Not very useful most of the time. Brute Perks sheet. Spare Dagger. You need shields for that. Provoking Roar combines good initiative (which isn’t too common on the Brute) with a consistent disarm and Attack 2. Leaping Cleave is a well rounded card that will make its way into your hand often.

The Inox Brute is a standard tank class. The bottom ability is pretty good but for our build it doesn’t compare to Immovable Phalanx. With time, your deck will be much more green and resilient to negative cards but risk of drawing “Null” will always exist. This ability looks cool at first but to retaliate you have to ensure the enemy attacks and then you will take damage upon you.

You’ll be able to attack 3 enemies but not cause much damage. This guide will cover 2 possible builds for the Brute.

If you’re looking for a jack-of-all-trades type build this is a great one. The bottom ability can be used based on the situation to attack up to 4 enemies. Health is less of a problem than stamina, because you can always avoid damage by throwing away cards. A single-use, single target, high-damage ability. It’s single-use too, it’s just not worth carrying around until we need to use it. This is an upgraded version of the lower half of Wall of Doom in that we have a Move 3 too as well as the +1 damage. Now this is a useful card based on your build. For example, without playing lost cards nor taking long rests, The other option just doesn’t give us the efficiency we deserve at this level of card. We will also cover all of the cards in detail at the end. That is what I have mostly been doing, except I snagged all the ones that add a Stun effect to the stack. Why Curse and not increase the damage by +1? Backup Ammunition (Card 121): Even if there is only one target in range, if the top action is active and you perform a ranged attack, a charge is expended. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. So be especially careful of taking too much damage in the last round(s) before your first rest, This card has an initiative of 32 and top abilities that include attack 3, push 2. When needed, he was able to be in front lien and take couple of bruises. This protects you through 1 damage and the next 6 attacks. Because we have just picked up a solid move 3 with a nice Retaliate we can afford to remove a movement action elsewhere.

Maybe the instant-eliminate ability isn’t so amazing after all…. The real advantage of this stamina potion is that you can pick up your best 2 cards These are the winning tactics you... Scythe is one of the most popular games released in the last decade.

This card has an initiative of 26.

© 2019-2020 Emily Sargeantson at My Kind of Meeple. We are a tank. Balanced Measure, Spare Dagger will get you another 2 points. Two attacks can devastate you. The bottom action for this card won’t prove as helpful since there is a loss involved. If you enjoyed this Brute guide, check out: Cragheart ranged build guide, Scoundrel single target poison guide, Spellweaver area of effect guide, Tinkerer crowd control guide and damage with stun Mindthief guide.

Preventing an enemy from attacking or putting out damage should almost always be chosen over reassigning where damage is dealt. While enemies focus on you, more brittle, long-range, high-damage classes can take care of opponents in the meantime. The Fatal Advance card with its 40 initiative and the ability of instant kill is going to tempt you.

Gloomhaven Brute Builds This Brute offers two possible builds for a player. Especially when you’re playing in a 4 player group – there are a lot of bad guys around. The bottom ability gives you average movement and it has a push ability that will help if the enemy is near a trap. All of this on a low initiative card. We had a perfect squad combination in my opinion with Spellweaver and Tinkerer, both equipped with googles and piercong bows. Looking just at the Level 1 and Level X cards, these are some of my favourite combos. It’s great for top action but basically is a loss so you should probably hold on to this card until later. Those top abilities come in handy and you don’t lose the card. It’s persistent too, so after you’ve played it you get this option for the rest of the scenario.

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