I love Egyptian mythology. After all, I’m a fish and game warden, not a cat warden.’. Stuff like common sense, or what my husband says is common sense to me. Psycho Pomp ahahaha. You have shared quite a few details I was not aware of. The Egyptians were fascinating. It's funny how humans automatically assume that everyone else thinks, believes, feels and act like them. I guess when he makes folk face their fears, they're not likely to look favourably on him :-). Thanks for the vote! It's so nice to meet someone else who's worked with him. Watch Queue Queue Thank you Hecate-Horus!

Lately I've been having dreams that seem to be showing me some layers of where people can go after death. There is more to Anubis than just his funerary duties. Peter Rogers from Plymouth on March 02, 2013: Interestingly, recent investigations into the DNA of the Egyptian Jackal has shown that it is in fact a member of the wolf family, not a jackal. It explains a lot actually!

I think it will all come together at some point. Have you had any encounters with him as of yet? Through my pendulum, I had asked the deities that I have met so far if any of them had been searching for me/trying to get ahold of me, and low and behold Anubis was one of those deities.

Then, looking at the ceiling in a kind of soliloquy, observed: ‘Well, all I can say is that I’m seldom here in the evening. What is the true tale of mummified Anubis, the sacred Press Club cat, emblem of the Milwaukee Press Club and mascot of Milwaukee newspaperdom? Could it be possible that he has been giving me challenges without me even knowing it since he’s been with me my entire life? You're more than welcome! Bravo! This ensured that the body would not rot or decay before Isis, Goddess of magick, would bring him back to life.

Anubis was depicted in black, a color that symbolized both rebirth and the discoloration of the corpse after embalming.

I was not afraid of him, but he was intimidating. Many don't understand the "dark side," in this case Anubis. For some reason, people really don't like to face their fears, and everything associated with fear gets labeled as dark or evil.

Perfect for a guide to the Underworld. I agree anything related to the underworld is not for the faint of heart. The jackel head surrounded his face like a mist almost like that is his spirit. Anubis came into our centre after his previous owner could no longer care for him.

Embalming involved “violating” the deceased.

He has a very very masculine energy, almost father like but tough dad that wants you to do well but won't hug you. That painting is beautiful, I have yet to be able to find it in real life, but it's gorgeous! It's a fun word to say too!

Thank you!!

Anubis performing the weighing of the heart against the feather of Maat. Even to get on his good side since my career plan is to be a mortician.

I knew the bare basics but this was awesome to read! ... Good hub and well researched, just hope I haven't thrown the cat among the pigeons.

Recently I have been visited by him again and I can feel his disdain for me, he likes to visit my dreams and make them about a museum with a mummy exhibit, in my dream I'm promptly sick to my stomach, falling into the bodies and crying for forgiveness. I think you are right, it's a spirit guide, showing me stuff...why?

Brahany, who went on to an illustrious career as Washington correspondent for the Milwaukee Sentinel and later for The New York Tribune, is now dead of course, but in the dusty archives of the Press Club he left his own version of The Great Madison Cat Snatch and offered a rebuttal. I learned at the time why it was moved from the rooms of the Historical Society on the floor above, but I have forgotten. He's so fiercely protective though. Pamela Hutson from Moonlight Maine on June 12, 2012: That's a good idea Daughter of Maat. Beautiful hub! Thank you for sharing your Patron God with us. Anubis performing the ritual of embalming. She currently works with the Egyptian pantheon of Gods and Goddesses. In the early days some of the more exuberant members wired the cat on a portable platform on the end of a pole and took it to the summer picnic and outing at Fond du Lac. Not much is known to most people about Anubis prior to the induction of Osiris, so I thought it was worthwhile to share the fact that Anubis was the original Lord of the Underworld. Their symbols tell a lot about their characteristics. Melissa Flagg COA OSC (author) from Rural Central Florida on February 10, 2012: Thank you Marcy! But there is more to Anubis than meets the eye. There's a reason the Egyptians worshipped them for thousands of years, and that intrigues me. Please help me, A few months ago I had a dream that I was looking into the underworld and I saw multiple Anubis, it was pitch black and these things were giants and it had rows of souls lined up and was judging the souls and either destroying them completely or sending them somewhere with a lightning bolt flash type coming out of they’re staff and that was the only thing lighting up the area so I could see I got the hell out of there but it was hard because the demons that depicted themselves as beautiful woman kept tricking me but I eventually got it together and started to ignore them and got the hell out of there what does this mean cuz I had no knowledge of any of this before I had the dream I am still dumbfounded a little I just found out what Anubis is, help me in doing a project and I can't find any accomplishments Anubis did. :D. I'm so glad you enjoyed this hub, thanks for reading and commenting! All Rights Reserved. :). :). You presented Anubis with the reverence and honor he deserves. The great of the land have come to wonder and worship. I marvel at the fact that there are still people who pay heed to these ancient Gods and Goddesses. After 10 years of working with him, I have found there is much more to Anubis than meets the eye. It’s a valid case of quid pro quo – we got something and gave something. Thanks so much for voting! Tony Lawrence from SE MA on February 09, 2012: Ahh. I’ve been doing more research on deities and deity work. Appearence. Anubis was the original Egyptian God of the Dead and the God of funerary rights. I want to work with Anubis as my god while I practise What can I give to him as an offering to show I am willing to begin my work and tests with him ?

Anubis was a very loyal guardian, and as a Patron God, even more so in my opinion. Marvin Parke from Jamaica on February 08, 2012: Anubis is one of the figures that I also study.

I went into a store sselling various statuettes of differnt Egyptian gods and goddesses. Although, I'm not entirely sure that it would have any bearing on the meaning of Anubis, mainly because he is referred to as a black jackal in the book of the dead and other Egyptian writings. I love this word, I had never heard it until about a year ago when I started studying Jungian psychology. Pcunix That word would be a lot of points though! So regardless of the findings on the Egyptian jackal (which was apparently improperly named! He is also my patron God.

The defense rests. Just touching the one of Anubis made me sick. Hence my dream with Anubis.

It fascinates me, the myths themselves are so intricate and filled with subtle nuances. Anubis came to me in a dream when I first started on the pagan path. He won’t sugar coat anything, so don’t expect him to be soft spoken. “My recollection is that for some time after the show, the cat was in hiding. The body was opened and the internal organs removed. I'm assuming that's intimidating lol. Peter Freeman from Pen-Bre, Cymru/Wales on June 15, 2012: Daughter of Maat' I came here after reading Kittythedreamer's Hub on the jackal. Leafing through a 1967 history of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, we came across this enlightening paragraph: “The Society some time before the turn of the century received from Darlington a desiccated black cat which once upon a time had been literally immured.

Jackals are also very loyal; they usually mate for life and travel in pairs, unlike wolves who travel in packs. It's always a good day when I learn a new word! The jackal has good vision in low light for not only scavenging, but hunting as well. “Several months later Charlie Lush of the Chicago Record (a former Milwaukee newsman with a very appropriate name for these days), on one of his Madison visits, saw the cat and was intrigued. Of all the exhibits, the petrified cat attracted me most. I love that. Finally a write up on Anubis that doesn't portray him as some dark lord, villain or forbidding being. Mark thank you for the encouragement. Anubis is depicted on the walls of several tombs of the pharaohs to protect their souls in the afterlife and guard their tombs. She was a warrior deity, protecting both the human pharaoh as well as the high god Ra. If we look into the characteristics of the jackal, we find several attributes. Honestly, I hadn't thought of the keen eyesight, but you are so right!! and how can I work for Anubis or any other Egyptian Gods and Goddesses? Kitty Fields from Summerland on February 11, 2012: I voted up, awesome, and beautiful.

Should your form be successful, you will be invited up by a pre-arranged appointment to meet the cat. Melissa Flagg COA OSC (author) from Rural Central Florida on June 27, 2012: Thank you klara! Such an amazing article.

Marcy Goodfleisch from Planet Earth on February 10, 2012: Super interesting, and (as always), well-researched! I think the power comes from the fear instilled. In my interactions with him, he has given off a very calm yet relaxed aura. After the embalming, the ceremony of the “opening of the mouths” was performed. I just did an article touching on mummification. About 8 o’clock he carefully enshrined the cat in a large paper bag and handed it to me. Melissa Flagg COA OSC (author) from Rural Central Florida on June 15, 2012: Why thank you iantoPF!

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