He is unable to overcome Roxas, however, and his new ability to wield two Keyblades. In charge of the Land of Departure, he is both a mentor and father figure to Terra, Aqua and Ventus, and is noted for being biased against the existence of darkness in favor of light,[50] a key factor behind his eventual falling out with Xehanort.

Nomura did this because he feels that games should have room for fans to speculate and use their imagination. Day 118: You Changed, Not Me In spite of this, Lea shows concern for Isa and sets out to find him when he notices that Isa is missing after the Organization XIII members are restored as humans in Radiant Garden. ├ Monstropolis [30] In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, he attempts to use the hearts of his pupils Ventus and Vanitas to forge the χ-blade and unlock Kingdom Hearts to incite another war, desiring to create a new world where light and darkness exist in perfect balance. The pair reminisce on how they apprenticed to Ansem the Wise to rescue Subject X, getting pulled into the Organization.

Axel is the Nobody form of Lea.

For what it is they are ready for is never actually specified. Kingdom Hearts is a series of action role-playing games developed and published by Square Enix (formerly Square). He encounters Roxas in the digital world but loses and gets kicked out.

He also wears a yellow and brown keffiyeh around his neck. Everyone aims their Keyblades at Xehanort and fire off a large beam of light that manages to pierce Xehanort, destroying him for good.

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During the first game, Riku is revealed to be the rightful owner of Sora's Keyblade, which is bequeathed onto the five-year-old Riku by Terra during the events of Birth by Sleep; however, his reliance on the power of darkness causes the Keyblade to reject Riku in favor of Sora. Hercules and Jack Sparrow return as party members in Kingdom Hearts III, with new party members including Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled, James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc., Marshmallow from Frozen, and Baymax from Big Hero 6, all in worlds based on their respective films.

He also adds the white fur collar to his jacket that was absent in Kingdom Hearts. He attempts to receive attention from his allies, but gets ignored. Day 356: Unforeseen Events. Kingdom Hearts prominently depicts several Final Fantasy characters as residents of the ruined world Radiant Garden, known as Hollow Bastion prior to Kingdom Hearts II. Once the battle is over, the heroes all travel to where Sora's heart is located, which is Scala ad Caelum. Destiny. But traces of Lea within Axel influenced him into befriending Roxas due to the youth's resemblance to Ventus.

Ludwig Von Drake does not appear physically, but is mentioned on the Classic Kingdom posters found in Twilight Town in Kingdom Hearts III. After that, Lea tells Isa of how he wants everyone he meets to remember him, that way, he'll become immortal through their memories, though Isa jokes that Lea will be immortal for being obnoxious.

Axel chooses Xion’s side, as he cannot bring himself to disobey Saix’s orders, prompting Roxas to leave the Organization. Organization XIII recruited the pair, naming them "Axel" and "Saïx" and inducting them in as Numbers VIII and VII, respectively. The following characters debuted in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, a mobile game focused on Xehanort's youth and training with fellow apprentice Eraqus, under the tutelage of Master Odin. ├ Kairi Axel is shown speaking with Roxas about the promise he made to Roxas and Xion to always be there for them. The pattern of this keffiyeh changes abruptly near Lea's neck, from stripes to a very organized checkerboard pattern. Introduced as a youth living in a virtual simulation of Twilight Town, he discovers himself to be Sora's Nobody, born when Sora transformed into a Heartless to restore Kairi's heart during the events of the first game. ├ Data Riku Replica Terra is ultimately freed from Xehanort's control and restored to normal during the events of Kingdom Hearts III. Several characters from the Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck universes appear in the Kingdom Hearts series, most of them appearing at the original world Disney Castle and its adjacent urban area, Disney Town.

■ Limit Cut Episode & Bosses No one axes Axel. [75] They are depicted as figments of their original selves, saved from fading out of existence by Joshua following Shibuya's destruction. ├ Data Young Xehanort

Seeing they need more help, Lea requests that Yen Sid make him a Keyblade wielder, shocking everyone present.

[51] At the start of the game, Eraqus passes Aqua the Mark of Mastery but denies Terra, basing his decision on the darkness in Terra's heart. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website.

Kingdom Hearts III introduces new inheritors of the original maidens' powers called the New Seven Hearts (ニューセブンハート, Nyū Sebun Hāto)—including Rapunzel from Tangled and the sisters Anna and Elsa from Frozen—with only Kairi retaining her original role.

Leon also gives Sora the Earthshine Gem, which contained the spirit of Simba, for luck. Axel later learns the truth of Xion and hides it from Roxas to protect him.

In a special area where time flows differently, Lea undergoes hastened training with help from Merlin and the Three Good Fairies. [11][37] The character's other featured incarnations are: Introduced in Chain of Memories, Naminé (ナミネ, Namine) is revealed in Kingdom Hearts II to be Kairi's Nobody, created when Sora releases Kairi's heart from within himself during the events of the first game. ├ Cuisine Recipes The room enveloped their hearts with darkness, turning them into Heartless.

Lea grabs the Keyblade and gives it back to Ventus. However, he passes out. His weapons during that time consist of two red flying disc toys with black edges, each adorned with a Bomb design, which later influence the chakrams Axel wields during his time in the Organization. He retains his competitive streak, demonstrated when he challenges Master Xehanort while defending Sora and states that he intends to compete with Riku in the art of the Keyblade. Sora informed Leon of everything that had happened, prompting him to follow Sora and company when they left for the final battle with Maleficent in Hollow Bastion. [61] Her defeat results in her becoming trapped in the realm of darkness,[62] but she returns after her raven forces Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather to recall their memories of her, allowing her to resume her conquest of worlds. ├ All Gold Hercules Doll Locations He now goes by the name Leon due to his world being destroyed by the Heartless, he changed his name in an attempt to amend for his mistakes and restore his world. [9] Nomura was hesitant to use characters he did not design because he was unfamiliar with the background work of such characters. Leon wears two brown belts and two black ones around his hips, all of which are quite loose except for one, a black one worn properly around his waist. Eraqus' name is an anagram of "Square", referencing series developer company Square Enix. [81], Overall, the characters within the Kingdom Hearts series have been well received and have garnered praise for the quality of their voice acting as well as their visual style.

Still serving Saix, who plans to kill all members loyal to Xemnas, he lets the Riku Replica absorb Zexion’s powers.

The series centers on Sora's search for his friends and his encounters with various Disney and Final Fantasy characters along the way. After completing her training, she reunites with her friends and participates in the final battle against Xehanort and Organization XIII, but Xehanort destroys her body to motivate Sora into helping recreate the χ-blade. "Leon" shares his pseudonym with the English name of the Final Fantasy II character Leon, whose original Japanese name is shared with Squall's surname, Leonhart. He is then helped with his training by Merlin, along with Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, by using their magic to compress the time his training would take. └ Gummi Blocks List Several games in the Kingdom Hearts series feature computer-controlled characters that are added to the player's party in a specific world. In Birth by Sleep, Lea is both childish and competitive, willing to disrupt Isa's schedule for his fight with Ventus. He asks Ventus if it's his. Despite this, future Sora manages to free Lea and the others by connecting their bonds, allowing them to play a part in fully restoring Kairi to normal. ├ How to Obtain Ultima Weapon He is also an experienced Keyblade Master, alternatively wielding a golden version of Sora's "Kingdom Key" retrieved from the realm of darkness, and the "Star Seeker" he is seen using during his apprenticeship to Yen Sid in Birth by Sleep. After Roxas leaves Organization XIII, Axel encounters Xion and captures her. After the destruction of Lea's Heartless and Axel, Lea was able to reform, having aged to appear nearly identical to his Nobody self. When Ventus responds that it is, Lea says it's cute how he still plays with wooden swords despite his age, and takes out his Frisbees. Topic Archived; Page 1 of 2; Last ; More topics from this board... Let's settle this once and for all: is Kingdom Hearts II a button masher? He lacks Axel's purple, upside-down teardrop facial marks in the actual game, but curiously they are present in his official artwork. [11] With the exception of Xemnas using Ansem's name, each Organization member's name is an anagram of their original self's name with the letter "X" inserted.

During Kingdom Hearts, the 14-year-old Kairi's heart is stolen by the Heartless commanded by "Ansem", sending her body into a coma while her heart takes refuge within Sora's.
He was able to summon it after his training with Merlin. They accompany Sora for this reason, initially viewing him as little more than a means to track down the king,[59] and reluctantly abandoning him upon the discovery that Riku is the rightful owner of Sora's Keyblade. ├ San Fransokyo To prevent this, Yen Sid prepares to substitute the princesses with seven Keyblade wielders to clash with Xehanort's reformed Organization XIII.

[34] In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Xehanort returns to his original form following the destruction of Ansem and Xemnas who are revealed to have been created to reenact his original plan by gathering seven "guardians of light" and thirteen "seekers of darkness" in the form of the Princesses of Heart and Organization XIII respectively; he also uses time travel to assemble Ansem, Xemnas, and other versions of himself from across time into a new Organization, sending their hearts into replica bodies to co-exist with their present self.

After Data-Sora collects every Ending Card in Castle Oblivion, Data-Roxas allows him to open the final door and learn the truth behind the hurt. Saïx invites himself saying he isn't there to fight and takes an ice cream. He is later tricked into allowing Xehanort's Heartless, Ansem, to possess his body. Lea uses a Corridor of Darkness to travel to Disney Castle, hoping King Mickey would help him in his search. Developed by SQUARE ENIX. The Beagle Boys, as depicted in Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers, reprise their roles from the film as Pete's minions in the Dream Drop Distance level "Country of the Musketeers".

├ Armor Ventus easily defeats Lea, with the latter vowing that they will meet again. Lea seeks to live forever through the memories of those he meets, and he promises to always be there for his friends.

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