Patook is foremost a friendship making service and nearly all interactions within the site are tailored towards making users get to know the people around them better while remaining safe. Block and report users who are clearly on Patook looking for romantic (rather than friendly relationships). Your sharing this information with us helps us improve our guesses. Anyway. Also reach out to ppl. Our company founder heard his brother-in-law ask his kids for a "patook". A married person who is into your gender and who acts friendly but doesn't even mention their partner once. We strive to provide a safe place to help spark new platonic friendships and to keep our members safe from the concept of "let's be friends and maybe it can turn into something more". 2- Improved chat system 3- Improved notifications 4- More accurate flirt detection and blocking 5- Fixing some issues with newer phones. This is clearly a glitch. NEVER share your personal info, such as SSN, address, phone number, etc. Stay in a public place. Please use the link on the left to send us feedback about what kinds of questions you'd like to see answered here. ", "Oh my son is in your city right now, I've been trying to send him some money, can I just send you a check and you can transfer it to his account? Please use the "Send feedback" link on the left. Patook is the best app for making platonic friends. This app has a few things that need to be smoothed out still. Inform a friend or family member of your plans and when and where you're going.

Patook, any help with this issue? Oh and one of the best parts is it prevents any unwanted flirting and recognizes words that could be inappropriate in messages and refuses to send them. There's a lot more factors there but we are still in the alpha release so if you have any suggestions that will make you more comfortable, we'll do our best to make them happen. I tried emailing, but that also leads to zero response, not even an automated one. Even if the person you're meeting volunteers to pick you up from the airport, do not get into a personal vehicle with someone you've never met. There’s also the sudden disappearance of conversations and the profile of the person you’ve been talking too, only to have them reappear 1-2 days later, all without warning or explanation from Patook. A couple of things. it no longer shows me people within driving distance of my address or individuals without kids even though I have clear preferences. We do not accept unsolicited ideas in order to avoid any confusion as to who came up with them. AppGrooves helps you contact the developer directly. Version History and Review, Questions & Answers You can check out millions of android

If you match with someone you can talk to then immediately. Let's help you find a solution to your problem, Patook's THE app for making platonic friends. So I’ve been successfully using Patook now for about 2 weeks. The first True-scope geofencing platform. The point system is a system of rules you define to give your target users points based on criteria they satisfy. People who have the technology to use an app like Patook are able to video chat. Lol. Offers a TON of customization and actually shows you what about a person's profile matches with your preferences. Fifth, we take any reports very seriously and take action. Patook is for friends so prefer activities that don't happen late at night. Second, at no point are you required to provide your real name - you are asked for an e-mail address but you can use your non-primary one. Top Apps To Have Random Video Calls & Meet People Online, Top Private Messaging Apps that Don't Need a Phone Number, Top Apps to Make Real Friends Without Dating & Flirting, Best Apps for Dating in Search of Long Term Commitments, Best Apps for Arranging an Anniversary Celebration, Must-Have Apps for Ending a Bad Date Early, Best Apps for Playing Online Games with a Group, Best Apps for Celebrating Thanksgiving during COVID-19, Best Apps for Hiking at the Great Wall of China, Must-Have Apps for Best Hiking Spots in Utah, Best Apps for Those Who Love Classic Literature, Platonic Relationships are the BEST! To the developers, I would suggest a little streamlining of the app and tweaking of the monetization methods, but I congratulate you on making my favorite app so far for simply finding friends. Once you do that We believe that making friends gets harder after you become an adult, and our goal is to facilitate the process.

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