If you want a tire that looks skinnier than stock, or maybe wider you will find the size and a description of how it fits on both the stock and relaced rims here. Honda. It’s hard not to love the throaty growl of this muffler, giving you a deep sound without the extra noise.

Due to clearance issues the front sprocket must stay at 17 teeth and cannot be changed to a larger tooth sprocket for any added benefit on any modern VT750 motorcycle. Shattered glass gives it the "glittery" vibrance you see here. Es ist unverbindlich und einfach: AutoScout24 steht dir während des Prozesses als ständiger Ansprechpartner bei Rückfragen zum Fahrzeug und Services zur Seite. Below are various part numbers from popular manufactures for the VT750 models. The Cobra Boulevard 2″ Drag exhaust system doesn’t just perform better than the stock exhaust, it also looks better. The following list is a great way to get started modding your stock bike, beginning with simple cosmetic changes and flowing into more advanced performance and cosmetic modifications that will both personalize and bring your VLX to life. Pre-wired and fully assembled, they are DOT approved and made in the USA. However, you wouldn’t get reviews this glowing without the tires’ incredible durability. Because both rims come from a Honda the spoke counts are identical and can therefore be relaced to your stock VT750DC wheel hubs or any other Shadow 750 model spoke hub. Here’s a list featuring some of the best Honda Shadow Phantom 750 aftermarket mods: 1. The following list is a great way to get started modding your bike, beginning with simple cosmetic changes following through to more advanced performance and cosmetic modifications that will bring your VT750 to life.

Named for its one-of-a-kind paint job, it features TJ Brutal Customs's Jockey Shifter and Suicide Clutch along with several other TJ Brutal Customs parts installed by Chris and our homey Eric over at Casa Customs. Leder Tankblende für Honda Shadow und Black Spirit mod, ITALICO Celtic. Der Händler ABMotorcycles.de bietet folgende Leistungen an.

Developed and hosted by McLauthlin Technologies, LLC. Wir nehmen dein Feedback ernst, und arbeiten daran, jeden Tag noch ein bisschen besser zu werden. You not only save money, you save yourself the hassle of having the change your tires as often. Shop the best parts for your Honda Shadow Phantom 750 and feel your solid cruiser turn into something truly exceptional. Below are a few pictures for reference to help you when working with the particular carburetor setup on your VT750. JT Sprockets steel sprockets are computer designed for the optimum strength-to-weight ratio.

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