This was bad as well as a sad thing.

What food rules one should adopt in life was discussed at length. The physical, spiritual and emotional development of a person is dependent on the quality and quantity of food consumed.

The author has reinforced the value of basic ingredients found in an Indian kitchen – whether a rich man’s or a poor one’s – lemon, garlic, haldi, sattu, onions, green chilies and so on.

He hails from a Punjabi film background family of Delhi. Your email address will not be published. The jodi will celebrate their 10th anniv and AJ's mom, Veena's b'day, shh... shaadi ki saalgirah hai... aur maa ka b'day bhi!

Fats are essential and its absence would trigger a hormonal havoc in the human body, coconut oil does not make you feel hungry - numerous such healthy living tips were shared. ... Ajay Devgan chose to celebrate it at home quietly with family and close friends. It was heartening to read the explanation about the importance of different flavors – bitter included – in a regular diet. This website uses cookie or similar technologies, to enhance your browsing experience and provide personalised recommendations. Anil Devgan’s brother is the famous Bollywood actor, Ajay Devgn. It is not only the importance of a balanced diet that has been emphasized, but an equal emphasis has also been laid on balancing flavors and tastes as well.

The human body is made up of three sheaths, three components that comprise the body and its holistic health.

Kavita Devgan makes the significant observation of how our traditional thalis (food platters) always had food items consisting of balanced flavors. Copyright © 2020 Mid-Day Infomedia Ltd. All Rights Reserved. The foundation of healthy living, even for generations to come will not exist without looking back on the body of knowledge that is tradition and culture.

For more such interesting stories, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. His family belongs too Amritsar, India.

Actress, Kajol is her daughter-in-law. The writer is a nutritionist, weight management consultant and health writer based in Delhi. Homemade remedies using ajwain and jaggery is an excellent recipe for stomach disorders. It is not only the importance of a balanced diet that has been emphasized, but an equal emphasis has also been laid on balancing flavors and tastes as well. Family: Husband/Spouse: Veeru Devgan (Action Choreographer, died in May 2019) Children: Sons- Ajay Devgn (Actor), Anil Devgan (Director) Daughters- Neelam Devgan, Kavita Devgan: Parents: Names Not Known: Some Lesser Known Facts About Veena Devgan. Family: Husband/Spouse: Name Not Known: Children: Son- Aman Gandh, Daanish Gandhi Daughter- Not Known: Parents: Father- Veeru Devgan (Stunt Choreographer and Action Film Director) Mother- Veena Devgan (Film Producer) Siblings: Brother- Ajay Devgn Sister-Kavita Devgan The author has explained, with ample examples, and logic, how wellness is a holistic concept.

I was pleasantly surprised how a plain glass or milk, or a paan can help alleviate fatigue if consumed at the right time of the day. In her brilliant book, Kavita has held forth on the maxim, “Old Is Gold”. These ideas have been popular with our mothers and grandmothers – but we often dismissed them as unimportant. It was music to the ears when Kavita said, "Sugar is our enemy but not in moderation."

Make your own desserts she said, use jaggery, honey and any substitute of sugar that is not refined, she advised. Also helpful was the reason why different flavors are needed.

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