Tibet – Story of a Tragedy I am looking for a chuti chuti sports interview CD that i had given in the year 1997/1998 post winning a table tennis tournament in khudiram anusilan kendra. the dd national channels 1988 to 1989 with hero &

If u find plz let me know.

1994 TO 2005 KE bich me ek episode tha karma jo DD1 chenal par deta tha. 134. hello Abhishek,there was a serial at 8.30pm daily , based on the NATIONAL RURAL HEALTH MISSION PROGRAMMES.. it was wonderful, being informative as well as entertaining ..one of the charachtr THAKUR is now playing the role of SAJJAN SINGH in the starplus serial PRATIGYA.. i cant remember the name of this serial.. plz help .. yaar upar comment 622 ka serial name batao pl. I think you have missed some of famous serials in the list of that era…They were. yadi aap me se kisi ko pata ho to pls mujhe bataiye.

Polar Bear

…in it there was a lady with long parted hair – half the parted hair was white and other half dark…the hero’s love interest is a girl whose name is Nina i think and she is a professor/scientist’s daughter…i remember an episode wher an alien named Poli or something comes to visit…another episode where a dinosaur attacks the hero(the dino is created by the scientist i think)…there are two villains – two guys with long hair…this is all i remember…I think the hero’s name starts with R or B – not sure…the serial’s name has something to do with his name…I guess it’s a fanatsy-genre…pls help. For all of you who would like to bring back those nostalgic memories. 6. Episode 1: Marshall Plan (1947 to 1952) Could you please help me. 4.

i. My id is juhipy9@gmail.com. 2.

Hell, mai National me dekha the Ake episode ata Jo japnis stories or Chinese story based tha, I think 2007-08 me ata tha. ye sunday ko ata tha. Hi Abhi, Police File Se The main reason for me to charge for this is (a) As a minor return for all the time, money and efforts I have put into building up this collection (b) The more important reason – I have invested close to Rs. Public Resource

plaese guide me if anyone know about her. viii. I am really a great fan of captain vyom. b. In eighties, there was a serial telecast on doordarshan.

7) Bewitched ( hindi dub) v. Episode 7 – The Hoover Dam

the caracter in that show were ??? It was as if you took a trip down memory lane to retrive these gems from obscurity. can any1 help me with the ‘School Days’serial you tube.

hello, upload the talefilm azadi ki aur (monkey movie 1986).

Recalled good old days , when we use to watch these serials in groups with friends , relatives, family and use to daily talk when friends meet. I WANT THE SERIAL SHAKTI ON DOORDARSHAN THE MAIN CHARACTOR NAME WAS SIYA, hi…. thanks, Hello, KETAN I HOPE YOU ARE AVAILABLE ON 20/JUNE/2009 YOU HAVE WRITTEN THAT YOU ARE trying to find one English comedy show which was on India TV during early 80s THE NAME OF THAT SHOW IS D.D.

Those were the golden day’s but now gone are the days. Want to watch the old Doordarshan series like Katha Sangat, JUNOON, Talash, Paramvir Chakra please.

I found some old doordarshan Tv serials dvds/ vcds on webmallindia.com. Please mail me on such_it4487@yahoo.com, who play the role of princess Ambika in itihaas serial in doordarshan, aaj ki naari bhi nahi hai.. jo mostly 3 k around aata tha din me .

does any one hve samandar serial title song.

We could not find the old tv serial Trishna.

?? v. Episode 5 – Brain Power In a serial called Kab Tak Pukaroon, I had a very serious role. Sigma

It was a Bhajan Show . Hello, 55. in the serial the main actress’s name was jangma and she was a Royal cook. 141.

Knight Rider Vishwamitra Some guys just ‘ve ’em It used to be telecast in early 80’s. if any one can quess the tile, pl tell us.

20.) ?? Episode 15 – Aztecs

Hello admin i see you don’t earn on your site. 14. so much……………….. of national…………………………………………. She used to worship a huge anaconda by addressing as ” Diyonene”who used to reside inside a well. Episode 6 – The Line I would be thankful to you if you send this link to me at sustain2you@gmail.com.

if any one know about this cartoon, then please let me know… There was a girl who will talk at special occassions(i clearly dnt know abt it.)

Episode 1: The Wall Comes Down (1989) Trishna Galapagos Islands: A Three Part Series I am looking for title song of “Kashish” serial of suresh bedi.If you can provide me information how can i get this ,please let me know. Episode 1: Freeze (1977 to 1981)

4. But he accidentally ends up spreading it on Sandhaya, Geetanjali’s mother.

bta sakte hain vo lelefilm konsi thi? 8. Kya aap mujhe ramayan ka full version provide kra sakte hai, sir, I want to purchase FARMAAN the old tv serial 2.)

hi,i just luv this site..nice to hear frm people abt different memories abt old serials..u dont hv aarohan,natkhat rani badi sayani,alice in wonderland,rumbas ka island,gammy bears,anandi gopal,famous five n many such serials in ur list…Hey jheel the name of the serials u r luking for at sony tv is bewitched,different strokes n nanny…there ws 1 more serial will let u knw soon..

iv. vii. If possible mail me a rajkiran.0333@gmail.com. I’m looking for that series about a girl who joins indian navy, has problems with colleagues and pilots because she somehow always screws up. 15. Geetanjali is not happy with this marriage. Sir,

Raghukul Reet Sada Chali Aai ?? ki wo kha milengee.

old English detective serial on doordarshan. Jise bhi ye song mile hare kanch ki chudiyaan mile to meri, id–sanju.khanag@gmail.com par send karde song ka link. Does anyone know the name of that serial ?

I would be really gr8ful to you.

I guess it is an English Series but I am not fully sure. Part 6 – Breaking the Deadlock (1914 to 1916)

The Greatest Historical Stories especially “DAYASAGAR” are very much Useful. I LOVE THAT ALL SERIALS.



Fhir Wahi Talaash (tarun dhanrajgi and snageeta handa) Pl upload on youtube. To Fly or not to Fly Ek Kahaani (1984, Thu 9:00 P.M) b. Islam – Empire of Faith: A Three Part Series

Each serial costs how much rupees & DVDs. Spiderman Fauji If any body has episodes,please send me on pawarharshwad4JB@yahoo.com, Ek cartoon series thi..jisme kch kahani dikhate the…jese kachuye or khargosh ki kahaani, bandar or magar ki kahaani…wo saturday ko subah 10am ko aata tha….kisi ko maam bta h, Anyone knows the serial telecasted on Sunday evenings (5pm) about a forest and forest officer. Palash ke Phool 146.

Global Warming – What You Need To Know (Discovery Channel) kya kisi ke pas uske bare me koi information hai?? ii. 165. I am writing some of the names, I remember…. 1 desperately want to listen title track of this hare kanch ki chudiya…it was something like “pehnungi jab mai banungi Teri dulhan hare kanch ki chudiya” pls if anyone has any idea where to find it??

jab bhi hum doordarshan ki baat karten hain hume amara bachapan yaad aa jata hai .

I really loved your clean way of presentation ….. i just wanted to tell you hat you have missed out on a couple of foreign (English)series that were aired then #1.

Sukanya Hello everyone – 103. 61. ????

THANKS NEELAM. I want the theme song of tv serial GHUTAN, sang by Talat Aziz.

Please repeat it again. I am trying to remember the name of marathi serial in which a boy was talking to his toy robot, some alien arrival on earth, etc story..

Hats of to compiler….Thanx !! Please give the link for javed jafrey brake dance on HABIBA music , as I remember it was shown on doordarshan rangarang programme in 1989, it was a malgudi days episode. Hi I want to purchase few apisode of TV Serial Samandef ( 1993) in which Chandrika(charecter name) is the mail lead of the serial. Channels, Hindi TV

She without telling him gets operated and becomes a witnes for the case where her husband is implicated on murder charges. Can anyone please tell me the name of this serial? my lot of memories r relted to it Please anyone of you remind me that exact serial name….

That was a very good serial… But unfortunately it was stopped in the middle…. There was a vintage English movie shown in 90’s. i like to see once agains online, so, pls give me link, yarr mae ankhaen drama daekhna chahta hoon agr pata hai to help karoo jo doordarshan pae lagta tha. ??? Mamaji – (1988-89, Wed 9:00 P.M)- Funny title song iv. Ye kis serial ka title song hai. but i was looking for the old meerabai serial, that came in late 1990’s on doordarshan. iii. i.

2.Hamari Beti Telefilm Sir, This replaces Aa bail mujhe maar.

Great Natural Wonders of the World (BBC)

Hum Log 31. Maybe you can help me. Pumpkin Patch

I dont know the movie name but the movie i saw on dd metro director cuts movies. This was shown on DD sometime in the early eighties. Einstein & the World’s Most Famous Equation: E = mc2 Swaraj

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