It gets worse: Frank narrates—well, he sings, but he’s not very good at it—the story in the third-person, so you lose all sense of immediacy: any idea that the song is supposed to have an emotional impact is frittered away in what becomes a rather boring recitation of the tale. I can see (he’s still in the street) the list is almost endless.

As soon as she does, she forgets about the boy and thinks of the tender, loving care her mother provided. It was very easy for me. Although I’d heard The Shangri-Las before, it was a passing acquaintance, so I started in neutral and I certainly wasn’t going to let the still male-dominated field of music criticism influence me.

The basic story is about two kids (heterosexuals, of course) who fall for each other and because they’re so deeply in love they want to get married. “When somebody breaks your heart, you don’t want anyone near you,” Mary observed, and that is so, so true for teenagers as well as many adults. Juli 1996. After the Psychedelic Series and the Anti-Psychedelic Enema, I was feeling stuck about where to go next so I sought inspiration in my “possibles list” and selected several artists whose work I wanted to explore: Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Françoise Hardy, June Tabor, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Steely Dan, The Distillers, Charles Mingus, Santana, Bob Dylan, The Clash, Ray Charles, Paul Butterfield, Joni Mitchell, Ani DiFranco, The Shirelles, The Replacements and Otis Redding. Her voice really cracks and her eyes really fill with tears, and while the lyrical source is definitely sappy, the expressed pain of a child losing a parent is palpable. “Leader of the Pack” is one of those songs that everyone wants to emulate, but no one has come close to capturing the sheer excitement of the original. The recording studio was the place where you could really release what you were feeling without everybody looking at you.”. A pretty impressive list, but there was no one on that roster of over one hundred artists that I looked forward to as much as The Shangri-Las. “Give Us Your Blessings”: The body count rises to three in this sad tale of another set of bizarre conventions from the era. Mary said she envisioned the Shangri-Las like punk singer Patti Smith. Before I even knew you, And the train from Kansas City 1965 erscheint mit "Shangri Las 65!" Girls! Thankfully, it’s not on this record. In “Remember,” it’s the stay-at-home girl who gets the Dear Jane letter, and Mary Weiss captures the shock and the sense of betrayal so effectively that you’d think that Western Union showed up with a telegram five minutes before the recording, informing her that her soldier boy had run off with Elke Sommer. Arrête!

Real tough guys are vulnerable; fake tough guys are just macho assholes.

Nur einmal noch (in der Besetzung Margie, Betty, Mary-Ann) treten die Shangri Las wieder auf: Im Jahr 1989 finden sie sich für ein Konzert im Palisades Park von New Jersey zusammen.

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