Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This lower quantity may be a disadvantage to some or just perfect for others. Bedding should also cushion the animal and prevent it from becoming bruised. My name is Alfred. Though the product is made with chemical free industrial hemp, a limited level of pesticides and herbicides is used in its growth. Hemp is very compostable … amzn_assoc_asins = "B07HJC79HQ"; Some did complain that the price was rather high. Our bedding is super absorbent, produces a very low amount of dust, saves money and protects the environment. Although hemp bedding is more expensive than other bedding types. Hemp bedding, on the other hand, is very absorbent, it can absorb 1.5 times more liquid than wood pellets can. The hemp bedding is meant to stay dry longer than straw or wood shavings and is meant to absorb as much as 4 times its weight. To make bedding from hemp, you have to strip the fibers off the stem of the hemp plant and processes it. amzn_assoc_linkid = "04c7db5520224f70aec3a92fc7047116"; Carolina Coops Hemp bedding works amazingly well using the deep litter method. Unlike some … Of course, the hemp bedding is not limited to just chickens, but their hemp bedding has minimal levels of dust making it ideal for farm fowl. Wood chips and paper can have high levels of bacterial growth resulting in odor, and health issues. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; The same goes for the well being of our animals. Whether you’re raising chickens or taking care of the family hamster, bedding is a basic necessity. Beddings play an essential role in ensuring the well being of our farm animals or pets. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit"; ft. or 141 L) for a base (4’ x 6’ coop) to achieve a depth of 1.5 inches, Mist (Optional) the hemp bedding and turn it over to activate the hemp bedding's absorbent properties, Clean the coop weekly for tradional cleaning and cover up droppings with 1'' of bedding for deep litter methods (as needed), Carolina Coops , Urban Chicken, and American Hemp Deep Litter Bedding Method for Backyard Chickens (Hens), Mary (Chicken Owner And Farmer From Michigan), "The farmer crew is very happy with the hemp bedding. They advertise this as the perfect bedding for a number of pets big and small including rabbits, hamsters, chicks, chickens, guinea pigs, gerbils, and even horses and cats. Hemp bedding is a natural product, if the chickens accidentally inject the bedding it will simply be digested and the chickens stay unharmed. CBD, an Effective Treatment for Endometriosis? One of the most absorbent animal beddings on the market, 2x more absorbent than pine shavings or straw, Higher salvage rate, since it is an industrial absorbent (absorbs 4x its weight), saving time and money, 1/2 bag covers approximately 24 sq. Biodegradable and natural . The Friendly Hutch Hemp Small Pet Bedding is meant to meet all your small pet needs from chickens to guinea pigs to hamsters and more! Buyers were quite impressed with the quality of this hemp bedding. Hemp Bedding by RentACoop is one of the cheapest and best out there. The deep litter method is a method of taking care of the bedding. Is CBD An Effective Treatment For Endometriosis? The large size is approximately 30.5 pounds. Hey there. RentACoop’s service is based around Washington, USA. Animals rely on bedding to soak up excess moisture and urine. RentACoop only uses natural hemp which is grown without pesticides or insecticides. It keeps their coup odourless and most importantly dry. Buyers said that the bedding was very effective and produced minimal dust, which was a positive for the animals.

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