However, those in the group say that Rice-Cameron’s bid to become president began well before the leadership transition this winter. Jake, a student at Stanford, leans towards the conservative side and is president of the Stanford College Republicans or SCR. By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. During that same time, Rice-Cameron has developed a penchant for finding himself at the center of media stories.

Ambassador to the United Nations, and ABC News producer Ian Officer Cameron. In our multiple conversations, Rice-Cameron condemned racist rhetoric and, in particular, the “Alt-Right” as antithetical to conservative principles.

Additionally, in a, Anybody who wants to come here and speak, whether they be vile people from the extreme Right or the extreme Left, they all have a right to be here.”, Rice-Cameron shares this belief as he defends the Stanford Review’s article that resulted in death threats against Palumbo-Liu. Challenge political correctness?

He inspires an intrigue that exists outside of his role as Stanford’s most outspoken political provocateur. But in practice, it has shown itself loyal to Trump, even as he tramples on almost everything they have traditionally held dear, leaving the country hostage to a volatile and self-dealing leader. Though he presents a brave face, his sincere beliefs and high-profile background have made him an easy target for “fuck yous” in White Plaza and rumor-based hit pieces.

Outside of politics, Rice-Cameron is also an avid traveler, photographer, and bird-watcher. Does this help people?’ Instead, [the questions it asks are,]‘Is this something that will offend the liberals? ), Rice-Cameron is happy to talk at length about his principles, but he can simplify them to three essential words, borrowed from the classical liberal philosopher John Locke: “life, liberty, and property, in that order.”, “Everything that I do on campus from a standpoint of conservative activism projects, every single thing that the Stanford College Republicans does, is in some way designed to protect those principles of individual liberty, to protect those fundamental three natural rights,” Rice-Cameron says. His mother is Susan Rice ’86, former US Ambassador to the United Nations and former National Security Advisor during Obama’s presidency.

Ian Officer Cameron was born in 1961 to Marjorie and Newton D. Cameron and hails from Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. Meanwhile, Jake Rice-Cameron (the eldest child of the former national security adviser and her husband Ian Cameron, a former ABC News executive producer, who she met at …

The possibility that Rice-Cameron is opening up the campus to hateful and threatening people ought to be taken seriously.

She doubts any of the briefing papers she provided were ever read. Hsuan was Kostial’s vice-president of the club and took over the leadership alongside Travis Lanham ’18 when Kostial resigned. “There are obviously actual racists out there,” Rice-Cameron says, but “I don’t want to drive them off campus because they kind of have a right to exist, too.”, “You know I certainly don’t like their ideas, and I condemn their ideas in the strongest possible terms,” he emphasizes, “but I don’t want to drive anybody off of campus.”.

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