-ms-transform: skew(-45deg, 0); Quantity: 4000 rounds Manufacturer(s) @media only screen

Gas-operated, expanding gas piston operation line-height: 64px;

line-height: 46px;

Featuring our lightweight 16” barrel and a QDC Flash Suppressor, the 16” CC upper is the ultimate choice in battle rifle performance. $('.sc-icon-big-half-2', $quickfinderItem).stop(true).animate({color: icon_half_2_color}); It has a MilSpec buffer tube that works with a 6 position retractable crane stock which holds a standard 9.6v nunchuck battery.

$('.sc-icon-half-1, .sc-icon-half-2, .quickfinder-item-link', $quickfinderItem).stop(true).animate({color: background_color}); .quickfinder { } function () {

30 rounds

Barrel: 16” (40.64cm) Lightweight Contour, 5R Cut Rifle, Chrome Lined, 1:10 RH Twist } left: -100%; $('.sc-icon-half-1', $quickfinderItem).stop(true).animate({color: icon_half_1_color}); $('.sc-icon-half-2, .quickfinder-item-link', $quickfinderItem).stop(true).animate({color: icon_half_2_color}); height: 25px; .sc-icon-big .sc-icon-big-half-2 {

position: relative; width: fit-content; /* Portrait and Landscape */ }, The KAC SR-16 is a AR variant carbine manufactured by Knight's Armament Company (KAC). Knight's Armament Company padding-right: 2% !important;

border-radius: 50%; The first stage is a ‘no-poundage’ stage where hardly any resistance is felt during the rear-ward squeeze.

- YouTube }

} } Cyclic rate } -webkit-transform: skew(-45deg, 0); .quickfinder-item { The SR-25 16” Combat Carbine Upper kit is the latest evolution in the lightweight 7.62mm NATO Carbine platform. color: #000; /* Better Font Rendering =========== */ -moz-border-radius: 50%; NFA; Non-NFA; SR-30. -ms-transform: skew(45deg, 0); var $quickfinderItem = $(this); "rgba(74,74,74,1)" : "white"); /* text-decoration: inherit;*/ $quickfinderItem.removeClass('hover'); Products. -moz-transform: skew(-45deg, 0); }

$('.sc-icon-big-half-2', $quickfinderItem).stop(true).animate({color: icon_half_2_color}); -webkit-transform: skew(45deg, 0); Fits KAC SR-15/SR-16 … -moz-transform: skew(45deg, 0); It also comes with the URX rail (Upper Receiving Free Floating Rail System). United States of America

@media only screen .vc_col-xs-1 {

display: inline-block; SR-16: 14.5 inches (36.8 centimeters)SR-16E3: 11.5 inches (29.3 centimeters)

var background_color = $('.sc-icon-big', $quickfinderItem).css('backgroundColor'); Weight: 5.75lbs (2.60kg) var icon_half_2_color = $('.sc-icon-half-2', $quickfinderItem).css('color'); document.getElementById("copyright_year").innerHTML = new Date().getFullYear(); Knights Armament SR-16E3 CQB Mod2 Tan Auf dem Handguard sind sie hingegen eingraviert. Country of origin Chrome plated. /* content: "\eaf2";*/ .inner {

font-family: 'icomoon' !important; })(jQuery); Technical specifications $quickfinderItem.addClass('hover'); .sc-icon-big {

The 16” CC provides 7.62mm NATO performance in a package of comparable weight and size to common lower caliber platforms. } @media screen Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

SR-16: 31.8 inches (80.7 centimeters) with stock retractedSR-16E3: 29 - 32 inches (73.6 - 81.6 centimeters) The Knights Armament SR-16E3 Carbine MOD2 Tan features an 16” inch metal outer barrel with an orange tip flash hider compatible with the Echo1 MK1 SR556 Quick Detach mock suppressors.

line-height: 124px; .icon-adjustment { $(this).hover(function (ev) { /* ----------- iPhone 5, 5S, 5C and 5SE ----------- */

/* font-style: normal;*/ Produktinformationen "Knights Armament SR15 E3 MOD2 M-LOK Black, (S)AEG" G&G schafft es mit dieser Waffe, die Kinght´s Armament SR30 auch mit Originalmarkings und Lizenzen dem Airsoft Markt zugänglich zu machen.

.sc-icon-big.angle-45deg-l .sc-icon-big-half-1, width: 84px; [5] The SR-47 and SR-50, chambered for 7.62×39mm and .50 BMG, respectively, are discontinued.

The Knights Armament SR16-E3 Carbine MOD2 Black features an 16” inch metal outer barrel with an orange tip flash hider compatible with the Echo1 MK1... G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider-L Airsoft Gun width: 25px; They feed from box magazines, most of which are either the 20-round or 30-round variety (each variety, save for the 5-round magazines, should be downloaded by two rounds - 28 for 30, 18 for 20, etc. and (max-device-width: 1300px) .sc-icon.angle-45deg-r .back-angle { Knight's Armament Company .sc-icon.sc-simple-icon {

.sc-icon-big.angle-45deg-l .back-angle { }); $(function () {

If the bolt is locked open, simply press the serrated "paddle" portion of the bolt catch in with the thumb to close the bolt and chamber a cartridge. line-height: 80px;

font-variant: normal;


.sc-icon-big .back-angle { display: block; /* color: #f3f3f3;*/ } speak: none; Dimensions: 6mm

$('.quickfinder-item-effect-background-reverse').each(function () { .vc_col-lg-2 { 1x Lancer Tactical .20g Precision BB's 4000rd... Knights Armament SR-16E3 Carbine Tan by Echo1, Knights Armament SR-16E3 CQB MOD2 Tan by Echo1, Knights Armament SR-16E3 Carbine MOD2 Black by Echo1, G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider-L Airsoft Gun, G&G .20g High Quality BB (5000 BB Bag) White, Knights Armament SR-16E3 CQB MOD2 Black by Echo1, Lancer Tactical M4 Magazine 300RD High Capacity Gen2, Lancer Tactical .20g Precision BB's 4000rd Bag, Fore-end: Knights Armament 12" URX Rail Full Metal, Inner Barrel: 363mm lenght, 6.06mm inner diameter, Knights Armament Licensed Micro Sights Metal, Retractable Stock, holds nunchuck batteries, 1x Knights Armament SR16-E3 Carbine Tan by Echo1, 1x Knights Armament Micro Frlip Up Sights (Front & Rear).

'#postTitle' + $(this).data('pid') : '#postTitle' + finder;

-o-transform: skew(-45deg, 0); width: 12.66666667% !important; .vc_col-xs-1 { $quickfinderItem.removeClass('hover'); overflow: hidden; Once the magazine is empty, the bolt will lock open. and (min-device-width: 1101px) Length -webkit-border-radius: 0; Like the AR-15, it features an inline gas piston system which operates on expanding gas, using the pressure generated by the gas inside the hollowed-out bolt carrier to cycle the weapon. NOTE: Will not fit in any gun/barrel other than Knight's Armament SR-15 with E3 barrel extension. width: 19.25% !important; The magazines are the same magazines that the AR-15 uses. With notable features like select-fire and true ambidextrous capability, it helped to further establish KAC as a world-renowned firearms manufacturer. } function () { $('.sc-icon-half-1, .sc-icon-half-2', $quickfinderItem).stop(true).animate({color: '#ffffff'}); } position: relative; Includes a complete bolt with extractor, ejector and gas rings. Remember to check "Also post on Facebook" when commenting to qualify for the giveaways!

text-decoration: none; Have an urgent question about this item? /*Fonts for Weapon Feautures --- END*/ © AirsoftMaster.com. font-size: 37px; Feed system @media only screen /* left: 23%;*/ font-size: 1.5em; A ll of the weapons available from Knight’s Armament come equipped with a 4.5lb, 2-Stage Match Trigger. float: right; The Knights Armament SR-16E3 CQB MOD2 Tan features an 11.5 inch metal outer barrel with an orange tip flash hider compatible with the Echo1 MK1 SR556 Quick... Knights Armament SR16-E3 Carbine Mod2 Black

[Source] • [Talk]. opacity: 1; -webkit-border-radius: 0; The SR-16 is a lightweight, gas-operated, magazine-fed, air-cooled, shoulder-fired weapons. NFA; Non-NFA; SR-25 . $('.sc-icon-big-half-1, .sc-icon-big-half-2', $quickfinderItem).stop(true).animate({color: background_color}); .sc-icon .sc-icon-half-2 { transform: skew(45deg, 0);

height: 50px; height: 37px; and (min-device-width: 320px) Auf dem Magazinschacht sind auf beiden Seiten sauber die Markings tiefengeprägt. Primary Menu. $('.sc-icon-big-half-1', $quickfinderItem).stop(true).animate({color: icon_half_1_color});

font-weight: normal; height: 64px;

}, transform: skew(45deg, 0); and (max-device-width: 736px)

} G&G is one of the name brands that makes high quality airsoft guns and accessories. Action The G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider line is G&G’s best selling line of beginner AEG on the market, and it has been that way for good... G&G .20g High Quality BB (5000 BB Bag) White $('.quickfinder-item-effect-border-reverse').each(function () { display: inline-block; BOLT Airsoft Knights Armament SR16 - ready to play! and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2) { /* Portrait and Landscape */ transform: skew(-45deg, 0); } } At this point, turn the selector switch to the mode of fire of choice (semi, auto), and fire the weapon. (function ($) { -moz-transform: skew(45deg, 0); /* font-size: 29em;*/

The SR-16 model of rifle was developed by Knight's Armament Company in the early 2000's as an improvement upon the tried and true AR15 platform. KAC is owned by C. Reed Knight and is based in Titusville, Florida.

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