We should be blaming all the customers who reward their behavior. Aye, those were the days.
If this is something you’re comfortable with, I think it can definitely help you get in to highly competitive schools with holistic admission especially if you’re a very typical (asian in STEM lol) applicant. Occam’s Razor is hardly ever incorrect. 3) A Collective Victim Mentality. However, your run-of-the-mill math, science, or humanities prof is vastly under-paid and terribly over-worked. These will be “elite” trade schools. For instance, being an Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion must be a sweet gig for a Social Justice Warrior who can’t get a job in the real world. But the interest rate I got locked in was around 2.75% (essentially no interest when adjusted for inflation…plus any interest was tax deductible so I might have made out a few bucks in the black). Every year, thousands of personable young kids get turned into Social Justice Warriors brainwashed by cultural Marxist memes. And i dont think it's a problem. But unless you have some standard that you can use to weed out undesirable applicants without facing charges of discrimination, then you’re going to find it difficult to keep from hiring shitheads or being sued into oblivion. I don’t want to subsidize what they’re doing and I sure as hell don’t want to paint a bullseye on my back. That’s quite enough gravy for the banksters as it is. Showing up sober and on time puts you in a favorable percentile. That fact exposed the scam for what it is. Anything over a bachelor’s degree is useless. HOME. I liked it better when you were criticizing my dick size. BTW, unless you’ve completely used up your in-school deferment re-fi is almost certainly a bad idea. But it is actually really amazing to watch the guys on gas lines like at the airport find hairline cracks via x-ray and weld those things. With the 1970s advent of collective bargaining in higher education, this began to change. I’ve seen some comments that suggest the cream of the crop always rises to the top no matter what type of schooling one chose and I believe that to be true. My personal opinion That leaves those who got ripped off with few other options. If you’re a straight white male, and you’re not impoverished per federal standards, most of your loan coming from SallieMae. This is why the Scandinavian model works..free education and a good, well-paid job at the end of it (given you have chosen a meaningful degree, of course..if you haven’t, at least you won’t be crippled by debt for the rest of your life). Mounting and tending hood rat wheel & tire was a cash cow, he’d do their stupid, unsafe shit cheap and then sell them chinese rims as they ran through crap rims failing. In their mid-20s and own their own homes. Title VII killed us. Dropping out of high school came to be seen as a personal misfortune and a barrier to getting a good job. The ONLY way to stop this shit is to completely cut federal spending…tell everyone, “You’re on your own.” Then the UNLIMITED federal money will disappear, and colleges will have to find ways to provide VALUE for the bloated “education” they force children to submit themselves to. It’s really criminal how they hook students into it. Then you reverse engineer a path from the kind of life you want to live to the kind of job that will get you there. I know what you mean. My son is majoring in global studies, generally a worthless degree. I took 72 credits (need 120 to complete degree) at a community college and throughout the five or so years that its taken me to earn a degree (graduating this spring) I worked anywhere from 32-40 hours manual labor plus the full credit load every semester. In fact, even at 22 we do not know what to do. If your system works for you, that’s fine, but keep in mind that your population is being slowly replaced by Islamic colonists so there may come a day not too far in the future when you’re not so happy with this arrangement. So, now that its illegal to discriminate on certain characteristics, how do I turn down a belligerent gang banger that wants to work in customer service? The more businesses you start and run, even if you “fail”, you learn so much by running them, that the experience is invaluable. The astronomical increase in tuition cost should tell you something about the free market- namely, that it doesn’t always work. Forget college. What is it about college that you CAN’T learn online? Colleges are debt-slave factories and leftist indoctrination centers that prepare you to go to work to make corporations richer. Go to community college as long as you can and pile up as many credits that you can transfer to your state’s flagship public university.

Of course, you also had a ton of homework outside class, so you were basically learning more on your own than the professors were teaching you. When schools experience funding cuts, the admins give themselves a raise, lay someone off, and then assign those sections to others who already have a full-load.

“In 1994, the study’s authors write, two private research university presidents made more than $500,000 (more than $788,000 in current dollars). Delivered to your inbox weekly. You don’t need a degree for most of the IT spectrum, especially if you have the aptitude for it and can learn quickly. The governor in our state froze tuition all the years I was in school, so at least that never went up. “Colleges are debt-slave factories and leftist indoctrination centers that prepare you to go to work to make corporations richer”, “Learn a trade or a skill.

They sure made it look like a non-stop party! I did my best to live within my means, while others were running up their debts like there’s no tomorrow.

He held at one point nearly every C-level position of the company, was briefly the president as well, literally mastering the entire industry, knighted in 3 countries, eaten formal dinners with Kings, Queens, Putin, the president, governors, senators, mayors, etc. I’ll break even either way, but the kid’s a write-off. Teaching as a profession now is only open to the top 30% of university grads. journemyan welder. Way better than I could get working at Fivebucks Coffee! That’s when they play the victim card in order to blame men and society for their own female gender failings. “I had to get up in the morning at ten o’clock at night, half an hour before I went to bed, eat a lump of dry rat poison, work twenty-nine hours a day down mill, and pay mill owner for permission to come to work…and when we got home, our Dad would kill us and dance about on our graves singing ‘Hallelujah.'”.

I would do whatever it took.

Landed a job in no time. A phenomenon like Trump here would not be feasible. Ever. Congress caved into the banksters and made it extremely difficult to discharge student loans through bankruptcy. Especially these days when plumbers do 90% of their plumbing using shoddy plastic push-fit pipes and fittings. A good egg. 1) Allow bankruptcy to discharge student loans again

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