Hawk later attended a party hosted by Moon that both Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do had been invited to. When Johnny returned, he and Kreese took the Cobras down to River Creek and divided them into two teams of Black and Red headbands, tasking each team with claiming all the headbands of the other team by any means necessary.

Johnny's sensei Kreese then uses Hawks anger against him by manipulating him into behaving more aggressively. Aggressively bully and harass their victims. Cobra Kai Dojo Related: Cobra Kai: Why Daniel's Karate Kid Crane Kick Was Illegal. His favorite film is Casablanca, and his favorite director is Alfred Hitchcock.

After hearing that one of his students had vandalized Miyagi-Do, Johnny forced all of his Cobras to do grueling training exercises until the culprit came forward. In season 2 his style becomes even flashier and more reckless, incorporating aerial kicks and other high risk moves. The three are picked on by Kyler and his friends. Martial artsPhysical strength Hawk appears as a playable character when playing the Cobra Kai side of the story and boss in the Miyagi Do side of the story in the video game Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues. An enraged Hawk tries to attack him, but the cops arrive. When a guilt-ridden Johnny Lawrence returned to his Cobra Kai dojo after hearing the news and going to visit Miguel in the hospital, he discovered that Hawk and all of his other students (with the possible exception of Aisha) had gone over to Kreese, who had managed to swipe the dojo from him thanks to a deal with Johnny's landlord Armand Zakarian.

With that, Hawk, Miguel, Aisha and a few other students got into the cement mixer and managed to get it to manually start moving, succeeding in the training exercise. The following morning however, Hawk and Miguel are forced by Johnny to do 50 push ups because of their cheap moves against Robby in the tournament. Following the tournament, Hawk went to a diner to go eat with the rest of Cobra Kai and Demetri. Despite becoming a bloodthirsty sadist, Hawk also shows certain virtuous traits such as a sense of camaraderie with his fellow Cobra Kai students, not taking it personally when Miguel beat him in the River Creek Match. In season 1, he does demonstrate a solid defense when pressed, weathering an intense combination from Robby only to counter with a well-timed take-down. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Portrayed by He has fought Robby twice, but did not emerge victorious either times as he got disqualified the first time, and lost to Robby the second time. He also still has feelings for Moon even after the latter dumps him. Unfortunately, Cobra Kai karate didn’t just make Hawk more confident: it also made him mean, quick-tempered, and hateful toward the things that remind him of who he used to be. Sometimes, Eli went for a sleepover at Demetri's house, but given his nature as a bedwetter, Demetri's mom always used a special mattress everytime he went for sleepover. When Demetri refused, Hawk and co. chased him down to beat him up, but the five Cobra Kai kids were fought off by Sam and Robby. Nicholas' love for telling stories is inspired by his love for film noir, westerns, superhero movies, classic films, foreign cinema, and wuxia. Hawk and his gang fight them, but Hawk is beaten by Robby, and the rest of the gang is bested as well. He can be considered as one of the main characters of this season.

Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Evil-doer However, he later learned how to use his deformed lip to "flip the script" and gain confidence of himself. He is the author of the psychological thriller and time travel novel, "A Man Against the World." At first Eli is quiet and shy, and he is often teased for his deformed lip.

The Next Karate Kid: Colonel Dugan | Ned Randall | Charlie | Gabe | Morgan Eli Moskowitz, or better known by his nickname Hawk, is one of the main characters of the YouTube Red/Netflix television series Cobra Kai, serving as the secondary antagonist in the last few episodes of the first season and entirety of the second season. Once he enters training in season 1, Hawk develops into an aggressive fighter with a penchant for high risk techniques. Though he projects a "badass" persona, Hawk's ego is fairly easily bruised and he often reacts to insults towards himself and Cobra Kai with violence.

Avatar: What Happened To All The Lion Turtles? The season 1 finale made it clear that Hawk had been corrupted by Cobra Kai when he attacked Robby (Tanner Buchanan) from behind at the tournament. After listening to Johnny (William Zabka) in season 1, Eli Moskowitz made the decision to “flip the script” and adopted a whole new look and personality. When Johnny attempted to approach Kreese, Hawk and all the other students blocked him. He is portrayed by Jacob Bertrand, who also played Chip Chambers in iCarly. Once that happens, Hawk will have to make a choice: he can stay with Kreese or go back to Johnny. Hawk enjoys fighting a lot and was actively cheering when the fight between Sam and Tory-led to an all-out brawl.

While Hawk can be seen as the main villain of season 2 due to him bullying and harassing people similar to Johnny in the original Karate Kid, his actions are a result of a truly. In The Karate Kid sequel series, Hawk started out as a quiet, high school outcast with few friends and evolved into a punk rock karate expert focused on being “cool.” Unfortunately, Hawk's newfound machismo eventually led him down a dark path, alienating him from his friends. If they can succeed, Hawk can keep the punk rock elements of his current persona, but also stop suppressing his geeky nature. Green Lantern Art Imagines Eiza González As Jessica Cruz, Cobra Kai: Every Character Daniel LaRusso Has Wronged (& How). Love Interest(s) In the Season 3 teaser, we see a shirtless Hawk in the dojo, looking down, with his knuckles bloody, implying that he may be fighting somebody. When Johnny comes to the Dojo, Kreese reveals he now owns the dojo. After Johnny Lawrence mocks him for his deformed lip, Eli becomes angry and unhappy. They were also fans of Doctor Who.

Demetri comes and they manage to briefly bond over "Doctor Who", but after Demetri suggests he have inner peace Hawk responds by pouring beer on his head. At the dojo, Sensei Johnny Lawrence insults Eli's lip even when he tells him to stop. The injury Hawk inflicted on Robby would lead to the latter's defeat against Miguel in the final round when Miguel exploited the injury to defeat him. At the time, Eli's only friend was a fellow nerd, Demetri, whom Eli often talked about geeky subjects with. He is known for his work on Cobra Kai (2018), Kirby Buckets (2014) and Ready Player One (2018). His personality takes a drastic turn immediately after becoming Hawk; he goes from being shy and insecure, to being hotheaded and overconfident. It should also be noted, however, that Hawk was caught off guard by the improvement of Demetri's technique. Eli is arguably the most focused Cobra Kai student in season 2.

He is one of the top students of Johnny Lawrence 's Cobra Kai dojo alongside Miguel Diaz, Aisha Robinson and Tory. Jacob Bertrand, Miguel DiazJohnny Lawrence (formerly)Aisha RobinsonMoonJohn KreeseToryRaymondMitchChris (formerly). John Kreese's ruthless mentality further takes over his mind, causing his personality to take an ever darker turn, as represented by his shift from blue to a red mohawk at the beginning of All In. Despite putting up a good fight Hawk is defeated by Miguel. The next day when Hawk and Miguel arrived in the Cobra Kai dojo, the two were reprimanded by Johnny for using "pussy" tactics to win the tournament and were both made to do 50 push-ups on their knuckles as punishment.

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