Asha Bhonsle: dil kii baato.n kaa matlab na puuchho mujhe dosh na denaa jagvaalo So, if you want to become a good musician, then you … It will wander astray through the shade of your hair Their repartee scripted by Vijay Anand is reminiscent of the Katherine Hepburn-Spencer Tracey chemistry that audiences universally loved. P. Nayyar or Shakeel Badayuni-Naushad with memorable songs of all hues and colours to their credit. But “Jalte Hain Jiske Liye” is sure to bring out the third type of Bollywood lover in everyone. do lafzo.n kii hai dil kii kahaanii Jalte hai jisake liye Geet main tere liye kitnii hai.n khushiyaa.n aur kitne gham hai.n bahut raat biitii chalo mai.n sulaaa duu.n We hope you love our English translation of “Dil Ka Bhanwar” as much as we enjoyed exploring this delightful song with you! Luckily, there was an excellent dosa joint nearby whose buttery goodness made everyone feel that all was right in the world again. While the choice of veteran songstress Asha Bhonsle as the playback singer for heroine Zeenat Aman is no surprise, the choice of Sharad Kumar as the voice of the gondolier is rather interesting. palko.n ke kinaare kajraare जलते हैं जिस के लिए, [दिल में रख लेना इसे हाथों से ये, छूटे ना कही I will become your shadow and go with you Amitabh Bacchan and Zeenat Aman share a romantic moment during a glamorous gondola ride shot in Venice, Italy for The Great Gambler (1979). The tale of my heart is only two words long. or else I will think that you are angry with me. Take for example the opening lines of Asha’s evergreen number from “Jewel Thief” and you have an ordinary conversational piece “Raat Akeli Hai, Bujh Gaye Diye, Aake Mere Paas, Kano Mein Mere, Jo Bhi Chahe Kahiye, Jo Bhi Chahe Kahiye” converted in to a masterpiece by the duo!
lafz: word; kahaanii: tale; muhabbat: love; javaanii: youth; matlab: meaning; duniyaa: world; kashTiivaalaa: gondolier; qisse: tales; yaade.n: memories; khushiyaa.n: joy; gham: sorrow; gale se lag jaanaa: to embrace; rut: season; suhaanii: lovely, beautiful. Gaaye jaaugaa yahi geet main tere liye The smoldering embers on your lips kisii aur ko shayad kam hogii saayaa bhii jo teraa paD jaaye
Is it love or is it youth? Jaane kyaa kar diyaa re Your support for our journalism is invaluable. along with old tales and old memories. mujhe terii bahut zaruurat hai But, you may be asking, who is Talat Mehmood? Join us as we navigate Hindi film theory, Urdu poetry, and musical history to relive the magic of classic Bollywood cinema! I need you eternally. Asha Bhonsle: gaa ke? That for which your eyes burn…, Dil mei.N rakh lenaa isse haatho.N se yeh chhuuTe na kahii.N Oh, hear my love song, dil: heart; bhanwar: bumblebee; pukarnaa: to call out; pyaar: love; raagaa: melody [in Hindustani classical music, the framework for a composition]; sunnaa: to listen; phuul: flower; gulaab: rose; jawaab: answer, comparison; adaa: grace, style; bahaar: Spring; bekalii: restlessness; zubaan: tongue, language; baat; matter, words; miTaanaa: to make [something] disappear; giraanaa: to make [something] fall; aa.Nsuu: tears; [kisi ki] taraah: as if [something], like [something]; nigaah: eye; uu.Nchaaii: height; ishq: love; gehraaii: depth; puuchhnaa: to ask; aah: sigh; aasmaa.N: sky; chuunaa: to touch; hasii.N: beautiful; paar: passageway, toward; baiThnaa: to sit; haarnaa: to lose; saayaa: shadow; bannaa: to become; saath: together; aaj: today; [kisi ke] sang: by [someone’s] side; guu.Njnaa: to echo; aarzuu: desire; aa.Nkh: eye; jab: when; milnaa: to meet; aa.Nchal: the end of a saari that typically falls over the shoulder; phir: again; zamee.N: earth; haath thaam lenaa: to take [someone’s] hands; jaam: goblet; nayaa: new; safar: journey; waastaa: sake; saaqiiyaa: [literally] the person who serves wine. The words are that I love you Why, hello there! Gungunaau.Ngaa yehii giit mai.N tere liiye At this difficult time, it becomes even more important that we have access to information that has a bearing on our health and well-being, our lives, and livelihoods. The common thread in most of Majrooh – Burman Dada creations is that the simple, common day expressions are wrapped in delightfully catchy tunes that are easy to render by common people. Based on a story by Bengali author Subodh Ghosh, Sujata is not a perfect film by any means. tum hii devtaa ho

The effect is both beautiful and extremely suspenseful. aabaad ho dil kaa viiraanaa

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