The graph is correct for the type of data collected (line or bar? On the graph below, draw a line that shows the predicted population of the lynx. T}��I�3+�%A_�{��}f��*�. Part 1: Predation between the snowshoe hare and the Canadian lynx Study this predation example to learn about the typical growth patterns of Canadian lynx and snowshoe hares. h�bbd``b`� $Z��* �n$uA� b=�8"6��� � Answer: When the hare population is low, the lynx may eat more ptarmigan, thereby reducing its population. Questions (answer each question in a complete sentence with the question rephrased in your answer. stream endstream endobj startxref Look at the pattern in Sometimes changes are the result of humans interfering with food webs or habitats. 2 0 obj Questions are not written out in lab book, Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites. 3. ���[N��͍Q7���bӞh b\Β�B 7i �V��+A?

"�=�ژ6�K %��%e��N�7����tR�_vI��M'p6e���j ��

The data shows a 200 year history of cyclical population booms and busts in the snowshoe hare population and a slightly delayed population boom and bust in the lynx population. <>

For each animal make a plot of population totals (the first two columns) versus generation number. Detailed company records list the number of snowshoe hare pelts and the number of lynx pelts collected by hunters and trappers every year since the late 1700’s. It illustrates the relationship between the size of the hare population and the size of the lynx population. (1 point) The hare population … 7. Do not copy the questions in your lab book!) 374 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<4BAA527B9E36F342A87EA6305FA12713>]/Index[352 45]/Info 351 0 R/Length 101/Prev 176396/Root 353 0 R/Size 397/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream h��ZmO�8�+�Xt��w'R��@��KK%ć�M!�i7�u��y��d���U'�jj������'Y�Q�a4a�-�-R�l�d�)a[(�Tْ)������ �J[Jb@;U$ږ�pF�b�N�Z�VM���O%25V9cDQ���8�\B�N+a��Ϋ9�(bR-�M2>99�7Ŕm�ݗ���t�)sM�_'��|�g�"9>O.��y>KNF��N�w�}ϻ��%���ߊdr�o�ڡ�"�ڮ�������ʫ"�˝�rU���߭�ź\ܿO�EUVۃ䲸/7�z�j4]~.�ɷ�jV�m7�Ng���F�JNƧ����a`qr���(����J�Ӣy�9M�f�����l������o�k'�1��u]g���m_M�����A�T� 1 0 obj %PDF-1.5 %���� 396 0 obj <>stream What population has the highest population peaks? ��g2o��r��.�56a,�{:� ���t�|���}�J;��d��k�&E.҉��\���� đ�2c�����).���m P��EN�'�t���G(�Ke2�� �������8�o�O�L� ���aD�^��%th튁kWx����f|Ю! 00uF i�9pG�10�� ��H � G�+� Questions are not written out in lab book. <>/Metadata 1307 0 R/ViewerPreferences 1308 0 R>> 9����c�C�c�AX h�b```f``j``e`�.`�c@ >�(G� ���-7xV�@���t�ծ�]W�\řW��CxGG�zGG3�U yP=@��i � ��ǚ�'`�,�Y�~`FS� ���/9Ct?���R�� ���$��Lg v How does the lynx population change in comparison to the hare population? %%EOF Use the data to answer questions 1-3. When the hare population is high, the ptarmigan population may be high as well, since lynx prefer hares.

Q7. ), Trends from graph explained (what does the data show?

8. You should notice a … 3 0 obj Questions answered in complete sentences. %���� Describe how the fluctuations in the snowshoe hare population numbers might affect the population of ptarmigan. In this lab, what factor limits the population growth of the hares? Lynx and the Hare Population Activity is a paper-and-pencil activity helps students learn about predator-prey population fluctuations as shown in this Flinn Biology Minute. ), Includes conclusion and specific data to support conclusion, One way to improve or extend lab to answer new questions. Placed in the proper place in the laboratory report. %PDF-1.5 Sample Answer: Both choices A and D would result in an increase in the hare population. Observe the graph you created based on the Snowshoe Hare & Canada Lynx. Choice C would result in a decline, but not to zero. (2001-27) According to the graph, addition of ���r�ϋ��ㇳ����W�cR����=M׵=��3��Yy7Z�� <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 352 0 obj <> endobj 1.

E�L�E�$� ����QB���5��;����7�8�er#$��bE�]���ME�/�M|s��?��r ��$��r�[[sTY� g͂e\Y���OO��!�%�.�����3 ), Summary of procedures (what was done in the simulation? :�o�+������7�%�7�������� d�O�A�j�Os�A۽q' z��[Nm̃e���a=�\-?,J;� Bi��hg@*�3݄\P�C.x�CfO���� Za��|F�g��׃&Ү�е>�l �ܶ?f���/�u].F�M�����:y�פ'�����܏�J5N��� 1. Name_____ Date_____ Hour_____ Hare and Lynx Populations: Predator Prey Inquiry Lesson Populations are always changing. (. Answer the following questions on this sheet of paper followed by creating the graph with the data under “Populations of Snowshoe Hare & Canada Lynx.” Use full sentence structure when answering. Notice how each population has a boom (when there are too many lynxes or hares for the available resources) and a bust (when many hares or lynxes die and very few are left) pattern. But even when humans do not interfere, populations will still naturally shift up and down or fluctuate. (2004-29) This graph shows the sizes of lynx and hare populations between the years of 1845 and 1940. 4 0 obj If a predator of the lynx enters the food chain, you might expect the number of — a. lynx and hares to become equal b. lynx to increase c. hares to increase d. hares and lynx to decrease . By plotting the hare population and the lynx population side by side on the same graph, the relationship between the two should become very clear. endobj <> Lynx-Hare Cycles Look at the graph. 2. Visit Flinn Canada. B�IU�?�j7�P�w]���:�䷡h�g�Y��ةƋ/K�|��ӫ����y�Jг��5�v�r� On graph paper/neatly constructed with a ruler OR done on computer. endobj 0 7S��.��ѯ�g�#h�zM[]��z��qUa[s�Ɯ�-Δ�&�� mP����&9{�6$�h �}?���c������(�������ru5�� Hl/�`����}�^e �$8�@�@ ��HlHd`bd�iM�g�� � �X

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