What is slang for money? You call your daughter like this if you hope she'll crash an airplane one day... Air Crash Sheesha? He was once a human and directed music in a temple, but during the Middle Ages he was changed into an angel by the Zoharists. DISCOVER TAROT ON iPHONE, iPAD AND ANDROID.

Funny fighting name for a little girl who you think is gonna be a fighter and who likes to fight. This one is from a popular kids show called the backyardagains. I was looking for names for my puppet. I love this name I am naming my snowboard this name it is really cool and fun name holler. my name is tequila.". BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. .style18 {font-weight: bold} The letter J is one of the most popular beginning letters for boy names. Anyways, that's not her real name it's just her nickname.This is a great surname you should call you child this if you are in a ghetto neighbourhoodI think the name is very unique, in many different ways. How is Keisha ghetto?

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