Well, you helped us blow past that. Aram Roston, then working for BuzzFeed News, was the first to report on that lawsuit in May 2018, in a story that also revealed Granda’s background as a young pool attendant, the outlines of Cohen’s connection to Falwell, and his role in delivering the endorsement for the first time.

Granda provided Reuters with text messages and emails purportedly showing that he did, in fact, have a relationship of a sexual nature with the Falwells. That’s notable because endorsing Trump was an unusual thing to do at that point — zero sitting members of Congress were backing him, and conservative activist leaders were skeptical. But Mr. Falwell would later say in a sworn affidavit that his family’s financial contribution to the deal amounted to a loan of $1.8 million, including $800,000 for renovations.

Granda told Politico that during this first encounter, Becki Falwell asked him to come back to her room and have sex with her while Jerry watched. Mr. Cohen, who was working to connect his boss with important political constituencies and their leaders for a possible presidential run four years later, came along for the trip. That conversation, two months before Mr. Cohen went to prison, left more questions than answers. Falwell apologized and said he’d take an indefinite leave of absence from the Liberty presidency, adding that he would “try to be a good boy from here on out.” That was a little over two weeks ago. “He said his board wouldn’t allow him to endorse,” Mr. Tyler said in an interview. This sign-up form is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. That real estate investment soon became a problem. In a statement to The Times, the senior Bello said he and his son had been respectful to the Falwells, “despite the sensitive details surrounding this case.” It was Mr. Cohen — acting as their lawyer, he said — who had revealed “his client’s indiscretions.” He said the pending lawsuit prohibited him from offering more details about the photographs or why he and his son had felt compelled to change their names. A photo taken on a private plane, reviewed by The New York Times, shows him holding a copy of “Trump: The Art of the Deal.”, Mr. Falwell introduced Mr. Trump to Liberty’s students as “one of the greatest visionaries of our time,” who “single-handedly forced President Obama to release his birth certificate.” Mr. Trump shared his secrets to winning in business and life: “Get even” and “Always have a prenuptial agreement,” though he quickly added, “I won’t say it here, because you people don’t get divorced.”. It’s not just about sex — it’s a tale of financial, institutional, and political corruption.

Giancarlo Granda gained notariety in 2019 when it was revealed that he had some sort of a relationship with Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife, Becki. Follow live results for the race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The Falwells denied making any such promise, and in his affidavit, Mr. Falwell sought to minimize his involvement, saying that, as an adviser on the deal, he could not have given them a stake. So they asked Cohen for help. “I was as surprised as anyone to discover that Mr. Falwell was among the partygoers we photographed on July 19, 2014 at WALL Lounge,” he said. Even when the economy and the news advertising market recovers, your support will be a critical part of sustaining our resource-intensive work. (Cohen later said that the problem involved someone obtaining compromising photos of Becki Falwell.). He said a company controlled by a partner of his from Virginia, of which Falwell’s wife was a part owner, first contracted to buy the youth hostel but then backed out of the deal. The affidavit that Falwell recently filed.

Mr. Arnold first met Mr. Cohen last June at the Loews Regency hotel in Manhattan, as Mr. Arnold was taping his show. Earlier this month, Falwell posted a photo of himself with his pants unzipped, his belly and underwear visible, and his arm around the waist of his wife’s assistant. Around South Beach, people involved in the deal regarded it as the sort of thing Miami’s young and good-looking could luck into when they encountered wealthy visitors.

After he declined, he disclosed that he would serve as an outside adviser to the administration on education policy — a role in which, Mr. Falwell indicated, he would call for rollbacks of regulations governing accreditation, recruitment and student borrowing. That real estate investment soon became a problem. There is no evidence that Mr. Falwell’s endorsement was part of a quid pro quo arranged by Mr. Cohen.

He took the leading role in negotiating with creditors, and he made a flurry of real estate maneuvers that helped get the university out of its hole. Falwell Jr. declined to comment for this story. “That’s why we catalog everything.”, While reviewing images from the night in question, Browarnik discovered several previously unpublished photos from that evening in which Jerry Falwell Jr. and other members of the Falwell family can be seen—including Jerry’s wife, Becki, sons Trey and Wesley, and Trey’s wife, Sarah. Mr. Gauger also ran his own consulting firm, RedFinch Solutions.
In 2013, the Falwells completed the deal for the Miami Hostel, which rents beds for as little as $15 a night, bunking 12 people to a room. But the money didn’t lie: By 2012, the once-ailing Liberty University had more than $1 billion in net assets. With a few weeks to go before the Iowa caucuses kicked off the primary season on Feb. 1, 2016, Mr. Cruz was steadily racking up high-level endorsements. Last year, Mr. Arnold even got his own television show on the Viceland network, “The Hunt for The Trump Tapes.” It produced no new tapes during its eight-episode run. A friend of Granda’s named Jesus Fernandez Jr. claimed that he and his father Jesus Sr. had helped find the place, and that Jerry Falwell Jr. and Granda had promised them part ownership. We have affidavits by realtors that say he was involved.” Diaz said he intends to question Falwell in a sworn deposition. Michael Cohen was in attendance.

Once a glamorous hangout for John F. Kennedy, Frank Sinatra and Elvis, the Fontainebleau was now the stomping grounds of the Kardashians, Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga, known for allowing topless sunbathing and for a cavernous nightclub that one travel guide described as “30,000 square feet of unadulterated fun.” Techno music was pumped out at its 11 pools, where waitresses in polka-dot swimsuits served drinks and white-uniformed male attendants brought fresh towels and positioned umbrellas for tips. “His deposition is taking place whether he likes it or not.”, Falwell’s legal document states, “During a family vacation to Florida, Mr. Giancarlo Granda introduced me to Mr. Fernandez and/or his father in the lobby of the Lowe Miami Beach Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. “First things first,” Browarnik told me over the phone, “we didn’t even know [Falwell] was in the photos. Cohen would later say (in a conversation surreptitiously taped by the actor Tom Arnold) that they were “photos between husband and wife” and that “the evangelicals are kinkier than Tom Arnold.” He claimed he never ended up arranging a payoff but that he did end up obtaining one photo of Becki Falwell — and that he held on to it. And there’s a Trump angle.
By emulating the practices of for-profit colleges (though Liberty is a tax-exempt religious nonprofit institution), Jerry Jr. expanded Liberty to 100,000 online students and brought in vast sums of money, much of which was from the federal government’s student aid programs.

Mr. Cohen described his involvement in his conversation with Mr. Arnold, which was first reported last month by Reuters. And as Falwell was deciding whom to endorse in 2016, he knew what Cohen knew.

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