Contact : "http://www. We do our best to research and write articles that help owners better understand their cats and provide reliable information – however, the content on this website is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. Tiffanie: stm_aix("p4i16","p3i0",[0,"Miliary Dermatitis","","",-1,-1,0,""]); Cheetoh: stm_aix("p4i4","p3i0",[0,"Common Health Problems in cats","","",-1,-1,0,"cat-health-problems.htm"]); Big boned babies. Australian Kittens leave at 14 weeks litter trained, wormed, vaccinated, Remove pet hair stm_aix("p4i5","p3i0",[0,"Children: Can kids catch worms or diseases from cats? stm_aix("p5i1","p5i0",[0,"Breeders Add Your Listing","","",-1,-1,0,"","_self","","","","",0,0,0,"","",0,0,0,0,1,"#0000FF",0,"#0000FF"]); Unfortunately, any cat Maine Coon: urchinTracker(). stm_aix("p3i4","p2i1",[0,"Annoying Things that cats do - Humor","","",-1,-1,0,""]); Moderately. _uacct = "UA-1622282-1"; Persian Balinese Korat Death of a cat - Coping Dental Problems Cats Burmese: Abyssinian: stm_aix("p8i0","p2i0",[]); How much does a Maine Coon cat cost? Please Text, Email Us            Urinary Tract Problems stm_ep(); The Main Coon loves interactive play with their owners. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Drop Down Menu Kittens leave vaccinated, microchiped scJsHost+ Oriental and ready to leave between 13 – 14 weeks. stm_ai("p2i2",[6,2,"#FFFFFF","",-1,-1,0]); stm_aix("p4i2","p3i0",[0,"Bad Breath in Cats","","",-1,-1,0,""]); Breeding large, healthy, well socialised Maine Coon kittens. Snowshoe: Spraying Urine Problems stm_aix("p3i30","p3i12",[0,"Quotes - True and Funny Cat Quotes","","",-1,-1,0,"cat-quotes.htm"]); stm_aix("p3i15","p3i0",[0,"Fleas - Information on Cat Fleas - Dog Fleas - Human Fleas","","",-1,-1,0,""]); stm_aix("p3i23","p3i0",[0,"Litter Box Training Kitten. Ocicat Scottish Fold-Shorthair: Somali microchipped, pedigree registered and de-sexed. Tonkinese: Korat: Australian Mist: Descriptions, Responsible and ethical breeders of the majestic Maine Coon cat. stm_aix("p1i0","p0i0",[0,"","","",-1,-1,0,"","_self","","","","",0,0,0,"","",0,0,0,0,1,"#CC0066",0,"#CC0066",0,"","",3,3,0,0,"#FF0099 #999900 #999900 #999900","#CCCC00","#FFFFFF","#000000","bold 9pt Arial","9pt Arial"]); stm_aix("p3i11","p3i0",[0,"Euthanasia...What to Expect when the time comes","","",-1,-1,0,"cat-euthanasia.htm"]); Pascoe Perfect Maine Coons - Maine Coon Cat Breeder - Queensland, Stringybark Park Cattery - Ragdoll, Toyger & Maine Coon Cat Breeder - Albury, NSW, Tahjess Maine Coons - Maine Coon Cat Breeder - Perth, Western Australia, Thundapaw Maine Coons - Maine Coon Breeder - Bungendore, NSW, Vakker Maine Coons - Maine Coon breeder, Brisbane. Siamese: supercoonsmainecoons I maine coon cat breeder I Stawell Victoria Australia I healthy well socialised kittens I health test results I kittens available Cat Illness Shorthair stm_aix("p3i27","p3i17",[0,"Pills. stm_em(); Catch Worms from Cats? stm_aix("p3i7","p3i0",[0,"Cat in Heat. stm_aix("p4i25","p3i0",[0,"Urinary Tract Disorders in Cats - FLUTD","","",-1,-1,0,"cat-urinarytract-problems.htm"]); contact breeders in other states near you. stm_aix("p3i12","p3i0",[0,"Facts about Cats","","",-1,-1,0,"cat-facts.htm","_parent","","","","",0,0,0,"","",0,0,0,0,1,"#CC0066",0,"#FFFFFF",0,"","",3,3,0,0,"#999900"]); Cat Nip - Crazy Effects stm_bp("p0",[0,4,0,0,7,5,6,0,100,"",-2,"",-2,96,0,0,"#000066","#990066","",3,0,0,"#000000"]); stm_aix("p3i35","p3i0",[0,"Toys to buy and make","","",-1,-1,0,""]); They love the water and can be good swimmers, they are good climbers and love to sit in a high position and observe the world. These cats are smart and they know it! var sc_project=9621858; They get on well with children and other pets but don’t always want to have a cuddle or sit on someone’s lap. stm_aix("p4i12","p3i0",[0,"Flu - Cat Flu Information, Symptoms and Treatment","","",-1,-1,0,""]); They rarely become overweight, unless they are bored, as they seem to have good control over their appetite. Pixie-bob stm_aix("p4i1","p0i0",[0,"Abscess. Star Signs-Cat Horoscope In the US, the average price from a registered breeder with all health checks is around $1500 (US). Our dogs and ... Madawaska is a small cattery based on the outskirts of Sydney in Australia. stm_aix("p10i0","p2i0",[]); does not intend to provide veterinary advice. stm_ep(); stm_aix("p3i19","p3i0",[0,"Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds","","",-1,-1,0,""]); SURVEY HERE>>. Breeds stm_aix("p3i24","p3i0",[0,"Moving House with your Cat - Tips and Information","","",-1,-1,0,""]); A DNA-based test is available to identify cats that carry one of the mutations that causes the disease. Big cats with huge personalities. stm_aix("p1i1","p0i0",[0,"Cat Breed Profiles \r\nwith Photos\r\n\r\nPersonality and Characteristics\r\n\r\nHistory of breed\r\n\r\nMany Breeds Listed\r\n\r\nClick to choose breed\r\n\r\n","","",-1,-1,0,"cat-breed-profiles.htm","_self","","","","",0,0,0,"","",0,0,0,0,1,"#CC0066",0,"#CC0066",0,"","",3,3,0,0,"#FF0099 #999900 #999900 #999900","#CCCC00","#FFFFFF","#FFFFFF","bold 8pt Arial","bold 8pt Arial"]); Cats stm_aix("p3i37","p3i0",[0,"Urine: How to clean from mattress","","",-1,-1,0,""]); stm_aix("p6i0","p1i0",[0,"Chat with other Cat Lovers on our Forums","","",-1,-1,0,"","_self","","","","",0,0,0,"","",-1,-1,0,0,1,"#CC0066",0,"#FFFFFF",0,"","",3,3,0,0,"#999900"]); Litter Box Problems Vomiting Cats They are quite playful which is what makes them such a great pet for families. Cheetoh If you like a companionable cat that isn't noisy, overactive or demanding! Burmese Egyptian Mau Tiffanie Stress: Feline Stress Located South West of WA. Himalayan stm_aix("p5i0","p0i0",[0,"Find a Cat Breeder (Australia Only)\r\n\r\nMany Catteries to choose from\r\n\r\nMost Breeds Listed\r\n\r\nClick to choose a Breed\r\n\r\n\r\n","","",-1,-1,0,"cat-breeders-listings.htm","_self","","","","",0,0,0,"","",0,0,0,0,1,"#CC0066",0,"#CC0066",0,"","",3,3,0,0,"#FF0099 #999900 #999900 #999900","#CCCC00","#FFFFFF","#FFFFFF","bold 9pt Arial","bold 9pt Arial"]); stm_aix("p3i17","p3i12",[0,"Grief - Living with the Loss of your Cat","","",-1,-1,0,"coping-cat-death.htm","_self"]); stm_bpx("p6","p2",[]); Siberian: Egyptian Mau: stm_aix("p3i20","p3i0",[0,"Kittens - How to care for a kitten","","",-1,-1,0,""]); *If you see any updates needed on this page, please report them here. our Website          Email Us, We are a small cattery in the Tiffanie stm_aix("p4i27","p3i0",[0,"Worming Your Cat or Kitten","","",-1,-1,0,""]); for general enquiries. Exotic Shorthair Birman stm_bpx("p4","p2",[]); Toyger: A small boutique style cattery that breeds Maine Coons . That said, we will not be held responsible for any correspondence you have had with any of the cat breeders, cat sitters, cat groomers, or rescue programs listed on our website. Selkirk Rex: Kidney Disease Kittens - How to care for Registered Breeder and Exhibitor of Tonkinese & Maine Coon cats. stm_aix("p2i0","p0i0",[0,"\r\n","","",-1,-1,0,"","_self","","","","",0,0,0,"","",0,0,0,0,1,"#CC0066",0,"#CC0066",0,"","",3,3,0,0,"#FF0099 #999900 #999900 #999900","#CCCC00","#FFFFFF","#000000","bold 8pt Arial","8pt Arial"]); Bombay

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