But what am I saying? Ironically, not found in the Bible. God will not be mocked and will hold him accountable for all of hundreds that he directly impacted and caused to stumble in their faith. Her parents are staunch Catholic Christians. "70x7 , that's no reason to fall away or not let the Bible be your standard as so many have made the excuse in doing. No where in the bible does god command us to be controlled by a disciple.He wants us to love him with free will. Victor M. Gonzalez, Jr. - Why I Left the ICC! Of course, it was always touted that the leaders COULD have gone into the private sector and made WAY MORE money so we ought to applaud and revere their "sacrifice" of being in the ministry. I use to struggle with this very thing, getting defensive and prideful, something the Lord has refined in me. (reads the last couple sentences) Apply cold water to burned area. Does our school teachers go into our lifes,or do they simply teach the word. Interesting. Of particular consternation to me was the housing allowance that enabled leaders to live in the fanciest suburbs in the nicest apartments / houses. MORE Statutory Rape Cover-Ups in Kip's City of Angels ICC Teen Ministry? It is sin to think for yourself. “Look at all the great things I did in your name, Jesus,” and He will say “Get away from me. STOP lying! That is a form of narcissism only God will be able to show you. The Feumbas apartment is RENTED! If blogger here had known what I had already known back in 2002, he would have saved himself much distress and many years and definitely lots of money.

But when the Scientologists are mentioned, everyone turns the other cheek. I say this in confidence because if you were someone close enough to observe "Tom" I would've seen it. I'm sorry that you "don't believe a word of this." (Guest Post), 10 Reasons to Freak if your Child Joins the ICC, Kip McKean & Friends Lie, Steal, and Threaten - Why I Left City of Angels Church, Kip McKean's Six-Figure Salary & Compensation. She did appear in a sitcom that had the title ‘Style and Substance.’ In the series ‘The Division,’ she played the role of Inspector.

I deeply urge you to repent, get in the light and realize unless you stop functioning on your feelings and sentiment, God will release you to your sin and this Earth will be the only heaven, you'll ever know.Please repent.....please.... Satan will deceive the masses as an angel of light and people go to what their itching ears want to hear.

It's quite staggering. Ok, I digress.----"They want to imitated the first century church yet they are not. God wants us to have teachers. I dont worship a SINNER - Kip isa Man of GOD - Gods Greatest Treasure! It isn't functional to bring food to the evangelist of the church, but omit the 21st century needs of his modern but humble living. Isn't that a form of manipulation, too?

It is a fact that the churches all over the world RENT the properties NOT buy them. Do not study God’s Word to corroborate what this deceiver teaches, because the end result will be a rabbit hole that will destroy your faith. Anyone who DOESN'T do what Kip tells them to do, is "controlled by Satan" and is going to get ripped to shreds in Kip's eyes. Try searching for the best match or browse the links below: Mua nhà hay mua căn hộ chung cư không bao giờ là điều đơn giản, đặc biệt là đối với... Bạn tốn bao lâu để có thể chọn một bộ áo quần lộng lẫy xúng xính đi tiệc hay đi chơi với... Phong cách Vintage là giải pháp xuất sắc cho những người yêu thích sự hoài cổ, nhẹ nhàng và nét đẹp bình yên. Everyone else is lost. As an infant, McKean lived on the dairy farm belonging to her mother's family. Kip you are a Bastard going to Hell unless you repent and Trust Jesus and not your works (Ephesians 2:8-9). It is easier to now offer a fiscal tithe, than a food tithe because it allows for allotment based on need. Look up http://www.icocinvestigation.com/ You will find all the documentation here you like. A body without a leg can not walk. At the end of the day, this blog lacks love. I think you might change your understanding on what it means to slander. Oversize Salaries: How Much Money Does It Really Take? STOP fooling people please. He needs to take the veil off of his own eyes, but it’s only God that will once-again have to force his hand on this one. You Know You're A Member of Kip McKean's Sold Out Movement When, Kip McKean's Salary: $200,000+ (And Growing). Nancy, together with her brother, began their career by being able to feature in multiple commercials.

Better yet, why don't YOU prove ME wrong? Let us know what you think of the Last.fm website. Look up 20/20 on youtube the International Church of Christ. The Holy Spirit would freak out. In the parking lot of the Wilturn Theater, I tried to warn Kip without allowing the conduct of Ekklesia and home worship to stop the thousands of our weak brethren from dividing, sliding back and falling away; "The blame of falling away was put on God; "God is pruning just pruning." Have you researched the needs to the foreign churches by chance? Scientology preaching that? Take time to get to know the heart of Jesus and forget about this very clever con artist...Tom or Kip or whatever he wants to call himself these days. At the ripe old age of 20 and a brand new Christian I smelled snake oil. Some are nicer, but hardly the homes of the pre-2000 pastors of the icoc/coc/ccc. "Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly"- John 7:24.

and you think you are warning others? Why aren't hompless people reached out and their main target is college students?lack of money perhaps? Bernadine, Having left the church before it became what it is now, all I can think is same crud, in my case different decade. 833 listeners Brendon Walmsley. -----"and their main target is college students? That's why the admin's and shepherds help with fiscal planning. It's sad, very sad that people believe that if they don't believe in Kip McKean's word their salvation is at risk and shame on you Thomas Wayne. Please study the Word and how Jesus spoke of the Pharisees. You can here the joy evaporate that very moment. At one time, they got permission to be able to meet with Pope John Paul II.

This was during the second season of the show. 1,702 listeners Anne Kirkpatrick.

Kip is a wicked, lying thief who has been exposed as far back as 2002. Look at their 5 core convictions. SMH. I hope that after you leave the cult, you will somehow find your way back here and feel remorse and embarrassment for what you have written, and will then work to help free others from the brainwashing that you are still controlled by. If you are following this man stop it...follow Christ, Read your bible, Kip M and his teachings are not found there. Because they want the money more than they want God. Even your own children don't support your ministry because they know it's a scam. How dare you try to silence people for seeking healing from this ungoldy group. NOT because you wouldn't give money, but because you lack the heart to "give up everything." The ICOC imploded after so long, and the ICC is just a repeat of the ICOC and is under the same pressures. Jesus protected his disciples from such people by speaking about those we should be warned about. SP.com - Kip McKean's 'Favorite' Website! "No sir, the spirit blocks disciples from certain regions of the World. I'd love to hear out WHY you feel this way and how you define "church. It turned out worse than I thought it would. All young people need it. Kip no longer leads the churches he is a part of however I would love to speak with a member who BELIEVES the quoted region above. International College of Christian Ministry (ICCM), Kip McKean's 8th Cardinal Sin: "Local Church Autonomy". For our understanding how to live with a Judas that will never repent, Christ chose a Judas (one out of twelve) knowing Judas was a devil that would never repent (John 6:70). And if they are in the wrong? Hey anonymous. For if their purpose or endeavor is of human origin, it will fail. False teaching and Out and out lies yes showing the need for Ekklesia. Every day that it continues is glory time for Kip, who gets to enjoy people worshiping him, doing whatever he says, and even paying him for the privilege. ps- Yes it is, and it's clear as glass. And anyone who Kip thinks may still "come around" and start doing what Kip tells them to do, is somewhere in the middle of those two other groups, until it is clear if the person is going to follow Kip's commands or not. But then, later on it all made sense when we found out that the church was LYING and that most lead evangelists earned six-figure incomes from the church. R U Talkin 2 ME? It's no surprise that the ICC is growing so slowly - many people are becoming wise to the tricks that Kip and friends have been pulling for so many years now. Don't be deceived, you know this to be true the media of the world and the most wicked of devils call anyone that is truly spiritual, fanatical, the fundamental teacher and worker of Bible truth will be called by the disciples of the devil as a "Cult." Since you can’t come out from being “Anonymous”, the clear implication is that you are either part of his entourage or the master con artist, himself. -----"Remember the verse is christ divided?No! You're just too ignorant to accept that your precious leader could be wrong and just using members for his own personal gain. But , on topic, no. Please repent of this wicked slander. I felt like a fish out of water. (Bernadine herself?)

It is sin to doubt Kip. Didn't he spend most of his time in common settings with the unwashed masses? That would explain your obvious confusion on this matter and your desire to defend Kip McKean.

She has been able to demonstrate very high skills. @Ed:Just because YOU don't believe something, doesn't mean isn't true! I for one, make a 1/7th of what I was making in the world. Pillars of our church disappeared almost overnight.

Let them go! Nancy McKeon is a very renowned actress that does hold American Nationality. The much-repeated lie all around Kip's Kingdom was that (insert whatever local leader's name here)'s expensive house and lifestyle was mostly paid for by a "wealthy relative." Be humble, get help. We are not to judge the Judas among us. These victims dont realize that the Church expect at least $10,000 minimum paid on the spot just to read Dianetics written by a science fiction writer(L. Ron Hubbard)...oh yeah, isn't the Mormon religion founded by a self proclaimed prophet too? Did you know that his sidekick Paul Ryan discouraged paying taxes? If even ONE thing you addressed was actually accurate, people like myself wouldn't be here.

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