied goldfish. Will either fish out-compete the other for food? eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thegoldfishtank_com-box-4','ezslot_1',106,'0','0'])); However, some fish on this list may also live with small (i.e.

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