When your character makes new friends, do they care about your character as much as or even more than they care for friends they've had longer after knowing your character for only a short time?

Things About Skills, Talents, & Knowledge Writers Need To Know, Basic Tips To Improve Your OCs & Fan Characters, Basic Tips To Write Better (And More Likeable) Badasses. I really hope that all readers will get the same impression of my character. tu novio ficticio de la saga de Percy Jackson.

First-time readers can probably tell who my favorite character is. First, if you're unsure of what a Mary Sue is, please read this page. The questions below will test your understanding of the character. Is your character so powerful, well-connected, and/or influential that any action taken by other players' characters against your character is doomed to fail from the start no matter how well-constructed and well-organized is it? (Particularly unusual/exotic birthmark, tattoo, blood color, etc.) This test is too see if your Ocs are well any of these so enjoy.
I'm not here to comfort you. So what’s a Mary Sue … and why should you avoid using one in your story? She’s often exceptionally talented for her age; love interests throw themselves at her feet; and she can pretty much get away with murder. A whole lot of power. Does your character always have money to spend on, For no apparent reason? Do they ever fail at anything, in a significant way, in your story? Travel back in time from the future to help the canon characters in the present? @Sierra Iceflame: Das klingt arg Mary Sue artig, nicht nur ein bisschen. If people don't like your character, do you believe it's just because they don't "get" xir, or that they're just jealous of your character? (╯° °)╯︵ ┻━┻ FLIP THAT TABLE.

The story usually centers around her, often warping established characterization in the process. Original Fiction - a story set in a world you created yourself.

Is your character's name taken deliberately from a character from another fandom that you like?

Lived alone on the streets during childhood and/or early teen years? Does this romance contradict a character's previously-established sexual orientation? Ok, Chara Nr. Does your character end up in a tight spot and turn out to have cool, yet completely unforeshadowed powers or skills that were dormant and/or unknown before? document.writeln("

"); Mary Sue litmus tests were popular back in earlier decades, full of questions like: Does your character have different-colored eyes? Your story will be all the more satisfying for it. These characters are often physically beautiful, exceptionally skilled, and universally admired—but only within the confines of the story. Is xe later revived/resurrected/brought back?

Does anyone become distracted or enraptured by your character's looks? (From The Problem with Perfect Characters: Mary Sues, Gary Stus, and Other Abominations, Jacob Mohr). Do other characters comment on or are amazed by how much your character looks like xir canon relative? Says whatever xe's thinking or has 'no brain-to-mouth filter', yet holds a job where keeping, Have consistently horrible people skills, yet holds a job that. Does your character have a truly debilitating phobia that does. Do you frequently describe your character's beautiful/handsome/cute attributes or point out how sexy your character is?

@ Tear: Ich kann dir mit hundertprozentiger Sicherheit sagen, dass dein Charakter eine Mary Sue ist. Is your character closely related to a canon character? The problem here is that none of these necessarily mean that you have a bad character.

In short, Mary Sues are some of the most hated literary devices, and this quiz will help to tell you if you've created one! If your character had an exotic name because you make up most of your characters' names, you would not answer yes to having an unusual-sounding name that you made up. The type of psychological disorder or mental illness your character has? If your oc is an unrealistic creature,this quiz is not for u! Does your character ever seriously question the morality of xir actions and/or is left with a lingering doubt that xe may not have done the right thing? Even though the character/characters your character is supposed to guide is/are significantly older than your character, and/or has/have much more hands-on/personal experience than your character does?

My character has an above-average amount of health problems or episodes (like fainting) because I want to turn up the drama or elicit sympathy. Does your character almost die in the process? Unusual feature of any other kind? If the last question did not apply, answer the following about your character's talents, gadgets, tools, powers, abilities, skills, etc. Is your OC a Mary Sue? Do you think that your character is a Mary Sue? Basic Tips To Write Better (And More Likeable) Badasses Diese Figur wird oft als Wunschvorstellung des Autors wahrgenommen. Rating helps us to know which quizzes are good and which are bad. Even if the story isn’t a romance at all, it’s still perfectly plausible that a character might have more than one love interest. When your character makes new friends, does xe ever feel like xe's known them for years after just a few minutes or hours of talking to them, and/or vice versa? Has your character ever faced a problem xe had no way of overcoming on xir own and had to rely on others for help? Does your character suffer post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of everything xe has gone or goes through, and doesn't get over it after a dose of good loving/snuggling from xir love interest?

If not from 21st century Earth, is your character from another time, world, or reality? Has your character ever been honestly selfish, petty, lazy, shallow, or pointlessly cruel? Do any of the main characters look up to your character? The type of abuse your character experienced and the long-term effects that can come from it? Not a fan character or newcomer?

Does your character just always happen to have on hand (or in pockets or boots) whatever tools, gadgets, or weapons are needed to get xir out of most scrapes at any given time? Too perfect. Basic Tips To Improve Your OCs & Fan Characters Does your character belong to a species that typically has an appearance or exhibits behaviors that you and/or most people in real-life would find unattractive or unappealing, but your character looks or acts more human for some reason? On the odd chance that xe isn't, it's most likely you didn't read the instructions properly (some people don't do this, which causes freakishly high scores).

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