Upon obtaining the Gale Boomerang, new treasures can be unlocked in previous rooms, unlocked by extinguishing torches, releasing objects from webs, and most importantly, activating wind propellers. Entrance to the Temple Along the north side of the room you’ll see some vines that you can climb up and this will lead to a treasure chest containing a red rupee.
[ This giant Deku Baba has a much larger stem than the previous iterations that we battled with. Lock onto one of them with your boomerang, then lock onto one of the tentacles and throw your weapon. Just watch out for the roaming plant creatures. Then jump across and climb your way up to the door and go through it. Proceed over the next two bridges, spinning them as you go, then climb the vine covered wall on the east side. Throw your boomerang towards him to trigger a short cut-scene.

Items:Big Key Open the treasure chest to get a red rupee. Use the female monkey to swing across the first gap back onto the central platform and then use the male monkey to swing across the other gap directly across the way and enter the next room. Proceed north to the Death Mountain trail where the Goron originally knocked you off, only this time, he has a surprise coming. Pull out the lantern and use it to light the spiderweb that is blocking the way. The bokoblins have set up camp right in front of the entrance, but it is blocked by a rock that temporarily blocks his access to the dungeon because he has not obtained bombs yet. You end up in a known room. The Best Anime Fanfiction Where the Hero Is a Villain, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Wiki Guide, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Make sure to equip your iron boots before accepting his challenge, and then just hammer on the A button to defeat him. 4.5 The Gale BoomerangProgress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces 2/45Golden Bugs 0/24Poe Souls 0/60Stamps 0/50New in this section The two tentacles will also reappear. OPTIONAL: There is a piece of heart you can collect right now if you’d like. Now move onto the far northwest building and climb on top of the small shack. The final three monkeys must be rescued to reach the end, found in the remainder of the rooms and requiring the boomerang to be saved. A flight path on the ground connects the turnstiles in a zigzag pattern. It will pick up the bomb and then proceed to the tentacle destroying it in the process. Enemies:Skulltula, Ook Now hop onto the platform right next to the gate and use Midna to jump above. Use the footbridge to cross (the monkey will follow you) and open the door. Go back once more west where the first big Skulltula was. Climb the staircase and defeat the big skulltula found here. Light the two torches, climb the stairs, then get rid of the big Skulltula. After some quick chit-chat, walk over and grab the heart container that Diababa left behind. Run over to the other door found at the north end of the room and head through. Hit all the spinners will open the gate. Task 2: Gain an Audience with the Twilight Princess Task 3: Find a Sturdy Sword and Shield Task 4: Speak with the Spirit of Faron Spring Task #5: Locate All 12 Twilit Parasites Task 6: Learn Your First Hidden Skill and Enter the Forest Temple Dungeon 1: The Forest Temple. Open the door. In the center is a buried spider. Right from the start there is an optional treasure chest to find here. The enemy will gobble up the bombling instead of you, and be defeated by explosive indigestion, allowing you to continue. You will appear back in the familiar vertical room with the staircases. Use the lantern on the entrance in order to enter the Forest Temple. After defeating Ook, you will see a quick scene where the parasite that was attached to Ook has been defeated and the baboon has returned to normal. When you get to the gate, you'll find four pillars with an odd engraving on the ground between them.

], Twilight Princess Walkthrough – Forest Temple. Aim for the slabs using Z and use the Gale Boomerang to unhook them, then cross towards the torches. You can also sidestep with the control stick. Lock onto both of them and deploy your boomerang to release him. Items:Dungeon Map We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Inside the Forest Temple, proceed through the tunnel into the main room. Go to the other side, jump in middle of the slabs and get out. Swing from monkey to monkey to get across the gap and then enter the door to take on the dungeon mini-boss. Speak with Midna and select the Warp option, and then choose the Kakariko Gorge to transport the bridge back to its rightful place. The giant bud will explode, giving you access to a ground-level alcove with a chest. After that, dig your way back outside. Once all eight monkeys have been rescued, they will all relay in the final room, forming a long swing allowing the player to reach the boss door. Enter the door on the East side search for the next monkey. Jump straight ahead and unlock the door west on the map. Your first dungeon is only a single level deep, but it has many confusing, interconnecting chambers filled with fearsome-looking foes that require cunning as well as brute strength to defeat. Link first sees the temple when rescuing Talo from the Bokoblins. Go on the bridge and open the door. You'll see a plant creature eat a small key and it's up to you to get it back (and no, Link doesn't beg to be eaten, MIB style). Get on it and hit once more the pinwheel to spin. Use your Slingshot, look up and shoot at the three balls to get twice 5 rupees. You need to hit the four fan spinners in the proper order.

He will swing back and forth carrying a bomb between his feet. Throughout the battle Ook will jump from pillar to pillar, eventually tossing his boomerang towards Link. Another monkey is locked up! The Forest Temple Continue up the path, repeating this for any other Gorons who dare cross your path. This way you will get the Gale Boomerang which the monkey left behind! 4.2 The Second MonkeyProgress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces 1/45Golden Bugs 0/24Poe Souls 0/60Stamps 0/50New in this section The Forest Temple is the first Dungeon that Link is directed to as an adult in Ocarina of Time. - which is harder.) However, be careful of the spider that drops just prior to the jump; use your slingshot to take it down. Ignore it for now.
Ook now serves as an ally to Link, swinging on a rope across the room, distracting Diababa and holding bomblings for the player to use. Alternate method: Travel west to the large gate and four turnstiles in the room west of the central room.

This will connect the bridge to two additional paths. Inside one of pots you will find a strange creature. After a short while, Ook will appear, the old miniboss we battled earlier. Free the monkey and backtrack two rooms west. The boomerang will snatch a bomb and then blow up the wall, revealing the treasure chest. She says that there are three in total. Defeat the deku baba and you’ll find that the monkey wants to cross a gap, but an enemy skulltula is in the way.

Break the jars in the corner to find a beetle. If you look carefully at the floor, you will see a pattern that looks like a Z. After the Forest Temple, you'll be transported back to the woods. Use the boomerang to grab the bombling and then toss the bomb into the Deku Like.

Throw pots to get some rupees but also to find Ooccoo! The Twilight Realm. When he pauses, roll into whatever totem pole he's resting on to knock him off balance. With the map in hand, walk through the nearby door.

Once you enter the Forest Temple, defeat the nearby enemies and run straight ahead where you will be greeted by a cinematic look at the dungeon as a whole.

After arriving, turn right to spot the bridge. You can't attack him from here, instead, grab the wooden stick off the ground, then climb onto the table and ignite it with the torch, then light the fire beneath the chimney to scare the bug out. That picture displays what order you should hit them with using your boomerang. Get on another footbridge using the Boomerang and open the door.Get on the right footbridge and throw your Gale Boomerang at the pinwheel of the footbridge on which you stand. Indoors, you'll find the creatures hiding in the fireplace. Go northwest of the map, attack the Bombling with your sword or by raising your shield and by touching it with it, then quickly carry the bomb and throw it at the wooden door, in the middle of the northern wall. (You can also use your Gale Boomerang to lift the slabs, then hit the enemies hiding under them).

After arriving at Ordon village, meet with the mayor outside his house to learn how to Sumo Wrestle.

Just before you collide, dodge to the opposite side of the bridge and slash with your sword as he passes. Turn to the left and you’ll find an enemy Bombling. When he retreats, he will fire a poisonous liquid at you. Pull out the lantern and light up the four torches that can be found in the room, which will cause a staircase to appear. After entering, deploy your boomerang towards the tiles on the ground to uproot the pesky creatures hiding underneath.

Jump through the glowing window next to it to get inside. Grab the nearby spider-bomb and have it explode near the boulder to reveal a doorway. Climb up the top level where you'll find a bug on the wall. Open the chest to find another Piece of Heart! Forest Temple

Continue to roll into it to knock him off his perch. Head north, pick up the Dungeon Map in the chest and open the door. then go up the vines and proceed to drop down the hole and free the monkey.The third way to do this is to first lock onto the bomb creature and then lock onto the monkey's cage, thus freeing the monkey.Exit the room through the way you came in. "url": "https://www.zeldadungeon.net/twilight-princess-walkthrough/forest-temple/", Additionally, there is a new enemy known as a Deku Like just to the side, preventing you from entering a small corridor. Throw the Gale Boomerang at the cage's string to free another monkey and keep on crossing the place to the southeast. Continue down the corridor to reach an open room.

Hop onto the bridge and spin it so you can unlock the east door and proceed inside. You’ll see the same monkey that stole your lantern. Use the lantern to light the two torches and this will cause a staircase to fully appear. Also, don't worry about losing sight of the leader, as he will often pause for you to catch up (he's a pretty easy target to spot from afar). Carefully climb up the two sets of vines and then head through the door. "@context": "https://schema.org", Once in, push the box next to the bed to reveal the creature. Head north up the path towards Death Mountain. Nail with a slingshot to knock it down and it will soon fall into the water, allowing you to pass. Right from the start there is an optional treasure chest to find here. Dig it up and defeat it for another tear. Rotate the bridge and run straight ahead to the next room.

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