The giant grew pale with terror, but Thor persisted. Hymir tried to discourage Thor's intention of fishing with him giving several reasons. As he reeled it in, a violent rumbling shook the boat and whipped the waves. When Thor saw this he quickly got out of his bed and asked the giant if he could come with him.

I’ve also written a popular list of The 10 Best Norse Mythology Books, which you’ll probably find helpful in your pursuit. But Thor threw his hammer after it, and some people say that he struck its head off, but according to Odin’s vision of Ragnarok, it is still alive.

Aegir and Ran offered to host the banquet, but only if the gods could provide them with a kettle big enough to brew mead for all of the invited guests. At dawn, the giant got up and prepared himself to go fishing. The story of Thor’s fishing trip is a popular subject in Norse literature and art.

Thor, the brawniest and bravest of the gods, as well as the one most accustomed to dealing with the giants – not all of whom are as friendly to the gods as are Aegir and Ran – volunteered to obtain this cauldron from Hymir. It was the Midgard serpent, it had opened its mouth and swallowed the ox head. After a little while, the giant said; Ok boy, we are at my spot now. Thor arrived at Jotunheim in the late evening so he needed a place to stay for the night. Thor, Hymir, and Jormungand, from an 18th century Icelandic illuminated manuscript. At last, Thor dropped the oars and cast his line into the water. Just at this moment Thor grabbed his hammer and raised it into the air ready to kill the Midgard serpent. Thor jumped into the boat and sat down towards the stern and took two oars and began rowing. His companion grew fearful and demanded that they row back at once, “because,” he reminded Thor, “Jormungand lurks below these wild waves.” Thor, the age-old enemy of that monstrous sea serpent, refused. This sets the poem somewhat apart from the rest of the mythological collection. The giant and the god rowed out to sea in Hymir's boat.

Finally, Hymir refused to row one stroke more. While this site provides the ultimate online introduction to the topic, my book The Viking Spirit provides the ultimate introduction to Norse mythology and religion period. When the serpent’s head, with the hook in his venom-dripping mouth, at last came up above the water, Thor reached for his hammer. The howling snake slunk back down into the ocean. Thor who was very keen on showing his prowess planned to join Hymir in his fishing expedition. Thor went off looking for some bait until he saw a heard of oxen belonging to Hymir. Thor looked it right in its eyes and it stared straight back at him and began to spit poison after him. At this moment, Hymir panicked and cut the line. Upon the god’s arrival at his house, Hymir slaughtered three bulls for provisions for the two during Thor’s stay. He had turned completely pale and was shaking in fear. You will probably freeze to death because I will row very far out on the sea. Finally, Thor pulled up his oars and began to prepare his line, he baited the hook with the ox head and threw it overboard, where it sank to the bottom. When Thor saw this he quickly got out of his bed and asked the giant if he could come with him.

Thor offered himself to row Hymir's boat out to sea saying that he would like to try his hand fishing monsters in the deep sea. At this point, the giant Hymir had crawled up in the corner of the boat. Hymir, sick with fear, leaned forward suddenly and slashed Thor’s fishing line so that the Serpent plunged back into the deeps.

Thor, enraged at having missed this opportunity to end his greatest foe, heaved Hymir overboard. But then, Thor began to row the boat further out from land.

His feet were planted so firmly in the bottom of the boat that the planks gave way and water began pouring in. A Norse mythologist and musician in Chicago, he is Theology and Religious History Faculty at Cherry Hill Seminary and Adjunct Professor, Pagan Chaplain, and Pagan Forum Faculty Advisor at Illinois Institute of Technology. Hymir replied; Go get your own bait little boy. Thor caught the biggest ox and ripped off its head, and took it with him down to the boat. But calmed down because he wanted to use his strength elsewhere. In Norse Sagas by SkjaldenApril 22, 2018. He traveled on foot from Asgard to Jotunheim which is the lands of the giants.

The gods knew that, of all the beings in the Nine Worlds, only the giant Hymir possessed a cauldron large enough for this purpose. Only the vigor of the two main stories–Thor’s expedition after Hymir’s kettle and the fishing trip in which he caught Mithgarthsorm–saves it from complete mediocrity. At dawn, the giant got up and prepared himself to go fishing. Then Thor asked the giant; Soo what sort of bait is we going to use? And to his luck, he came by a house of a giant named Hymir, who welcomed him into his home. Thor angry at Hymir punched him behind the ear so that he fell overboard, and Thor went back into the land. A few hours went by, and suddenly something had taken the bait. The story of Thor’s fishing trip is a popular subject in Norse literature and art. Source Hymir was already sitting in the boat when Thor got down to the shoreline. Gylfaginning 48. © Daniel McCoy 2012-2019. He is also a featured columnist for The Wild Hunt and serves as goði (priest) of Thor's Oak Kindred, a diverse organization dedicated to the practice of the Ásatrú religion in Chicago. However, it does provide an alternative Ent-omology (“study of giants” – not a real word)."Lol. Thor, with the two whales slung over his shoulders, waded back to land, picked up Hymir’s cauldron, and returned home to Asgard.[1][2].

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