I know he is YOUR soulmate, but I'm sorry, you can't be his, because he has treated you like shit - going off with another woman, making you feel it's your fault for being overweight, and now jumping at the idea of freedom to fuck around. For instance: Why do we enter relationships with built-in restrictions, i.e., “I will only sleep with you even if I someday don’t want that?” Why do we allow these restrictions to be set up for us by a society so slow to catch up to the members of its populace?

Two of your examples are BETTER than reality. I have exactly the reverse reaction: why wouldn't you be?

Is it because you're afraid she'll find better and leave you? And she may learn to love someone else as a partner. She would be best placed to give you sensible advice I think. Never jump off that cliff before being 200% sure. That’s easy and you’ll need few seconds to figure things out.

I'm ok with my partner(s) sleeping with or falling in love with other people because I feel secure in my relationship with them. If there is complete openness and honesty. Having sex with someone who isn’t your partner when your partner hasn’t agreed to it?

A few weeks ago, we began toying with the idea of opening up our relationship more seriously, beginning with me asking him to sleep with someone else while he was on a business trip.

Neither would 82 per cent of people polled by OnePulse, who answered ‘no’ when asked if they’d allow their partner to sleep with someone else if they no longer wanted sex. Regardless of what happens, sex, more, less, an emotional connection, a relationship, a fling, etc.., we know about it. This subreddit discusses news, views, and issues around polyamory, polyfidelity, poly people, and related issues. Most people just automatically get defensive.

Plenty of couples managed to overcome such a problem and moved on with spending their lives together. It is about needs being met, on all levels.

It isn't about not spending time at home with you. But it in no way reflects on you; it's not something done to YOU; it's a stupid thing that often costs the other person, but that's THEIR problem. It’s a fantastic cycle. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. Not about them. When former Apprentice star Saira Khan admitted on Loose Women that she’d given her husband permission to have sex with someone else because she’d lost her sex drive, it made headlines. Some people – usually satisfied-and-settled singles or couples who both have the same dwindling sex drives – will happily trade sex for box sets and other shared pleasures.

To consider letting DD stay alone overnight? Lust is an immensely powerful emotion and can drive people to make life-changing decisions. You, your partner, your partner's partner.

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