Even if you don’t need a building consent all works must be completed in accordance with the Building Code.

If you do need to obtain resource consent, including this information in your application can help ensure you're application is considered complete' when lodged: Below are some examples of why you may not be able to comply: Here are some examples of effects that may result on you or other affected persons of not complying with the rules: You may need some assistance in identifying who are the affected parties, which you need to obtain consent from. If both neighbours can’t agree on how to deal with the costs of the fence within 21 days of the cross-notice, either neighbour can take the dispute to the Disputes Tribunal or the District Court (see the chapter “The Disputes Tribunal”).

to the guttering. The maximum site coverage in the Suburban Residential Zone shall be: Note: Unless specifically listed elsewhere within the Plan, any activity that does not comply with Permitted Activity Rule 14B.3.7 - Site Coverage – Suburban Residential Zone shall be considered a Discretionary Activity. Other, larger scale activities that may affect the amenity standards of the Residential Zone, such as noise levels, visual detraction or the density of buildings, may require a resource consent before they can be established. Further description of the boundary to be fenced. Services on or around the property, relating to Tauranga City Council infrastructure. All buildings excluding any setback intrusions permitted under Rule 4H.2.1 – Permitted Setback Intrusions, on a site with a frontage to a legal road shall be setback from the road boundary of the site as follows: .

No heavy machinery shall be parked, stored or displayed on a site. To protect the daylight and views of neighbouring properties, there is also what is called a daylight performance standard. When you sell your house, the prospective buyer will likely request a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) on your property. If the building work impacts on the land or other users, you may need a Resource Consent – for instance, if your house plan falls outside the allowable building envelope. The information is made available in good faith and Council makes no warranty, express or implied, nor assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness, completeness of any information in this tool and the results it provides. Council Blueprint for managing development and building within Tauranga as relevant to the Property and the Zone(s) it resides in. Some of the new exempt building work can be done without the help of a professional, while others require the involvement of a Chartered Professional Engineer or Licensed Building Practitioner. This may avoid unnecessary time and costs by aligning the building and resource consent process. Please refer to the City Plan for Zone Rules. City Plan zone details are not available for this property. The maximum height for a building in the Residential Zone is 8m. New building consent exemptions commenced 31 August 2020. If the neighbour will not agree to pay, you can follow a formal process to require your neighbour to contribute. You should review the City Plan rules and seek advice from your draughtsperson or Consultant Planner.

These new exemptions add to the work that can already be done without a building consent, as outlined in Schedule 1 of the Building Act.

A qualified professional can help you with this. Council may also be considered an affected party.

The following yards' apply in residential zones: Front Yard shall be no less than the following: To reduce the front yard' requirements you will need to make an application for resource consent, as well as getting the written consent of neighbours who may be affected. By proceeding, you acknowledge the following: This tool is a snapshot of selected Council Application and Rating Information databases, zone and planning maps pertaining to the property as at the date of this preview.

Note: Any activity that does not comply with Permitted Activity Rule 14B.3.4 a) ii) - Setbacks shall be considered a Non-Complying Activity. Note: Any activity that does not comply with Permitted Activity Rule 14B.3.4 - Setbacks, unless otherwise stated, shall be considered a Restricted Discretionary Activity. Residential Zones are areas set aside to mainly provide for private dwellings.

It is a building owner’s responsibility to determine whether a building consent is required. If you are looking for the latest legal information relating current Coronavirus laws in New Zealand, check out our new section: Coronavirus and the Law. The key rules for establishing a Building or Structure are as follows: For other types of activities please refer to the City Plan. The Council is not responsible for or liable for any direct or indirect losses or damage in respect of any action taken as a result of accessing the information or any reliance placed on the accuracy or completeness of the information by you or any other party. What You Need to Do. If you are not sure, speak to a professional as council staff are unable to visit sites to determine if a consent is needed. Some properties have fencing covenants or agreements registered against them, which prevents or restricts your claiming fencing costs from the neighbour. Council makes no warranty, express or implied, nor assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness, completeness of any information in this tool and the results it provides. Hazards on the Property that are present due to current or prior activities.

In general, a building consent is not required for a fence if it is less than two metres high. This tool applies information and rules pertaining to the Building Act 2004 and the Tauranga City Plan. Getting a building consent ensures your building complies with the quality and safety standards of the Building Code, but it also protects you in other ways.

Estimated total cost (to be shared half each, or, if different shares are proposed, specify those shares). {I�,$N����@W���� [Td��I�p���A��A�WE5�I�g�A r�&�S ��1��XXF| d��$�d ���A�H"a� �u�D����>z�@Z%g�K�?� ��֐EB� R#� ����2Y˘8���g��j��gQ�� �ϢH�XFI�B� B�������ėչED���Ϣ����C��gU�sVv�q"c ��@��*�"*s�����:��gU��tq"����� ��ő�������(B��wn�E���^}p�,�p�4q${�T������(R�0j p7ЪH�dL��@�"=�����3�P�#:GG�����@�"��p����`��Oa���q\�EO@�Sx�� The Property File provides information on Building Consents and associated Plans, Resource Consents and Subdivision Consents which may exist on the Property.

14B.3.3 Streetscape - Suburban Residential, Large Lot Residential .

Likely examples include places of assembly, hospitals and dairies. all boundaries. Different rules may apply. COVID-19 information: Tauranga is currently at Alert Level 1. These new exemptions will save building owners time and money by not having to go to their local council to get a consent for common, low-risk building work. All garages or carports designed with direct vehicle access to a road shall be set back at least 4.5 metres from the road boundary. Even if the work you wish to undertake is exempt from requiring building consent, it is your responsibility to find out whether your proposal complies with the City Plan, and demonstrate how as part of your building consent application. Height at boundary differs between zones. The distance to the boundary is measured from the closest part of the building (including the gutter), not necessarily the outside wall. Site or Building Platform considerations that apply to the Property from an Engineering design perspective.

The information should not be used as a substitute for professional advice.

It sets out the rules for development and use of any land within Tauranga and identifies what you can do as a permitted activity and what you cannot do without a resource consent. Although the Council is the regulatory authority that inspects, issues and monitors consents, it is not the organisation that decides what needs to be consented and what is exempted. Even if you do not need a building consent, it is your responsibility to make sure all work is completed in accordance with the Building Code. In Mixed Housing Urban (MHU) and Terraced Housing and Apartment Buildings (THAB) zones, the height at boundary is increased to 3m, with a 45° angle recession plane. Council is responsible for issuing building consents in Tauranga.

Remember, even if you don’t need a building consent all works must be completed in accordance with the Building Code. The Fencing Act 1978 sets out the obligations and rights of land owners, and the Building Act 2005, Local Government Act 1974 and Council District Plans (under the Resource Management Act 1991) control The height; Safety; In certain situations the set-back; Landscaping; Construction materials of fences. If you can't meet the requirements all you need is your neighbour's written consent and to attach this to your building consent application.

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