Does Testmasters offer registration discounts to full-time undergraduate students? The Testmasters course is different from college courses, which are designed for their students and cover theory. Below we list all the major subjects you’ll be tested on for each FE exam.

Point and click: you must click on the correct part of a graphic. consulting experience in design, commissioning and plant engineering for clients in Energy, Mining and Infrastructure. Pass rates vary between the different exams. No additional discounts will be given. NCEES is pretty opaque about how they determine passing scores, but they do state that you receive a point for each correct answer, and there are no deductions for incorrect answers. That said, each state board has a few differences, so be sure to check for specifics. Orion | Customer Acquisition Through Digital Advertising. All test-takers must register for one of these SE exam dates by logging on to their state or territory’s engineering board website. Wondering what a Googol is? The FE CBT Exam.

Want to brush up on some computer engineering skills? It’s the first test you need to take if you hope to become a professional licensed engineer (PE). Once you have one (it only takes a few minutes to set up), you’ll be taken to your NCEES dashboard, where you’ll click on “register for an exam” under “Exams.”.

This exam is taken by students who recently graduated or will soon graduate from an EAC/ABET-accredited undergraduate program in engineering. For more information about these courses, please visit our SE Lateral Forces exam review course page and our SE Vertical Forces exam course page. If you want to become a professional licensed engineer, one of the first steps towards that goal is passing this exam. You will also have the option to take advantage of our payment plan via Affirm. Register now and pay later for our Onsite classes! They have taught FE-CBT Electrical courses for many years at various companies including Central and Southwest Services, Bechtel, Kellogg, Fluor, Sirrine, Lummus, Ericsson, Texas Instruments, Foster Wheeler Energy Corp., Texas Department of Transportation, Virginia Department of Transportation, Utility Engineering, and the City of Austin Electric Utility Department. If you want to learn more about how we use cookies, see our Privacy Policy, Live Online course at a discounted rate***. FE Electrical and Computer exam preparation, The online course proved to be a great study tool for the FE exam. The table below presents a current schedule for the SE Vertical Forces exam and the SE Lateral Forces exam through 2026. Check out our list of the top 25 schools for engineering. It’s pretty pricey for a single practice test, but if you’re concerned about passing the test, it can be the best study tool you use. Since January 2014, NCEES has offered FE/EIT exams based on a new computer-based testing format (CBT). Sometimes your state's board will have an additional free for the EIT process so be sure to check specifics. Our instructors come from the industry and academia, and are highly qualified in their specialized fields. Have any questions about this article or other topics? What are the best engineering schools in the country? For the best FE exam practice, you’ll need to purchase official practice tests. (NOTE: if you're already in preparation mode, then see our FREE. SAT® is a registered trademark of the College Entrance Examination BoardTM. This chart shows the pass rates of students who took different FE exams between January and June of 2019. The table below presents a current schedule for the NCEES PE exams through 2026. The final year of college is. With this license, the engineer becomes qualified and eligible for exclusive benefits: the ability to stamp and seal drawings, own an engineering firm, have access to upper-level engineering management positions, and an increased salary. Like other PE exams with small examinee populations, this is a single-day testing event similar to the current pencil-and-paper exams. Click here to learn more about paying for your course over time. Interested in large numbers?

The Testmasters FE-CBT Exam Test Prep Course Coordinator has been teaching the FE-CBT Electrical course for over 25 years, and is very well versed with the format of the exam and what it takes to pass it.

What SAT Target Score Should You Be Aiming For?

The FE Electrical and Computer exam became easy for me just because of the Practice I could do using the FE manual by Wasim Asghar. This helps students become familiar with solving problems that are similar to what is on the exam. When you sit down to your computer, you’ll go through a short tutorial that’ll show you how to move through the test, go back to questions you already answered, etc. Your raw score is then converted to a scaled score of 0-15 (which adjusts for minor differences in difficulty between different exams). The specific FE exam you take will depend on the engineering discipline you studied in school/what type of engineer you plan to be. If I was doing it all over again, there’s no doubt I’d use this online course again.

We guarantee you will pass the FE-CBT Electrical exam. Exam Information .

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