Most of the time, the fake Air Jordan 1 Black Toe pairs have their cross-stitching placed too close to the Nike Swoosh logo. The reason for our thinking is simple: these elements are where the replica manufacturers will compromise. The colours are very faded on the fake Jordan 1 box, a quick sign for you to look out for. In the fake vs real AJ1 Black Toe image above, we drew four lines, as you may notice: two in order to show you the shape of the legit shoes, and the other two for the fake shoes.

A common flaw for the fake Air Jordan 1 Black Toe (and no only this colourway) is that they have their toe box looking over-inflated, thicker and bigger it is than supposed to be. If you want the shortcut, then keep in mind that the fastest way to spot fake Air Jordan 1 Black Toe pairs is to check the interior tongue label with multiple lines of text. Take a look at the image below and have a guess; which is real and which is fake?

As you can see, this leather patch that’s at the intersection point of the two swooshes has a different shape and size than what we can see in the authentic example. It seems like the fake Jordans sometimes come with a bulky end of the Nike swoosh, when it’s supposed to be pointy.
The video posted above will go more in depth. If the hourglass shape is there, I would have a quick glimpse of the toe box holes. The authentic shoes must look like an hourglass, being bulkier and curvier on the upper and the bottom side of the shoes, and narrower in the middle.

Notice how the “8” uses a different font on the fake Air Jordan 1 box label, since: The second thing we’ve highlighted is not necessarily the BLACk/STARFISH-SAIL and the BLACK/VARSITY RED-STARFISH text. As for the sixth step of the guide on how to spot fake Air Jordan 1 Black Toe sneakers, we are going to check out the fake vs real AJ1 Black Toe pairs for the Nike Swoosh logo on the side. And remember, we have an authentication service as well — if the situation seems too complicated, we’re happy to help. The fake AJ1 Black Toe pairs commonly have their text looking too thick and generally improperly font-weighted, Analyze the wings in the Air Jordan logo. So close that they’re touching and sometimes even overlapping. If the text is unclear, wavy (slanted) or too thin, then you’re looking at a fake — have a look at our fake vs real visual comparison below.

Not surprisingly, that same issue will be present in regards to the Black / Red Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG, which releases December 28th. Some standout differences between authentic and fake version of the Air Jordan 1 Black Toe is the lacing setup. On the other hand, the authentic shoes have the same font-weight for all of the letters, especially on each side of their letters. Step 1: Real vs fake Air Jordan 1 Black Toe interior tongue label, Step 2: Check your Air Jordan 1 Black Toe for the hourglass shape, Step 3: Look at the Air Jordan logo’s text, Step 4: Look at the wings in the Air Jordan logo, Step 5: Check the toe box of your Air Jordan 1 Black Toe, Step 6: Fake vs real AJ1 Black Toe Nike Swoosh logo, Step 7: Verify the patch on the rear side of the Black Toe Air Jordan 1, Step 8: Real vs fake Air Jordan 1 Black Toe cross-stitching. But enough micro-analyses (at least for the moment). Prefer having your items checked by one of our authenticators? The Air Jordan 1 legit check service, Where can I get my Air Jordan 1 Black Toe authenticated? Fake Legit Check Get an in-depth Legit Check from our experts The Union LA Air Jordan 1 collaboration was (allegedly) anonymously leaked by Union LA at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena in 2017. Over here, the wavy text we’ve mentioned earlier is a glaring flaw on the counterfeit Air Jordan 1. Ths same flaw can be noticed between “D” and “A” on the fake Air Jordan 1. Need our opinion over your item’s authenticity? Afraid of being scammed? As mentioned at the beginning of this guide on how to spot fake AJ1 Black Toe, let’s first have a look at the reference real vs fake AJ1 Black Toe image. The authentic stands out from the unauthorized by having the correct shape, correct colors and more. Here is our latest guide helping you legit check your Air Jordan 1 ‘Black Toe’.

As you can see, not only these holes are too big, but they sometimes come in different shapes and sizes on the fake example.

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