It totally surprised me. Jerry was alway been a personal hero.. Did it have Gerry’s name or the lightning bolt logo? Protective rubber strips on the nose and tail ensure these boards take the abuse.

Wow. It is a great new shape and template for the era. Our Surftech Soft Top Surfboards Review will look at the construction approach used in the making of these boards (hard epoxy bottom with soft deck) as well as an individual look at each board with the range.

The gloss and polish finish is top shelf, eye-pleasing and seldom seen in our new world of disposable everything. Gerry felt it was time to put his name on a softie - he's a legend as you know, and he hooked up with us for 2020 to compete with WaveStorm. Mass-produced Chinese factory foam boards and what I think Gerry stands for don’t mix in my mind.

- Gerry Lopez designed shape with his signature deck and logo graphics.

Suited to variety of surfers but perhaps not the ideal board to beginner – better for intermediate to advanced surfer looking for a softboard with classic, chilled vibe. Thanks for the feedback.

This design has been tried and tested over the years and it’s great to see a soft top version. Was on sale down from $179. A clean stinger swallow tail, Lopez hand shaped this design in 1980. Your email address will not be published. Pipeline, world renowned surfer from Honolulu, Hawaii.

We'd love to hear your feedback! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Staying with the classics here, we have the Takayama Egg Soft Top.

Gerry’s design has been formed from 20 years experience riding waves behind boats and in rivers.

It has the logo that looks kinda like the nuclear symbol., Address Are wavestorms a thing of the past? 8ft. Can't wait.

I rode that Pocket Rocket very hard and kept checking the deck daily for heel dents. Due to the limited amount of paddling involved in surfing these waves, its short length and thin rails are all about performance. Gerry brings a deep knowledge of consumers, food and beverage, distribution, entertainment, and hospitality to his work with the with Vision Fund. SUP Categories . The Sole catches waves easily and provides a smooth flowing ride. With a 2+1 setup utilising a full size longboard fin, this is sure to appeal to traditional longboard surfers. Feel free to share your thoughts on the boards if you have any experience with them, or if you have any questions just drop us a comment below!

92081. Went to Costco to get a wavestorm (reserve your judgements, they’re great for what they are) and was surprised to see only 8’ white soft tops bearing Gerry Lopez’s surfboard logo and his face in the packaging. Over the past 35 years he’s honed his skills as an operational leader, most recently as CEO of both Extended Stay America and AMC Theatres.

Wide range of surfers equally from beginner to advanced. Pipeline, world renowned surfer from Honolulu, Hawaii. Easy paddler, and wave catcher with wide nose, with flat rocker and flip in the tip. These boards help beginners to quickly gain confidence and comfortably progress in the surf. This egg shaped mid-length design shape allows the rider to trim high on the wave in the middle of the board or race down the line on the tail.

Rail: FullBottom: Single to double concaveIdeal waves: 1-6ftLevel: Beginner – Expert. Unfortunately I can confirm that it is not illegal branding. Gerry Lopez took over the styling on the rocker and the bottom part of the board, which provides exceptional stability as you ride any wave-condition. Felt slightly heavier than a wavestorm too.

It’s refreshing to see some really traditional craft get their soft top incarnations and none better than from the stylish Robert August. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Suited to range of surfer experience from beginner to advanced. Gerry’s design has been formed from 20 years experience riding waves behind boats and in rivers. Has no one else here even seen what I’m talking about? Overview.

New to MF Softboards: Mick Fanning Catfish, Almond Surfboards R Series Review (Updated). The Hydro Glide is as easy to paddle and forgiving longboard shape. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed.

Anyone surf one of these Gerry Lopez soft tips? The large red bolt on top is outlined in a thin black pinline and this board is signed by Lopez on the bottom.

Surftech have been at the centre of surfboard technology for decades and a Surftech soft top is nothing new – they’ve been successfully selling soft tops for a long time but mainly geared towards the beginner market and surf school variety.

Cause I don’t think Gerry owns the bolt brand anymore. Built with an Internal Parabolic Carbon Fibre Frame, a Full Grip Textured Deck, and shaped rails based on the original Hypto. Maneuvering it is not too hassle as well because it doesn’t give any bobbling turn, thanks to its soft edge-rails. California Board Company. Works in a variety of waves from mellow to steeper / hollow waves. Do they surf differently than a wavestorm?

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