That listing sold. This isn't a detail disclosed at the Ibanez homepage but the RG521 is equipped with a set of locking Gotoh tuners. Ibanez RG550 Genesis Collection deals.

All Other Guitars (including Prestige) Discussion about other Ibanez Guitars not covered in the above topics. I see now that the bodies are different. "Super Wizard " neck profile. Ibanez RG521 Genesis Collection Series Jewel Blue Electric Guitar. Hopefully I’ll have some to try out in a week or so when my 8520 arrives. With this reissue, Ibanez is casually reminding everyone who’s boss. They're nice and all but I prefer the TZ/AZ combo. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests.

Thank you, Ibanez, for keeping the Super Wizard neck carve true to form despite the alternative approach (neck construction is neither a single piece nor 'skunk striped). Everything is top notch here, arguably like the good ol' days when the RG was king in Shred Land. No territorial trespassing though, just craftsmanship appraisal. It seems that the Japanese hands got the Math right as these don't contribute to a neck-heavy episodes; certainly not when I was handling it both in the store & at home.

This time it's Fender 's... Greetings, folks.

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Also, the string posts are the staggered type to wisely supplement the absence of a string retainer at the headstock- in case you didn't notice that.
Also the pickups are either V7/V8 or Fusion. I'd pick the RG521. Please correct me if I'm wrong but do you mean that the 521 is currently the best 6-string fixed bridge RG in the current catalog? I love the super wizard necks. Appreciate it. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. Regardless of price, Ibanez always strives to offer the absolute best sound, style, and playability in its class. Includes.

I emailed Dimarzio about the Fusion Edge pickups last month and they wouldn’t say much but that they resemble Titans. IMPORTANT: You will be required to activate your account so please ensure that your email address is correct. These models were made second fiddle only because of material grade & definitely not on grounds of workmanship. I think I'm the very few people out there who likes Monday because I feel good se... Fender: Modern Player Jazzmaster HH (review). FS: 2014 RG570-BK Reissue GENESIS COLLECTION (Prestige), FS: 2014 RG570-BK GENESIS COLLECTION (Prestige) $870 shipped (USA), Ibanez JEM/UV guitars & more, The following errors occurred with your submission. Ibanez RG550 review The godfather of shred wants its crown back £899; €999; $999; By Chris Corfield 08 May 2018. IBANEZ RG652LWFX (PRESTIGE made in Japan : 1 500 USD $) : If I get the RG521 I can buy bareknuckles aftermath which will up the price to 1 500 USD $ just like the RG652. Includes J-Custom, USA-Custom, Prestige subforum. If you do not receive your activation check your spam folder before using the CONTACT US form (at the bottom right of each page). 2 years ago. This is the latest by Kiesel , the Hyperdrive. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. In order to be able to post messages on the Jemsite forums, you must first register. Fretboard: Rosewood, with "white Dot" inlays - a ve…. Scale: 25.5" - Standard. I'd pick the Genesis as i'm not super into that matte finish on the RGR (though the RGR is more metal, if only the 521 had a reverse headstock option!). I’m trying to decide which of these options is the best : RG521 with bareknuckles aftermath pickups or RG652? But for what you describe, Alex, the RGR652 might be better. Ibanez: RG521 (Part 2) Here's an initial appraisal of Ibanez 's RG521 which is one of the members in the Genesis series. Finish: Black, with Cosmo Black hardware

A mix of ornamentation too including reverse headstock, non 80s era finish/style and added neck/body bindings. Jemsite > Guitars and Gear > All Other Guitars (including Prestige) > Genesis Collection RG521 vs. RGR652AHBF Prestige 1Likes.

We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. Die drei Iterationen, die RG550, RG521 und RG570 sind ausgestattet mit dem Tilt Neck Joint, einem Super Wizard Neck sowie den V7 und V8 Humbuckern bzw. I don't know what to think of the Fusion Edge pickups. The biggest Ibanez selling point is definitely its patented neck carve.

Even the Standard models, albeit not entirely, are manifesting good production standards. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to, Discussion about other Ibanez Guitars not covered in the above topics.

If it's made at Fujigen it's either Prestige or J custom. This is what's inside the box shown a few days ago ( box ). The RGR652AH is, of course, very much like the RG652AHM fixed, just with a more metal look and the Fusion Edge pickups as opposed to the TZ/AN combo on the green burst version. Some people like to be transported back to familiar territory & this is that escape. Neck: Maple / walnut, 5-pc. The scary thing is, the Indonesian standards are currently, in my opinion, as imposing as the Japanese ones. Die Ibanez Genesis Collection ist also genau das: die Wiederauflage eines begehrten Gitarrenklassikers. I'm just pleased that there's no Prestige label on the headstock despite being made in Japan; telling people your product is of a certain high standard through … Most of the DiMarzios sound quite similar with distorted sounds, although I haven't heard the Fusion. Cons The finishes still won't be for everyone! I have better use for these for clean tones, surprisingly, but not that inviting when it comes to distortion territory. The default V7/V8 pickups are bland-sounding units, nothing stellar, nothing too disappointing as well. Is there any reason the RGR is 50% more expensive than the 521? A faithful reboot of one of shred's most iconic guitars. The 521 is the loss leader of all the fixed just as the 550's are of the trems.

They're not badged Prestige because it wouldn't fit with the whole reissue theme, even though there never was a 521 30 years ago. Appreciate it. Bolt-on neck construction - this enables a fast, precise attack response, while retaining a full, "fat" tone. Some people think the Fusion Edge pickups are just rebranded DimarzioIBZs but I don't think so.
The 652 has some theoretically meaningful "improvements" including body wood, Prestige fret end treatment (whatever that's worth), AANJ, dimarzios and hard case. Looks like I have all the information that I need in making a decision. Thumbs up Ibanez for the models that do not rely on after market option parts. dem S1 Singlecoil. I'd rather have the bigger neck joint too.

The pots here are good stuff, very smooth unlike the ones in the Indonesian models. Pros Tonally versatile. Body: Basswood. Our Verdict. If you are a proficient player, this joint type becomes an issue only because it discomforts you, nothing to do with impeding ability. The Ibanez RG Genesis Collection resembles the vibe of the original RG of 1987, a legendary creation of precise Japanese craftmanship with spartan look, supreme playability and extreme versatility. The Genesis models return to the block heel of yesterday. Talk guitar, amp & everything in between.

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