my 5 month old puppy has a pool (several gallons) and found a dead mouse in it... is it safe for her to play in/ drink? We found what looks like small white stones (kidney stones?) Strombeck's small animal gastroenterology. 9. 1. I am a small breeder of miniature schnauzers and for a while now the mommy dogs don't produce enough milk and they get oxtocyn shots for the first two days. Allen L, Stobie D, Mauldin GN, et al. Association of breed with the diagnosis of congenital portosystemic shunts in dogs: 2,400 cases (1980-2002).
I cut my dog's toenail too short yesterday and it bled for a while. The possibility of perforation should be considered given the surrounding effusion. My dog is a 3 year old mixed breed (best guess Pit Bull/Blue Heeler) who was completely normal/healthy until she hit 2. 15.

We have a six month old English bulldog who had soft palate resection a little over two weeks ago. Sometimes he seems to have trouble putting weight on the leg and getting up from sitting or lying down. Caring for a three legged dog. Could she have more than 1 mass/tumor and it not be cancer?

In patients with nodular hyperplasia, other serum liver enzymes activities (transaminases) may be elevated, but hepatic function test results are usually normal. Can this harm him in any way? I clean them with peroxide and ointment afterwards. Increases in hepatobiliary enzyme activities-alanine transaminase (ALT), aspartate transaminase (AST), gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT), and alkaline phosphatase (ALP)-are commonly encountered on serum chemistry profiles in these animals. My dog ate chocolate and is now very bloated what can I do? My dog is 6 1/2 years old, in may 2009 he had a lymphocyte count of lymphocyte count of 5.6. That didn't work and then lately she's got green mucus coming out from her nose and she's been shivering and uninterested in food for the past 2 days. My parents have a 10yr old cattle dog mix, that has been showing signs of what looks to be a stroke. In breeds predisposed to portosystemic vascular anomalies, look for a shunt by performing an ultrasonographic study. Ultrasound showed enlarged liver / lymph nodes (no biopsies), and pancreatic. Lots of licking, panting heavy, restless.

She is acting normal, and does not seem to bother her when you touch it. The Vet recommended two dog foods, one fed once in the morning, and the other one late afternoon. My newly adopted approx. What is the best way to remove dog drool off of furniture? My dog is a four year old pit bull and just recently she has been coming inside with this foul smelling metallic odor. Hello, My 3 year old female Doberman hasn't been herself for a few weeks. The first determinant is the normal concentration of that enzyme in tissues. My 10 month English Bulldog ate a garlic clove, and since I've read garlic is toxic for dogs I'm worried about him. Can i use baking soda will it hurt him? If a dog bites a person with Hepatitis and breaks the skin, can the dog contract Hepatitis from a human? Idiopathic inflammatory bowel diseases. Automated hematologic analyzers (electrical impedance- or laser-based) can measure platelet volume (MPV), just like they can measure red blood cell volume (MCV). I have had always had problems cutting her nails. Will it return? Drugs that affect liver enzyme interpretation, FACTORS AFFECTING HEPATOBILIARY ENZYME ACTIVITY, Three principal factors contribute to normal serum hepatobiliary enzyme activity. Just ask a lot of questions! went to vet...they suggested blown left knee or hemangioma or hemangiosarcoma..thank you, my dog has expressed his anal glands in my car what if anything how can i get the smell out??????
In: Grant Guilford W, Center SA, Strombeck DR, et al, eds. What should I do? The vet office where I live is closed. We have a dachshund age 1 year. Both of them are restricted of fats or sugars, mostly grains(fiber). 3 The reason for the discrepancy with our larger …

Where can I find treatments for my dog after cancer surgery? Examination of a small needle biopsy sample may yield an inappropriate diagnosis of a vacuolar hepatopathy or chronic inflammatory disease.13. Pike FS, Berg J, King NW, et al. If so, what kind? Is an umbilical hernia dangerous to my dog? It causes him no pain and he allowed me to continue clipping his nails (it's not his favorite activity). He is bathed on a regular basis and powdered, but still smells. My dog doesn't have bowel movements after anal gland cleaning? DIAGNOSTIC FINDINGS FOR SPECIFIC CAUSES OF ELEVATED HEPATIC ENZYME ACTIVITIES. The cyst burst and drained. Since then he has not gone number 2 when usually he goes about 4 times by now.

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