Deter... A large vertical rectangular plate of glass is to be inserted in the wall of an aquarium underwater so visitors can see into the tank fo fish. Determine the magnitude and direction of the force that must be applied to the bottom of the gate shown in the figure to keep the gate closed.

a. Assume the density... A dam has the shape of a trapezoid. A research submarine has a 30 cm diameter window that is 9.0 cm thick.

a) 32 km The density of the oil is 790kg/m^3. M�.t� .��$�~��� /Height 299 The container is open to the atmosphere. d) equal The pressure gage on the tank read 7 psi. When a scuba diver is brought back to the water surface, why must the diver wait at certain depths for set time intervals instead of being brought up continuously?

d) semi-log plot of friction factor against relative roughness Determine the pressure in Newtons per square meter on a lake at a depth of 100 meters (over 300 feet). iv) decreases comfort for passengers

d) force on the horizontal projection of the curved surface

b) sudden contraction a) PA Determine the magnitude and location of the net hydrostatic force on t... A U-tube contains two fluids with densities rho_1 = 1010 kg/m^3 and rho_2 = 630 kg/m^3 as sketched below. c) remains above the centre of gravity

The density of ethanol is 0.789 g/cm^3 and 9.8 m/s^2 as your gravitational constant. If you search through the internet for step-by-step solutions to various problems in the field of fluid mechanics, you will find many websites offering Fluid Mechanics Solved Examples in a messy way. b) 3/2 (a) What depth of water is this equivalent to? d) The absolute roughness increases with time. Consider the gate shown in. b) x2-y2

What force is required to open a door of area 1.04 m^2 if the average depth of water at the door is 1.56 m? a) pipe diameter

If the water is 40 ft deep, find the force of the water on the dam. \rho w=1.0 mg/m^{3}. Hydrostatics. Ans: c, 27. Approxima... For the gate shown width =10 ft Find: (a) Total force due to water on the gate (b) The reaction of the ground F_{B} on the gate. © copyright 2003-2020

The three vessels shown in figure have same base area.

When the water reaches 15 ft, the cylindrical gate opens by turning about the hinge at... As a City Engineer you are overseeing the order for a new fire truck. The density of seawater is 1025 kg/m^3. 12 0 obj <<

b) venturimeter

Ans: a, 36.

d) surface tension c) 160 Find the fluid force against each surface. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m / s^2 and atmospheric pressure is 1.01 times 10^5 Pa . For laminar flow in circular pipes, the Darcy’s friction factor f is equal to There’s a range of questions about topics such as energy, motion, friction, magnets, force, gravity and light. Ans: b, 15. A circular steel plate of radius 20 ft lies flat on the bottom of a lake, at a depth of 150 ft. Find the force on the plate due to the water pressure.

0000011150 00000 n If the elevation of hydraulic grade line at the junction of three pipes is above the elevation of reservoirs B and C and below reservoir A, then the direction of flow will be

d) metacentre if P_{2} is measured halfway from the bottom, what would the pressure be in psi at P_{2}.

c) (i) and (:v) The absolute air pressure inside the submarin... A uniform vertical glass tube open at the lower end and sealed at the lower end is lowered into sea water thus trapping the air into the tube .

d) 4.5m

The human lungs can function satisfactorily up to a limit where the pressure difference between the outside and inside of the lungs is 1/20 of an atmosphere. x�s Assuming that your lungs can function when under a pressure of 11 kPa, what is the deepest you could be under water and still breathe through a tube to the surface? If x is the distance from leading edge, then the boundary layer thickness in laminar flow varies as Calculate the pressure due to the ocean at a... An evacuated spherical diving bell containing a camera is in the ocean at a depth of 107 \ m. It has a flat, transparent, circular port with a diameter of 10.5 \ cm. The tank also contains a steel ball and a bubble of air. The tank in the figure below is filled with water of depth d. At the bottom of one sidewall hatch of height h and width w that is hinged at the top of the hatch. Please explain this with an example. Ans: b, 7.

The surface of the water in a water tank on the top of a house is 4 m above the tap level. determine the magnitude of the resultant hydrostatic force that acts on it. Ans: d, 21. xref A 1m diameter cylindrical mass, M, is connected to a 2m wide rectangular gate as shown below. (b) on face B?

The load-bearing piston in a certain hydraulic system has an area 20 times as large as the input piston. The surface area of the main cylinder piston is 7.2 sq cm, and that of the piston in each indiv... A cylindrical drum of diameter 8ft and length 25ft is lying on its side, it is half full, find the total force exerted by the oil against one end is___.

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