Frangible Wounding (Perk) (Offsets reduced damage from suppressor). The rear grip is another must-have to boost the weapon’s mobility. It’s all worth it in the end, though. An optic will greatly increase your effective range and open up new opportunities. Note that you need to have the .41 AE 32-Round Mags in order to unlock this gun's true potential.

While some of the named blueprint variants like the XRK M4 are available with any purchase of. If you want to get sweaty, you are going to want to have two different loadouts. Use the, Fennec is another fast-firing powerhouse that can shred up close. Throwing on the Commando Foregrip gives us a little more recoil control that makes this thing fire like a laser.

It has good utility value and can support the team well. unlocks the M4A1 at only level 6, which can likely be achieved in a player's first round. Laser showing is no issue at handgun range, Pulls trigger faster to get rounds down range faster, Ability to hold a weapon in each hand. It can sustain accurate fire over long distance using mounting mechanics, while being effective enough up close. Increased range and recoil control for better 5.56 control, Increases reload speed quite significantly without any drawbacks, Increased range and damage better suited for open battle zones of Warzone. While some of the named blueprint variants like the XRK M4 are available with any purchase of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare , the free version of Warzone unlocks the M4A1 at only level 6, which can likely be achieved in a player's first round. Having a weapon that will handle the same way every time is incredibly useful, and thus loadouts offer a key advantage to players, including their pre-planned perks. Related: Warzone: How To Make Your Cluster Strike Perfectly Accurate. Decreased ADS time is manageable with FSS Close Quarters Stock, Ample amount of ammo allowing for non-stop suppression of areas, Ammo may be scarce in Battle Royale, so having the most amount of ammo from start makes sense, Unique Oden attachment that prevents showing up on minimap while increasing recoil control. It also takes at least 25 rounds of gameplay to unlock if you didn't do so in the last season, so some grinding is needed. The M4A1 assault rifle and its variants continue to top lists of the best assault rifles available in Warzone. Its unique 5.56 ammo conversion also allows it to serve as a semi-assault rifle for longer range engagements, allowing for more flexibility in loadout setups, PKM has a large default magazine size and a very controllable recoil, able to dish out good & consistent damage across a long distance. Kar98k is for those that wants a longer one-shot-kill range weapon but don't want to be burdened down by a Sniper Rifle.

Details of these recommended weapons can be found below. A easy to shoot weapon suitable for players that hasn't mastered the recoil control mechanics, FR 5.56's main drawback is that when up close, it doesn't kill as fast as the faster firing guns so place your shots toward target's head . For one loadout, we go with EOD, Overkill, and Amped. One is the, SPR 208 an unlockable marksman rifle at Tier 15. The M4A1 is still one of the easiest to use and versatile weapons in the game, despite numerous balancing and changes. A powerful long-range handgun, .50 GS's heavy recoil and slower firing speed is not optimal as a main weapon to keep around. RPG-7 has a wide explosion radius and can clear out bunkers quickly. What a horrible list. Moderate weight increase affects agility. This way, you can swap out your secondary for the MP7 while having the more useful Ghost perk active. A fast firing & accurate assault rifle, RAM-7 has more recoil than M4A1 thus requires more skills to be effective. As it has a distinct recoil pattern that pulls to the left, it needs some skills to use but will yield great rewards if mastered, MP7 is an easy to use SMG that shoots very fast and has a large default magazine size. Renetti has decent range and extremely easy to control recoil, making it a solid sidearm for beginner players that can't handle the wild recoil of .50 GS or .357. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Without decent attachments, it's hard first-shot recoil can make follow-up shots difficult. The Jouster setup is perfect if you want to use the SP-R like more of a mid-range DMR than a sniper.

FR 5.56 features a 3 shot burst mechanics that when controlled can be very potent and accurate even to targets that are far away. Each player has a unique playstyle with every weapon, but this guide will provide you with a solid setup you can use to start fragging with the M4A1. The best Assault Rifle in Warzone is still the Grau. Aim to increase its ADS speed and the weapon's good handling will cover the rest. Perfect for mowing down fully armored teams, or providing suppressive fire! Good value, should be used, Increased ADS with tons of buffs. And the Season 4 nerf did very little to curb its dominance.

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