All the old playstyle settings are still available; I expect custom difficulties to be a feature mainly for experienced power gamers looking for something just for them. – You can now place blueprints separately for different types of buildings in a monument, so you can make them of different materials. Please keep it coming. Easy on the cargo pods.– Make extracting psychic amplifiers more difficult.– Increase chance random mech clusters a bit and reduce the min points.– Inferno turret fires slower and costs more for the storyteller to use.– Significantly reduce health of large mech turrets.– Remove minRefireDays from ManhunterPack incident.– Reduce explosive mortar radius from 3.5 to 2.9.– Royal ascent quest now is sent after 35 days instead of 18, at the earliest.– Royal aid soldiers now arrive with biocoded armor.– Quest giving factions get annoyed if you destroy their monument within 15 days after building it.– Build monument decree quest now causes a minor negative mood if the player if the monument is destroyed within 15 days.– Increase health of mech problem causers.– Firefoam filth cleaningWorkToReduceThickness increased to 100. – Psycast – Farskip: Skip the caster, along with anyone standing near him, to an ally at a distant location. Reduce resource yield from destroying/disassembing mechs and their buildings. — Jealous: If you use another weapon while bonded, get a memory thought “weaponname’s jealous rage -15” for 1 day. – Psycasts can now have psyfocus costs: This lets us create psycasts that are useful over the long term instead of just in combat.

It also very slowly ticks down over time. This kind of focus object is very accessible, but not quite as powerful as other methods. For general support or questions please email: [email protected], Data protection and privacy handling policies are the responsibility of Tynan Sylvester: [email protected]. IsSpawningBlockedPermanently checks proper location. We now handle direct log messages as well (e.g. Fixes This is for general web development work, across all aspects of our websites: This is intermittent work paid hourly as it happens. The reward is chosen semi-randomly according to the raider faction, and placed in the inventory of a few of the raiders. – Fix: Quest helper went wild man, now wandering around on map, can’t arrest or empire becomes hostile. – Colonists with bloodlust no longer suffer a mood debuff when harvesting organs. – Praetors can now give speeches. Your posts and certain profile information may remain even after you terminate your account. There are a thousand tasks, large and small, involved in running a growing remote indie studio which aren’t directly related to development. – Fix: Unfogging adjacent cells of buildings which are more than 1×1 of size doesn’t work properly.

– Change psychic entropy fall rate to be measured per second instead of per 30 seconds.

– New psycast – Waterskip: Drops some water at the target point, extinguishing nearby fires. – Fix: Translation files cleaner stripped away (*Name)(/Name) tags on keyed translations. Improvements spamming them on raiders during battles).– FireFoam graphic improved.– Hostility mode dropdown now displays icon.– Add custom art and name for the light charge blaster used by mech turrets.– “Select monument marker” now only selects the monument instead of moving the camera.– Implemented QuestNode_AddRangeToList.– Improve debug output for future incidents.– Updated player-created names and backstories from those who bought Name in Game access. Manage contracts for our contractors, likely working with lawyers to do so, keeping tabs over who is signed for when, and so on. The throneroom is a social gathering place, but it is also a meditation temple expressing deep traditions of an honor-bound culture. – Fix: Incorrect pluralisation in goodwill letter text and removed reference to asker in success/failure letter to match quest text. Big thanks to everyone who helped test this update! — Melee dodge Our site may include links to other websites or services whose privacy practices may differ from Ludeon’s. – Added various loading tips. — Kill-focused: A pawn who kills someone with the weapon gains 20% psyfocus instantly. — Calm thoughts: Thought while bonded “[weaponName]’s calm thoughts +3” Reduced yield for gold. Except where an exception or exemption applies, these rights include the right to access, correct, and request deletion your personal information. These are all modified by the possibility of adding helpers, different guests with different conditions, and so on.– Quests’ reward value is now always at least 250 silver, no matter how small the quest.– Quest guests can now only be downed or sick if quest points are over 300.– Non-royal guests can now have mood threshold set only if quest points are over 400.– Helpers can no longer generate for 1-star hospitality quests (since these quests have no violent threats).– Reworked how the guest count for quests is generated, taking points into account better, and adjusted the rate to have fewer guests at really low points levels.– Hosting quests can only use 2 or 3 challenge stars above specific points thresholds.– Random quests no longer generate at all under 100 points, and lerp to generating as normal at 200 points.– Tune random quest selection weights for more variation.– You can no longer get quests about fighting mech clusters at unreasonably low points levels.– You can no longer get infestation quests at unreasonably low points levels. (Its original purpose was to remove from the player the micromanagement burden of casting psycasts like Focus over and over on workers, which would have been a good strategy without it). This update should be fully compatible with all savegames and mods. Casting this takes three hours of meditation, and afterwards, the caster will go into a three-day psychic coma. – New system for handling time limits on caravan encounter maps.

– Add some text content to refugee hospitality quest. – Fix: Wild men who are incapable of violence can hunt animals for food. Although most web browsers automatically accept cookies, some browsers’ settings can be modified to decline cookies or alert you when a website is attempting to place a cookie on your computer. This can be overridden if desired. You can place meditation spots on the ground and assign them to colonists, though if you don’t they’ll try to find an optimal spot themselves anyway.

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