Learn More → Grateful people are happy people because they view life as a gift instead of a burden. Icebreakers.

Ice breaker games can and should be conducted at workplaces.

For the guests that have more to say than just, "I am grateful for food", this is the perfect game! In this five second, people need to name a movie. A great activity to begin a meeting, try to conduct this game within 15 minutes. It's a fun game that the whole family will enjoy! As the facilitator, come up with pairs of words like salt and pepper, pen and paper, bread and butter, shadow and light, Minnie and Mickey mouse, etc. To conduct this game, you will need sheets of paper, marker pens and tape.

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As the title suggests, people playing this game have to introduce themselves by stating two truths and one lie about themselves.

Megan: "Taste of Broadway" and Guilt-Free Goodies! The materials required are again same- some balloons and a few marker pens. Give them 5-6 mins to make a personal “trading card” with their self-portrait, name (real or nickname) and a fun fact about themselves. The first team to complete all the challenges wins. Chances are 9 out of 10 employees will ignore if you just hand out a booklet to them about the company.

A pretty famous ice breaker, this game requires employees to describe events in one word. Have … … I have included a few sample questions below, feel free to use these or come up with your own. The “Gratitude” cards allow players to express something they are thankful for based on their own lives, be it people, things, health or anything else.

There’s no limit to the number of people required to participate in this activity. The rest of the group has to identify which job description is written by whom.

Then pass the balloon around the circle again and ask everyone to answer three questions on the balloon. As the meal progresses, have everyone pass around the jar and take turns pulling out a piece of paper and answer the question or sharing the experience the paper asks.


But this can be done at ANY time of year, not just Thanksgiving time! The next person does the same until everybody in the group has spoken praise to their adjacent neighbors. The objective is for people to share things that they wouldn’t in a “workplace.” It is to ensure that new and old employees both feel comfortable and bond over their peculiarities. Once that is done, the group need to figure out the employee from their childhood photo. It also allows employees to get to know each other on a deeper level. This is not unusual. A Complete Guide to Decoding and Driving Employee Engagement. The statements need not be life-revealing things but general things about hobbies, interests, wacky experiences and so on. As the name suggests, the word icebreaker means to break the ice or walls that people might have around themselves. The difference is that instead of numbers, you have to write down characteristics, personalities, facts, etc.

It’s a classic and can serve as a great ice breaker game too. Make up cards, some with pictures of things the group might be thankful for, and others that simply say the word “Gratitude.” Place the cards inside a bag and pass them around so that each participant can select one. When the team building icebreaker discussion is finished, ask the participants if they have anything they'd like to add to the discussion before closing the session.

Instead of just saying one thing they are grateful for and moving on, these questions will provide conversations and stories that will enrich the lives of those present, deepen you feelings of gratitude, and nourish the heart while you feed your body! The person with the highest number then reads them off and everybody with a duplicate entry must cross it off their list. To get in touch, reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com.

Brian Gabriel has been a writer and blogger since 2009, contributing to various online publications. Make … The first way- Have everyone sit in a circle.

For example- salt on one and pepper on a completely different paper. The main objective of conducting ice breaker games at work is to get people to know one another.

Check out “The Secret“ by Rhonda Byrne or check out the website Moments A Day for some Simple Gratitude games you can play with your […] Reply. FeelGooders, don't forget to log your Cheese Points! To play this, you need to assign a week to each member of a team and ask them to share five things they discovered that week. Let them know that they can only write one question per balloon. Next, throughout the meeting, whenever participants feel their questions have been sufficiently answered, they must pop their balloon. Employees shudder at the thought of meetings. The main objective of conducting ice breaker games at work is to get people to know one another. With high-pressure jobs allowing employees to barely keep their heads above water, poorly organised meetings feel like an added nuisance.

Instead of drawing movie titles and the traditional Pictionary fare, each person draws something they are grateful for!

Another variation to conducting this game is a little informal.

Then, when the game begins, one person can read out the job descriptions. All the same rules apply (no words, letters, or numbers, 60 second time limit, once a word is guessed play goes to the other team, etc.) Play the gratitude game with them. Separate the pairs and write one of the words on each piece of paper.

It always feels great to be recognized, and it lifts the energy level in the room right away.”. Anyway, every year she puts up some small Christmas trees for autumn, but she winds white lights and garlands of autumn leaves around them and the finished affect is SO cozy and autumn-ish.

Employees need to announce the name of the person whose card they got and ask questions to the person. Understanding the 5 Stages of Team Development for Better Teamwork, Every great thing we humans have achieved so far is the result of standing up for each other whenever needed. (Also called jackstraws, or spillikins) This is a homemade version of Pick-up …

Now the second person must repeat the first person’s adjective and name and then add their own. The social scavenger hunt is perfect to get new hires to connect with employees and get familiar with the company culture.

Well, I suggest this year that you put up a gratitude tree using this decoration as inspiration - get a Christmas tree (either for the floor or a smaller tree for the countertop if you won't have a lot of guests) and wrap the white lights and fall leaves around it. The second way- To make the game more challenging and interesting, you can write down the first names of all the participants in different pieces of paper. They say, “we acknowledge something that was far above and beyond their typical responsibilities and thank each other for surpassing expectations. At the end of the party, the guests can take their gratitude ornaments home, or you can keep them and leave them on your tree.

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