Flanking Strike has served us well up till now, but it’s time for it to go. Curse or Immobilize) even if disarmed. The Scoundrel doesn’t have the highest hit points for a melee-focused character so you can’t hit things and then stand around and hope for the best. All that being said, someone who is fine lowering the difficulty in order to have fun by playing their way also probably doesn't need the help of a guide, which is why my suggestions are still based on people who are playing against a difficulty that pushes them to optimize. I often looked at this card. While you level up, even though your damage value on the cards doesn’t increase, your chances of drawing decent modifiers increases. Now you're not taking any damage or one attack at most. The Scoundrel’s deck has several abilities that inflict Poison and the Poison perks allow you to add Poison cards to your modifier deck too. With this single target Poison build, it doesn’t really matter what Burning Oil has on it because we’re all about the other card on offer….

You know my thoughts on these by now. We can stay there and blend into the shadows instead.

Right now, we have a lot of low initiative cards in our deck, but not many high ones. Thanks for the guide! We are quick.

The guide covers all levels from 1-9 and assesses the cards at each level for how well they fit with this build. I get that disarming traps is a rogue thing. It’s a pretty cheap enhancement and adding Poison to the monster can give you and your party the boost you need to finish off a monster. It’s abilities like this that give the Scoundrel her name. We want those high-hitting single target abilities that the Scoundrel is known for, along with decent movement and monster position manipulation abilities to help us get our bonuses. But really, we’ll use the top of this card most of the time so that matters less. And 30 gold is pretty cheap! By level 8 you should be rolling some decent modifiers consistently too, so it’ll be worth even more! Of course, we want to use some Loss abilities, we just need to be careful about when we use them! But WIB is a massive force multiplier, especially against ranged monsters, against monsters with retaliate, or against low HP/high shield monsters (some of whom also have retaliate). Instead, to get within melee range of far away monsters, use a bottom Move action and then the top of Quick Hands to add an additional 2 Move and jab the bad guy.

At level 7 i assume you're fighting at least level 3 monsters, so effectively the card is: A non loss ranged 3 attack 6 that can never miss and pierce all shield, oh and you can disarm a trap and gain 2 exp. The elephant in the room was largely ignored. While you’re waiting to play the amazing top half of the card, you’ve got the bottom to entertain you. You’ll need to play it reasonably early in a scenario to make sure you have four opportunities to use it. 1st action – Move – Get into a decent position for a damage bonus (if you can), 2nd action – Hit – Whack the bad guy (ideally with a damage bonus). The top ability is not great, but to be honest, the Gloomhaven designers could have put anything there because it’s all about the bottom ability on this card. Picking Watch it Burn at 9, Stilleto Storm at 8 is worth something like 8-16 damage, will apply wounds to as many as 4 enemies, and give your allies an abundance of poison bonuses to finish those 4 guys off with. Having a solid 4 damage with Poison is always going to be useful. So it’s between Open Wound and Venom Shiv.

So to pull this off, it was vital that I spent one turn going late in the round, moved into position, and then used the 04 initiative on this card to go first in the next round and get the bonus damage before the Brute moved away from the monster! There are no good or bad cards in Gloomhaven. Importantly, it’s only the first set of damage that gets mitigated so this ability isn’t a license to head into the fray and just stay there for a round. A very small upgrade to Flanking Strike on the top and a situational Loss on the bottom. It is crazy! Wow! Nice. If there are high Shielded monsters, equip more Poison and Wound cards. Only 55 days to Gen Con and then a few smaller events after that. Special Mixture. It’s not worth it.

It's usage is obviously together with invis to open a room and the next round murderize the biggest baddie in the room. ... It’s melee.

This Scoundrel guide focuses on playing like a ninja who dashes into melee range, hits monsters, ideally deals poison, then dashes out again. Or at least, that’s how I justify it to myself!

Spend your first turn getting into position and using Smoke Bomb. A nice bonus if monsters are on their own. Jumping is a real drawback, so don't diss the Boots of Jumping. I suggest playing it after your third rest cycle so that you’ll only reduce your stamina by two rounds.

We also want any cards we can get that have Poison on will help us and our group with large health monsters. I've used it plenty in a 4p party: so it's just like you said, you jump in the center and Disarm 3/4 enemies out of 6/7 enemies. At later levels, you can Move 7 from Gruesome Advantage and then Move another 3 from the top of Duelist’s Advance for a Move 10! Not good... so you can't really use this card unless you have invisibility available. This post may link to online stores.

This has the same double damage effect that Smoke Bomb has but it’s a bottom ability. I think spring the trap is lowkey OP.

I decided to start with the Scoundrel because we actually don't have a non-BGG guide from the subreddit that goes to level 9. The initiative is not ideal for me.

But unlike most of them, I have issues with this writeup. We get to loot an additional hex rather than only the one we end our turn on, but it’s not amazing. Oh man, looting from all those hexes multiple times per scenario. Amazing card for that glorious top ability! Gloomhaven is a cooperative game of tactical combat, battling monsters and advancing a player's own individual goals in a persistent and changing world that is ideally played over many game sessions. Kill the bones near you with normal attacks while your allies destroy the rest of the poisoned and wounded bones. And buying Boots of Striding solely for this card is definitely a 1st edition thing, or ninja looter thing. Final Room, Long Con: Jump to middle of Bones, attack and disarm bones, leaving them with 1/2-2/3 health. I also wanted to try the Scoundrel when we play 2p and my Music Note isn't that useful, so thank you! Muuch better! Not great for our build. It's been a while since I did one of these, but while streaming I've had people regularly asking for more. It’s exactly what you want when you get to level 9, a card that makes all the levelling worth it!

Perhaps the Scoundrel dodges quickly into and out of range so the monster takes a step closer as they try to grab you.

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