She then followed Lee to his apartment and confronted him, and he thanks her for letting him walk. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Her father Robert was a police officer w…

Elle says “I won’t even be there for an hour, I took a train from Elpasso instead of a car.

Jason Gideon did not want to think of Elle as a daughter, he did not deserve the title of 'dad.' Sneath relates that during a huge party for his friends and clients, Gideon – as well as Natasha and Stella – essentially disappeared. "And in the End..." (via flashbacks).

A short time after the shooting — during the episode "The Boogeyman" — Greenaway resigns from the BAU, right before Hotchner is about to fire her. Gideon's father, Joash, who shared in the apostasy of his countrymen, had erected at Ophrah, where he dwelt, a large altar to Baal, at which the people of the town worshiped. Paramedics found her a while or so later and eventually managed to get her heart beating again, and as later revealed by Agent Grant Anderson in a talk with Hotch and Gideon, they were unaware that Elle was an FBI agent until Anderson himself arrived at the house. But she is persistent, stubborn or just flat out ignoring his wishes. To put distance between them, she at first plans to do volunteer work in South America or (her father's preferred choice) to study at the University of Edinburgh.

Enraged, she shoots and kills him. Elle Greenaway is a fictional character from the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds, portrayed by Lola Glaudini throughout the first season and the beginning of the second season. Peanut She meets Gideon when her ex-husband tries to accost one of Gideon's clients, a New Labour minister, about the government's lack of response to the unsafe traffic conditions that caused their son's death. Before he is able to confess, his lawyer tells him to stop talking. Sneath's friend Gideon is a hotshot publicist and a widower, driven to the edge of a nervous breakdown by his daughter Natasha's emotional detachment from him.

In "The Boogeyman", Elle missed a psychological evaluation, forcing Hotch to stay behind to find her while Gideon and the rest of the team headed to Texas to work on a case. During the finale, Randall Garner (Charles Haid), a criminal the unit is investigating, ambushes Greenaway in her apartment and shoots her in retaliation for the BAU disobeying the "rules" to his "game"; he then reaches his fingers into her bullet wounds and writes the word "RULES" on the walls with her blood.

Following on from that, Elle joined the BAU, filling the vacant spot she had been hoping to get, although Gideon told her that she was very impatient and ordered her to correct it. The day her father was killed, she angrily told him she hated him because he was too busy to teach her to ride her bicycle; those were the last words she ever said to him, and she has felt guilty about it ever since. They did mention him having a son in one of the first episodes. For a year and a half, Greenaway is relatively successful in the BAU, aiding her colleagues in solving cases and capturing the criminals responsible until the season one finale, "The Fisher King (1)". Former BAU Supervisory Special Agent Elle Greenaway Elle Greenaway was born on June 24, 1977 to a police officer named Robert Greenaway, and an unnamed woman. Portrayed By

It was shown across Australia on ABC1 on 2 November 2008. Everything seemed to be going well for her up until the episode "Aftermath", where the team was asked to help arrest a serial rapist.

Stella is mourning the death of her young son, killed while riding his bike on public roads for the first time.

Gideon's Daughter is the second of two linked BBC television dramas written and directed by Stephen Poliakoff. She returned to the team in "P911", where she and the rest of the team cooperated with the FBI's Innocent Images Unit to track down the whereabouts of a missing boy captured by a pedophile, despite Hotch and Reid expressing their concerns that she had come back far too early. What would even make wewe think that Gideon was her father? She also shot the unsub in that same episode when he tried to kill Gideon who had taunted him.

Sometime later, Robert was shot and killed.

She was replaced by Emily Prentiss, who held the position until Season Seven.

Reid saves her life, but suffers post-traumatic stress from the shooting and guilt for failing to save the caretaker.

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