The mount was nice and I was very pleased with how it handled a 30lb c11 OTA.

I will be following this post (And the other here) on what it has to offer. There were a few points of contention that I had regarding what should be, in my opinion, "core functionality." Review: A Year with the Explore Scientific / Losmandy G-11 with PMC-Eight Steve Siedentop.

For the Gemini Mount Parameters Setup menu do you need to enter custom gearing settings since the RA gear is essentially a Titan now or does that automatically change in the updated firmware? The EQMod ASCOMPad driver works well with the PMC-Eight and your favorite game controller if you are interested in having a physical controller.

The UI is a bit less than intuitive in some places, but overall, it’s easy to use.

If you already have a G11 w/ Gemini 2 is this just a simple upgrade? i'm around 4" PE, and under 1" guided on an orion 80 short tube with lodestar. Refactoring the driver as a server is something that is actively being worked on. There is also an INDI driver for the mount if you're a Stellarmate/KStars/Astroberry fan. Join our mailing list to get the latest deals and more. How's the PE working out with the tucked motors? The other thing that I like about Losmandy is that you can pick up the phone and talk to the guy that makes these things! Having used the mounts very extensively for both visual and Electronically Assisted Astronomy(EAA) with a variety of scope types ranging from an 80mm APO to a 14” Meade LX-200 I feel like I’m finally ready to talk about if the mount lived up to the expectations I had of its excellence. Note for those using the PMC-Eight for the first time:  You can use either the Explore Stars app on a tablet or the ASCOM/INDI driver on a Windows/Linux device. Please ignore the unfinished parts on my G11 dec, that is an early kit of the tucked in motors. The controller itself is probably a bit over-engineered but is rock solid. Because of this, it is more than smooth! approximate the weight of your telescope setup, add that to the weight bar, loosen RA, move it roughly parallel to the ground while carefully holding everything, and just adjust the weights by moving them closer or farther as needed, I personally try to keep multiple weights together, and keep them closer to the center of the mount rather than push them way out to the end, DSLR, Mirrorless & General-Purpose Digital Camera DSO Imaging, Community Forum Software by IP.BoardLicensed to: Cloudy Nights, This is not recommended for shared computers. so that's all my existing stuff. regarding how much weight to shift it, it really depends on your OTA. I assume it's either an additional "gearbox" or a belt that's been added to couple the worm with the existing gearbox.

I have been looking for a used G11 for some time now; saving my quarters and dimes. So how about the g8? The Explore Scientific PMC-Eight incarnation is no different and includes the RA Extension option which allows the mount to be used with the largest telescopes sold by Explore Scientific.

I also really like that most of the accessories/tripods are interchangeable form the g8 to g11. This is also true if you simply need to rebalance the scope or switch scopes. What's cost? If you are someone that can not/will not work on their own equipment I think that the Losmandy mounts are not that much of an advantage from the Chinese competitors from Meade and Celestron besides the nicer machining on them. The reason I upgraded my observatory g11 to the Olivia gear is that it is used almost exclusively for EAA. Tracking   Tracking is what I expected from a mount in this class. You'll find on the Groups.IO page that folks are also using The Sky X, Stellarium, SkySafari (with WifiScope), Cartes du Ciel, and AstroTelescope (Mac application that uses INDI).

Edited by mega256, 24 March 2017 - 11:22 AM. My second unit is setup almost like the first. Not bad at all. If imaging is your thing, stick with the ASCOM or INDI driver. THe mount is just so sturdy and beefy. These new mounts are really exciting. I'm to the point now where I'm happy to recommend the mount. Comparing the G11T and G11 RA, it's night and day. ASCOM Driver code is available for anyone to view.

I really like that! Would you be able to do full-blown astrophotography with it?

From what I can see the limiting factor is the G11 DEC. For visual use, a spot-on polar alignment is not necessary, as the app dynamically points/tracks on both axes to compensate for drift due to a less than accurate polar alignment.

Just a quick note - the G11T (as it's been explained to me) is basically a G11 with a Titan RA. ASCOM gotos through Cartes du Ciel (or your favorite scope control application) are as spot-on as you would expect provided you have a good physical polar alignment starting out.

I wish I could come up with another adjective but all that comes to mind is..... beefy. With Celestron and Meade you also only need a two-star alignment. The G-11 is often described as a "bargain premium mount." There were some growing pains early on, but I'm very happy with the mount and its performance. Excellent pics it sure looks nice. The g11 was certainly a much more solid mount! Not sure what upgrade you are referring to however, you may want to just call Losmandy. One thing that is a chore with the Gemini is that the system really needs at least a 3-4 star alignment to have decent pointing accuracy. I haven't seen any focusing vibrations.

I do not autoguide this setup as I do not use exposures longer than 60sec and did notice some elongation in the stars in some exposures.

i forget total cost, but i'm guessing around 2500? With the g11 this was no longer possible.

The mount did not come with the spring washer on the RA axis. That being said, i have to collimate my RC better, so I may be missing something that i will be able to see once that's done,. The reason for this is that have one permanently mounted in a roll-of-roof observatory.

It looks great. You’ll find lots of good info, along with the good, the bad, and the ugly. I had a specific question in regards to the DC out port on the mount and I was able to get an answer within minutes just by picking up the phone and calling. And again I really like that everything is made right here in the USA! Because this is an open-source project, anyone in the community can take it upon themselves to refactor the driver as well. I have the new G11T here for the next few days and wanted to share with you my excitement over this new mount and give a bit of a first impressions and tour. On the Parameters, i had to enter it manually. Would really love this mount for imaging. What I have is the G11T RA, and I am upgrading my G11 to make it a full G11T. If you want to upgrade to the G11T, yes there is an upgrade path. Explore Scientific is the only company I've found that has provided this level of accessibility and transparency. i haven't had a chance to see what the periodic error is yet, i did some roughed in guiding and it was around 1-2" via PHD2 and ONAG, so it looks okay but seeing here in los angeles in the red zone is probably causing that havoc.

The smoothness of the mount is matched nicely by the very fine machining of all the components. I had one for a relatively short time that I got as part of a trade. The Chinese mounts (with the exception of the iOptrons) have a fatal flaw for those of us who don't want to …

You currently have javascript disabled. The process is well documented on multiple websites, but rather than learn the process, I opted to upgrade to the one-piece worm block on each axis and found the adjustment process to be easy and simple. Everything is very easy to do and I like that no specialty tools are required. I have quite a bit of imaging time under my belt and I’ve been able to guide at .1 to .2 arcseconds on nights with good seeing. Are you seeing any vibrations when focusing and how long are dampening times? Looks like you're imaging with the new setup. Weight limit - Losmandy is quoting 75lbs weight capacity.

I would love some feedback on the G11T - when balancing the RA axis of the G11T, how much movement of the weight along the shaft is needed to change from being weight heavy to being telescope heavy ? At this point, I have used a dozen other mounts in this class that are made in China and none of them come close in the precision and finish of all the components. My journey with the Losmandy line of mounts started way before I first owned one.

I also had to swap out the RA extension plate on the DEC, i guess it needs a slight update (or at least mine does), which Scott provided to me, Next up is mounting the OTA and balancing, which surprisingly i can still do on my own. First up are some comparisons to the G11 and first impressions (NOTE: if someone can explain to me how to upload pics so they show inline, please pm me because I can't get it to work).

I've had the PMC-Eight for a little over a year.

Edited by rkaufmann87, 06 April 2018 - 10:20 AM. Thanks - I agree with you and have contacted Losmandy.

i'm using an ONAG so it's doing autofocus for me.

The driver is not written as a server, so you'll need to use POTH for multiple connections to the mount if you're guiding via ASCOM. Give Losmandy a call, something does not sound right. I can move an 11 lb weight by more than half the length of the shaft before it moves one way or the other. or better; Low temperature operation: 0 F ; Equatorial Head Weight 62 lbs. Need any replacement component? you buy, the bigger tripod adapter, if you don't already have the RA extensions, you'll need to pick that up as well (you can then just pop off your G11 DEC and put it on the G11T in about 30 seconds). It was limited to using the Meade LXD-75 and the Celestron equivalent Advanced GT mount. I've been a G11 user since Scott first sold them to Celestron back in 1992. If you know Titan mount, this is probably old hat for you, but for us poor G11 guys, it's just an amazing thing. Carrying capacity wise I had mounted a 60lb 14″ LX-200 on the g11 and it carried it well for both visual use and EAA. There were some growing pains early on, but I'm very happy with the mount and its performance. The ES folks are engaged and accessible on Groups.IO and respond quickly to questions and issues.

Actually the only change I made was to set RA gearing to -270 (yes, minus) and everything else stayed the same.

it's a pretty simple iterative process. The new G11T with the Gemini looks to be a worth while upgrade for me. The gear diameter of the G11T is 172mm for precise tracking under load. it's just the perfect upgrade - it was a little too much for the G11, and not so much as to require a Titan (and the Titan price tag), There is definitely an update for the gemini firmware, the gemini hand unit, and there looks like a cgi script that needs replacing as well. It is fully collapsible and certainly comparatively light. I've had the PMC-Eight for a little over a year.

I really like them. ES migrated from Yahoo Groups to Groups.IO. Very nice! Open Source Community I attended the PMC-Eight User Conference in 2018 and really enjoyed meeting the people at Explore Scientific and touring the facilities. Support The level of support for this product is what I've come to expect from Explore Scientific.

If you are familiar with updating your firmware, it's super easy (if not, well, read up!). The g8 mounts are rated for 40lb and the g11 is rated for 70lb. Intro: My journey with the Losmandy line of mounts started way before I first owned one. The upside to the Gemini system is that if you do not move the mount the “model” that it builds of the sky is good to use on the next observing session with just a simple sync to a single star. Quite a few users have posted PHD guide logs on the Groups.IO website for reference. I do have the tucked in motor upgrade on my G11 and from what I can see it has no appreciable impact on PE.

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