What did they say? Some more fun facts for the D-max. This problem is often caused by tools rolling around or small blow moulded cases being stored under the seats. Also clean the maf with the correct maf cleaner. Again most workshops including some of the dealerships are not bothering to do this. Having said that, Isuzu built its engine to be as durable as possible againstsuch damage. Diesel motors work best when you give them some real work. by mustangdude » Sat Dec 21, 2013 6:30 am, Post Coke bottles, happy meal toys and cigarette packets can also cause this fault to occur. The D-max is a relatively low cost vehicle but like all vehicles do require you to maintain them. Have had my dmax for 2plus years now. Many workshops now have an aerosol based EGR and intake cleaner which we have had success with in the past. $60ish, in line. Doing only minor and major service following manufacturer schedule. I don't believe the 2012 model has an electric pump in the tank like previous models. No tow pack, lane departure warning, blind spot mirror, roof racks, nudge bar. Over the last 2-3K, I noticed its pinging from standstill up to about 20-30kmh (when possibly I cant hear it). Any suggestions on solution greaty received. by mystic » Fri Dec 20, 2013 10:10 pm, Post I have looked under the bonnet on one but didn't notice the filter, perhaps I need another look, a real look this time. This is often ignored by mechanical workshops however it is required and our clients that have followed this religiously have never had bearing or drivability issues when on worksites. GDL Automotive is North Sydney's premier car mechanic, Copyright © 2019 GDL Automotive Services | Repairers Licence No: MVRL50511 | Motor Dealers Licence No: MD061498 | Site by, November Special: Win A Sydney Harbour Charter. The fuel filter light came on under acceleration, indicating I had a blocked fuel filter. Second fuel filter is something we ALL should have with Australian fuel. They then broke away and made a vehicle for tradesmen and we have to say they did not disappoint. Other than that can’t fault it. Stick to the schedule and this ute will outlast any of its competitors. We have seen several with split chassis caused but he extra load put on the front when bars are fitted. Would it be possible if one was to put another pre filter in line to run say another pump down near the tank to help. Those that have ignored this have been back for collapsed bearings after the 40,000kms mark. Under warranty but when mentioned no one wants to know about it. This diesel like all its counterparts runs a DPF (diesel particular filter) which if your truck only does around town, start stop driving, never gets a chance to do a regeneration burn and eventually the DPF blocks up. Enough D-Max and MU-X owners have experienced problems with cracks in the metal of the engine bay, that we can’t ignore it as a potential watch-out. Hilux and dmax the only “strong” options really and Isuzu have been smart enough with price points to create their space in the market. The van we tow weighs in loaded at about 2800kg and with us and the bits in the ute, we come in under spec weight. Shut down, restart check light stays on for about 20 kms but traction light drops out. by mydmax » Sat Dec 21, 2013 10:06 pm, Post

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