Archived. Once you defeat the Valkyrie on the mountain summit, you’ll unlock additional challenges. After her, every attempt to grab you, quickly hit her while she is briefly vulnerable. With this 2018 adventure now playable on your PS5 with the PS Plus Collection games, we’re sure the Valkyrie armor will now look shinier than ever.

Finally, you’ll have to go to Niflheim to reach Hildr. You’ll also need some Mist Echoes from Niflheim to upgrade the Cuirass’ first level. Once you have dealt enough damage to Gunnr, she will be stunned and you need to move in quickly and use stun grab to free her and do not wait long as she will recover and also restores a portion of her health.

Use the Block Break to stagger her and hit her to deal some damage. Defeating her will reward you with Geirdriful’s Helmet and Axe Hilt – Guardian Valkyrie’s Hilt. And if anyone deserves to feel utterly majestic, it’s poor old Kratos. Let’s take Muspelheim first: to reach Gondul you’ll have to complete the first 5 Muspelheim challenges, as she’s the sixth and final test. Features / Location: Thamur’s Corpse The recommended ones do, though (and so do certain others). With so many different stat, weapon, enchantment, and upgrade options in this game, it can be difficult to pick which runic attacks to use more than the others.

OK, It may not be quite as vital as say, the best God of War armor, the health regenerating Mist set. Once upgraded it allows 3 Enchantments, and when you add the ones that fit in it, it allows for an extremely powerful attack with homing capabilities.

The chest piece makes you invulnerable when using Runic attacks.

Put Epic Runes in all enchantments slots that increase Cooldown Stat. Don’t use Runes that Last too long animation wise because it leaves you defenseless when you miss time it. duh…. Sindri’s Armor Set which you get from doing all 5 favors for Brok & Sindri in Midgard is recommended.

(Spoilers) ... Because it’s so fast i can do a full axe combo on a Valkyrie and right about when she is escaping i Trigger the Rune for extra damage. The recommended runic attacks don’t make you invulnerable 100% of the times. Any other tips for runes, armor, talismans etc?

The downside is the long cool down time, and the need to upgrade to get to the full 12 crows. Kratos needs the best-of-the-best armored outfits, and unlocking the toughest sets can get pretty tricky. This will summon the Valkyrie Queen secret boss. Quickly use quick flash to stun her and use the combo R1, R1, R2. Recalling the earlier games in the series, this is the classic whirling Blades Of Chaos attack you know and love, and it's consistently useful both for damage and for stunning enemies that are swarming Kratos. In this God of War Valkyrie Guide, we are going to walk you through where you can find each Valkyrie, what level you should be at and how you can kill them. Any of these three is incredibly useful, and you’ll get stronger buffs for wearing three pieces in the same set. You can boost your attack with fire buffs, create a flaming aura to burn enemies while you block, and more — like the Niflheim armor listed below, this set is pretty weak when you first get it, but through upgrades it gets up to Level 8.

> Put difficulty to easy in-game options. Some of the sets spotlighted here aren’t exactly the best or strongest armor in the game. Location: Unmissable first rune near start of … Read on below to find out exactly how to earn yourself this luscious-looking armor set, and become the envy of all your divine pals.

Let us know your combat strategies below, and be sure to check out our other God Of War guides here: Ty splits his time between writing horror fiction and writing about video games. After 25 years of gaming, Ty can firmly say that gaming peaked with Planescape Torment, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a soft spot for games like Baldur's Gate, Fallout: New Vegas, Bioshock Infinite, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. He has previously written for GamerU and MetalUnderground. He also writes for PortalMonkey covering gaming laptops and peripherals. Want to deal the most possible damage with devastating special powers? These are the best runic attacks Kratos should be upgrading! Frozen Flame And Leveling The Leviathan Axe, Nornir Puzzle Chest Locations And Solutions, God of War Frozen Flame Guide: How to Get It & Level the Leviathan Axe, God Of War (2018) Guide: Every Secret Valkyrie Location Unlocked, God of War (2018) Guide: How to Get Smoldering Ember, God Of War (2018) - Full List of All Odin's Ravens Locations, God Of War (2018) Jotnar Shrine Locations Guide, God of War (2018) Guide: Nornir Puzzle Chest Locations and Solutions.
Finish his trial to get rare items like the Crest of Sutr or the Greater Crest of Flame. While you do have to maneuver a bit to make full use of it, any area with multiple enemies crowding towards you (like a bridge) can easily be turned into an instant killing field.

And which are the best ones to maximize? Now, this Valkyrie has different attacks from Geirdriful and Gunnr. Olrun So, if you haven’t done that yet head to Midgard where four of the valkyrie live. Kratos needs the best-of-the-best armored outfits, and unlocking the toughest sets can get pretty tricky. How to Unlock Valkyrie Queen. Beat it first try with this build. The Valkyrie Armor is the most impressive armor set in the game. thanks a lot this build helped me a lot it took a while for me to beat the Valkyrie queen a better runic abilitie is bitter squirrel which if you have light arrows equipped gives you healing stones and electric gives you rage stones, Your email address will not be published. Learn more. They helped me so much reaching many platinums.

Your email address will not be published. Feel like a total badass with the God of War Valkyrie armor. Thanks again. Location: Council of Valkyrie What was the cooldown time for you on those rune attacks? As for the Mace Combo, this combo used by her sees her using overhead swing in succession. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Still, very good strategy and works most of the time.

In addition, she tends to change things up mid-combat so do not get comfortable until you have defeated her. Its cooldown time is short compar… This will automatically unlock the armors in the shops, but you’ll be lacking crafting materials.

Location: River Pass By maxing out your cooldown stat, you just need to dodge and wait for a few seconds before you can spam them again.

When the fight starts, stay on the move and lock onto her so that she does not go out of sight. However, she does have a couple of long-range attacks that she does not mind using. When you’re stuck in the snowy post-game, it’s a good idea to keep scrolling to the bottom, where we’ll showcase the top-tier armor sets you’ll want to acquire to complete Niflheim and defeat the ultimate bosses in the game, the Valkyries. For the final upgrades you’ll need to visit Niflheim for Haze Weave, Aesirbane and Niflheim alloy.

This Valkyrie in God of War 4 possesses all of the scythe attacks of the previous ones and also has the ability to block but she switches in out of defensive tactics and offensive ones. Thank you for signing up to GamesRadar+. When people say to cycle between 4 they mean 2 for each weapon?

If that’s not enough of an incentive, this set really does look utterly majestic in God of War.

You also earn the gold trophy “Chooser of the Slain”.
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Location: Grab this runic attack in a legendary chest in the Tyr's Temple region. This God of War Valkyries Guide will help you with the locations of all Valkyries, how to defeat them, how to summon Sigrun, The Valkyrie Queen and how to defeat her.

We’re going to use mostly Runic Attacks for this boss fight. © All you need is patience is you have the low-level gear to avoid her attacks and defeat her. Gondul is a Valkyrie in God of War that combines a lot of attacks from the previous ones you have faced and can also summon a meteor. For God of War on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Best armor and runes to go with end game. Okay, you only have to kill three to get the armor but you will have to slaughter every valkyrie in the game if you want to fully upgrade it. Still, it’s certainly not without it's perks, as the Valkyrie armor helps increase the Runic damage that Kratos can dish out, while reducing those pesky Runic attack cooldowns.

God of War Valkyries. What should I say, beat her first try, the cooldown boost on the Runic Attacks was the key. Moreover, you will not be able to open the door to the Valkyries without the chisel.

Defeat her and you’ll get the Gauntlets of the Valkyrie which can refresh all runic cooldowns when you make a runic kill.


With Sindri’s Royal Dwarven Armor you get a protective barrier that makes you invulnerable when using Runic attacks. The tips of Valkyries dagger-like feathers will deal serious damage when guards down.

Check the entry below for more details on finding all the ciphers, but the Muspelheim ciphers are the first ones you’ll get.

Perfect Asgardian Steel (Material): A flawless and hardened piece of Asgardian Valkyrie armour. If available, the “Murder of Crows”. When people say to cycle between 4 they mean 2 for each weapon? If you’re searching for a badass set of gear, then look no further than the God of War Valkyrie armor. Launching chains for the Hyperion Grapple.

She uses the tactics of all the previously mentioned Valkyries so fighting will not be much of a problem if you have been paying attention to their attacks. It’s the sort of combat that has earned God of War comparisons with Dark Souls, and like From Software’s masterpiece series, God of War is entirely beatable — in fact, like Dark Souls, winning at God of War will often come down to a state of mind.

Use the ones described here and you’re good.

Kill her and you’ll get the Waistguard of the Valkyrie which has a chance of giving you a runic blessing to boost your runic attacks. Defeating her will reward you Olrun’s helmet and Waist armor. Be sure to fully upgrade all Runic Attacks to Level 3 (go to Weapons, select the rune and hold. Filed Under: Game Guides, God of War 2018, No I can confirm for myself that you are not invulnerable during a runic attack. Besides bonus physical and frost damage, it also greatly increases the duration and bonus damage of runic attacks, making it a deadly combo used with additional runic abilities. I believe it was that slowed time and use the slam 3x with ax rune and the ice version of the erupting lava barrage.

She does lots of unblockable attacks and has a lot of health. Even on easy difficulty she can be quite a challenge.

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