Shocker has produced a new monster, Gebacondor, by assembling into one all the strong points of their previous monsters.

Tsukasa Kadoya is a civilian with an extraordinary power: to travel interdimensional worlds. Format: DVD. Pirazaurus experiments with the powerful deadly gas, “Mist of Death,” at a gogo house.

The Shocker monster Gireera schemes to throw capsules packed with a deadly poison powder into Japan's national reservoirs for their “Poison Water Strategy”. Later, Emu apologises for his actions, even though he doesn't know or understand why he did them.
He holds her Gashacon Bugvisor Ⅱ to his heart and tells her to destroy him, but she cannot, saying all she wants to do is play her game. Back to his office, Masamune is informed that Johnny Maxima, the CEO of Machina Vision asked for one Gamer Driver in exchange for their cooperation in manufacturing Kamen Rider Chronicle for worldwide distribution.

An amnesiac, happy go lucky boy uses the power of Agito to battle the Unknowns and unravel the mystery of his past. Yes, the attacks are shouted in English, but the subs are not there and the voices get drowned out by the explosions and music.

Later, with Genm Corp. now under Tsukuru Koboshi who gives the CR the Proto Gashats, a press conference is held to assure the public that the Bugster epidemic has been resolved. He goes to Tsukuru, and offers him a vast sum of money to cope with Burgermon's death and create a new Gashat that can be used against undead opponents. The series tells the story of a group of doctors who become Kamen Riders and use their power to fight the Bugsters, monsters created from a digital infection that originated from the video games that threaten the entire human race. ?」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「逆風からのtake off!」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「mysteryを追跡せよ!」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「仕組まれたhistory!」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「極限のdead or alive!」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「大志を抱いてgo together!」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「New game起動!」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「生存を賭けたplayers」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「勝者に捧ぐlove&peace!」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「Identityを超えて」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「We're 俺! Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? The others arrive as the battle ends, with Genm taking the Gashacon Sparrow and the Giri Giri Chambara Gashat and leaving.

This is a Kamen Rider season made for a whole new audience than initially intended back in 1971. The series tells the story of a young man who, according to visitors from the future, is destined to become a tyrant who will subjugate the entire world, and embarks in a journey across ... See full summary », Zawame-city is a company town where the Yggdrasil Corporation. They then get word of a new Bugster. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid (仮面ライダーエグゼイド Kamen Raidā Eguzeido) is a Japanese tokusatsu drama in Toei Company's Kamen Rider Series. Emu, Kiriya and Asuna arrive soon after to take the critically injured Taiga to be treated, as a disoriented Hiiro also leaves the scene. He doesn't want to seem bad because of it, so he went alone to get over his fear, but couldn't. At his hospital, Taiga confesses to Nico that it was his intention to have Hiiro blaming him for what happened to Saki for his sake. When he powers down, he faints again as a watching Taiga approaches from behind, and takes a sample of Emu's blood.

Doctor Shirakawa has invented a death ray but tries to seal his invention away, while his aid Shibata conspires with Shocker and is remodeled into the monster Geckogeras, making secret plans to take the death ray. A motorcycle-riding cyborg fights the evil organization that transformed him for their evil deeds. They enjoy dance battle and a sport that fighting between small... See full summary », Shinnosuke Tomari is a former elite police officer in the Metropolitan Police who after an event that traumatized one of his colleagues has been "demoted" into the Special Investigations ... See full summary ». The monster Urchindogma takes over the Ootaki village near Tobei's hometown in order to raise a massive amount of Urchindogma eggs. The Kamen Riders fall back with Asuna helping Emu, whose headache is getting worse. However, Hiiro refuses to trust him as he's lied so often already. He easily defeats the air-fleet summoned by the Bugster while telling Emu to leave as he will only ever care about himself now. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Meanwhile, Hiiro is approached by Parad and Graphite, who decided to face him together, and Taiga arrives to confront Graphite, leaving Hiiro to face Parad himself. 6 years ago, she was a terminally ill patient at the hospital nearing the end of her life, but disappeared with no record of her death. Ex-Aid seems to be stronger than normal, but shows no remorse or care for his actions. The series also integrates medical drama into the story because one of the main settings is a hospital and some of the main Riders are doctors. Hearing how Hiiro uses willpower to become a great doctor, Emu's collapses to the floor in pain with a headache, as his personality returns to the normal Emu, who has no idea how he got there. However, they both claim to be the real one: each one respectively calls himself M and Emu. Taiga explains that the Gashat Gear Dual β's two games are updated versions of their own, meaning he has half-ownership of the Gashat. Angered at how he has no Bugsters to call for support, Kuroto infects a large crowd with the Bugster Viruses to amass data on DoReMiFa Beat and Drago Knight Hunter Z as he can to complete his final game. "Christmas Special: The Targeted Silver Xmas!". Parad, tired of her helping humans, moves to delete her. ?」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「最強VS最強!」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「禁断のContinue! GAME START!

Realizing that the opposite must also be true, the two Bugsters leave. When Loverica talks again, Nico calls him lame, which causes him to be critically hit and fly off as he is defeated. Kuroto reveals that he deliberately infected himself to buy more time and lied about his feelings of remorse, revealing that he saw Emu as nothing more than an ideal guinea pig. S01:E43 - Mysterious Birdman Pranodon's Attack. Around that time, there is an outbreak of multiple attacks at blood banks. At Genm Corp, Masamune confronts Ren and threatens to use the Buggle Driver Ⅱ on him, but the Bugster reveals that the Driver was created for Busgter use and humans will be infected and killed should they try to use it. Taiga manages to recover his Bang Bang Shooting Gashat from Genm, and when Nico asks how he intends to defeat an immortal zombie, he reveals he has a plan.

Hiiro asks Emu why he became a doctor. When the others arrive, Ex-Aid Maximum Gamer takes on Parad while Brave Beat Quest Gamer, Snipe Simulation Gamer and Ride-Player Nico attack Poppy, scaring off the two Ride-Players.

Top subscription boxes – right to your door, Extended holiday return window till Jan 31, 2021, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Genm then destroys Motors without a second thought, reiterating that the Bugsters and Kamen Riders are both his pawns. Genm arrives to silence Emu, and they find their way onto the same battlefield. In the midst of this, the young girl Kumiko from the Wakakusa Garden orphanage witnesses one of the experimental wolfmen. Meanwhile, Hiiro demands Masamune to liberate Saki as he has already proven his loyalty, but before that, he gives him another task.

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