X-Treme HP bullets are all heavy plate conical base. Accuracy is. I know that a hollow point bullet makes a wider, spreading impact compared to a round nose, but I don't think I'll see much of this type of impact on a paper target with a cardboard backing. Because they are generally the cheapest style. Soft point bullets are also known to bounce around inside of a target as well. I use the CCI Mini-Mag 22LR in my Ruger MK III Hunter, and I'm not able to always find just one type of load.

Thats a new one. If the 230 was as accurate, you can bet that's what they would be shooting. × Doesn't your head hurt yet? Hollow and soft point bullets can produce enormous carnage inside of a target. Both are copper plated. Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. HP -Vs- FMJ: Don't really know if it makes that much difference on the .22 caliber, or anything that we're shooting for distances under 100 yards. No need to be choosy if the HP feeds OK out of the mag. The best analogy do describe this is to think of what happens when you open up an umbrella. Doubt if you will put enough rounds through it to make a difference in wear, which would be a lot! Not a lot of people understand the importance of using the right ammunition under different scenarios. When shooting a 9x19mm, I use the HRN HAP/XTP, Nosler JHP, and recently, the RMR JHP (a very good bullet). I use the CCI Mini-Mag 22LR in my Ruger MK III Hunter, and I'm not able to always find just one type of load. Keep in mind that soft point bullets produce fewer fragments than their hollow point counterparts. the only time you would have problem is the ammo itself. In close combat situations where you need to take decisive action to stop a threat, then killing is better. Have read that Rugers are pretty much the same. One bullet may shoot better than the other in your gun. I've always used FRN and it works fine but was at a match where a guy shooting limited was using hollow point extremes. but if you own a mk ruger or browning....you won't have a problem with any type of ammo. This means that the target can still pose a threat long after being shot, even if they are shot multiple times. A soft-point, which has a softer and smoother nose…

Zippy loads for targets that need to get KTFO'ed. I use xtreme 180 gr RNFPs and find them plenty accurate in my 1911s. I was shooting X-treme 165 HP HPCB bullets at the time, and it is possible my gun didn't like them. Talking to some is like beating your head against a brick wall.

It’s important to think about when it is better to kill or wound a human or animal attacker.

Man With .40 Caliber Hollow point Gunshot Wound In His Arm (Graphic). I just got some 185 HAPs. Does either type of ammo cause more wear on the gun than the other?

The cavity in a bullet causes turbulence that helps it stabilize better in flight.

For example, if you are hunting with a lever-action rifle that has a tube magazine, you may find that hollow-point bullets jam together. Shooting an imminent threat with a full metal jacket bullet can wound them, even fatally, but it may take some time before they are neutralized. Standard bullets generally have flat or rounded tips that are made of a soft metal. I normally would not shoot high velocity ammo in my target pistols but the Ruger is tough enough to take it.

Generally I only use a .22 for small game. If you're shooting 9mm Minor, or .40, without a comp, it won't matter. It will be interesting to see how they compare. Sometimes the HP rounds fail to feed properly. The bullet flattens and expands after impact. You want the extra thick plating if you are going to drive them realy fast.

What are the pros/cons? Jacketed hollow points are more accurate because one of the most significant accuracy factors are the "perfection" of the base of the bullet. I don't buy the cavity caused turbulence assertion. If you want me to try YOUR ammo, let me use Your gun! I don't buy the cavity caused turbulence assertion. By

nikdanja, It's not that I would ignore that as being job 1, but since this is a competition oriented forum, I kinda hope that would be understood. If ballistic coefficient is such a big deal in accuracy, as you appear to suggest, why do long line bullseye shooters shoot the Nosler 185 JHP (BC 0.142) instead of the Nosler 230 JHP (BC 0.162)? Make sure to consider the differences between these types of bullets as you develop your overall defensive strategies. The majority of the ballisticians reports I have read essentially say the accuracy of a jacketed hollow point pistol bullet is due to the concentricity and consistency of the base. Consistantly have good results in using Fed Bulk and Remington Golden Bullets. Personally, I have found them to be less accurate than the RNFP in 40 155gr. Soft-point bullets are also effective for firearms that may have feeding issues with hollow points. Wounding also allows people to be captured and dealt with accordingly based on the circumstances at hand.

eventually clog up your comp, unless you spend time cleaning the comp. Then, the lead in the center of the bullet will disintegrate whereas pieces of the soft metal can produce shards and break free, all while the diameter of the bullet will expand significantly. Powered by Invision Community. Most police-involved shootings occur at distances of 15 feet or less. Accuracy is extremely good. BrianEnos.com Clear editor. They can pierce through the body and major organs, but they do not usually disintegrate or fragment after impact.   Your link has been automatically embedded. I don't suspect there's any advantage to a plated HP, except maybe marketing since JHPs are usually more accurate than FMJs. This can reduce the number of people who are shooting while helping to buy time to either develop a tactical advantage or overpower the attack. For target shooting I'd go with round nose. A forum community dedicated to Springfield Armory XD and XD-M series firearm owners and enthusiasts. but there is the possibility that HP's may be more accurate in your gun. Shooting to wound serves as a big deterrent in many situations as well. Let’s look at some of the differences as well as advantages of using hollow point ammunition for self-defense. Measure the length of the unseated hollow point bullet and the length of the unseated round nose and calculate how much longer the round nose cartridge needs to be to give you the same seating depth. X-treme uses hard lead in their plated bullets, as opposed to soft, swaged lead for Rainiers. The hollowpoint or best BC Isn't always going to be the winner. Over the past several days, I have shot hundreds of HAP/XTPs in two of my .38 Super Autos. This is one of the reasons that police prefer hollow point ammunition as opposed to full metal jacket bullets. That's down pretty close to 9mm factory ammo in terms of PF.

at a match there are no pros/cons that will apply to everyone .

I have no concerns about sounding like an idiot, Proud member of the 1924 US Olympic Hockey Team. But it could be the guy found the HP's to shoot better for him. Why? Hollow point ammunition is the de-facto choice for accomplishing this goal. Wounds tend to be far more devastating than with full metal jacket bullets, but the soft point bullets are easier to remove in most cases. Had a Sig Mosquito that was picky but new Browning Buckmark eats anything you feed it. And they are indeed slightly more accurate in pistols. Hollow Point. Someone who just got shot may decide to break off the attack and tend to their injuries. These types of bullets have a tendency to pierce through a target, leaving a clean entrance and exit wound.

If I am wrong I'm sure someone will be along shortly to correct this statement. February 19, 2017 in 10mm/40 Caliber. Accuracy is job 1 in case I post somewhere else and don't make that absolutely. Rail Driver , Apr 16, 2012 Hollow point bullets have a concave center that is usually lined with lead or similar material. There are also soft point bullets which fill a gap between full metal jacket and hollow point ammunition.

X-Treme HP bullets are all heavy plate conical base.

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I've heard that hps can be more accurate in certain setups but like you I find frn plenty accurate and at a better price than hps. I will say that given two equally accurate loads, bullseye shooters will choose based on cost or recoil. I use the RN XTremes for my meat and potatoes rounds. Pro-Hunters come in flat point, semi-pointed, hollow point, round nose and spitzer form, depending on caliber and intended use. Flat points in 9mm are better than round nose for defensive purposes (but not as good as a quality hollow point). You can get scientific about this or you can shoot a few types of bullets and see what works best for you. It’s just as important to be equipped with the right ammunition so that you can use your gun as efficiently as possible, especially in situations where seconds can mean the difference between life or death. Geez, buddy, accuracy is always a given. Jacketed hollow points are more accurate because one of the most significant accuracy factors are the "perfection" of the base of the bullet. Meh...Just because others have their own experiences doesn't make it conjecture.

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